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The Orange family of cannabis has always been very successful with marijuana growers and consumers. It has been with us for about 40 years, and in this time all kinds of versions of this genetics have emerged. Thanks to its success, today you can find feminized seeds with these organoleptic qualities, as well as autoflowering, and even medicinal, with high CBD values , and this section is to help you choose the best of each category.

History of the varieties of the Orange cannabis family

These plants with citrus smells and tastes were selected in California during the 70's, through specimens of the Skunk family . At this time the west coast of the USA was the world cannabis epicenter, many breeders moved there and began to cross their best plants with the many that were coming to this place from all over the world.

One of the most successful lines of all that breeding was Skunk # 1, from which multiple elite phenotypes, variations, crosses, etc. came out. and among all of them emerged what would later be called California Orange . It is estimated that in 1980 Cali O. (California Orange) was already available on a stable basis and at that time a young Dutchman named Henk Van Dalen traveled the world collecting the best herbs for the coffee shops in Amsterdam. When Henk tried this cannabis he was amazed, and it was undoubtedly one of the varieties responsible for the founding of his seed bank, one of the best in the world today, Dutch Passion .

California Orange , the first commercial marijuana seed with orange flavor

Dutch Passion opened its doors in 1987, when the coffee shop boom had not yet exploded, and when there were still no more than 7 or 8 marijuana seed banks worldwide. But Henk's network of contacts quickly made his catalog stand out for the varied quality of the seeds it offered.

California Orange was a success from the moment of its introduction, quickly becoming one of the most sought after herbs in the Netherlands . Everyone wanted to try those tight buds that, in addition to having that intense citrus touch, gave an effect that was stimulating, happy and calm at the same time. At present Dutch Passion no longer has regular seeds of this variety and only offers feminized Californian Orange , but if you prefer normal seeds don't worry, because you have these options.

Regular seeds of the Orange family

It must be recognized that there are not many, but it is also true that those that exist are of enormous quality, and for a sample I leave you a couple of examples of seeds descended from Orange in regular format :

Sweet Tea , an orange fruit tea

Subcool's The Dank has a California Orange hybrid that is a treat for the taste buds, with clear hints of orange that intermingle with other fruits, in a soft smoke that deceives, because it asks for more and more, and when you go to realize you're in a deep, total high. If you are a fan of regular seeds and would like to have orange-flavored herb , consider this variety.

Orange Hill Special , good, pretty, and cheap

Cross of Orange Bud and California Orange created by Dutch Passion by merging its 2 most orange varieties. You can imagine the result, the vigor, strength and resistance of the Skunk, but with a terpene profile rich in Limonene and Myrcene, which end up giving shape to an intense, marked, and very persistent orange aroma and flavor of the that are enjoyed to the end. We must thank this great bank that sells these seeds in regular and feminized format, something that very few do now, and also at a spectacular price.

The best versions of Orange in feminized seeds

Most of today's cannabis growers prefer feminized seeds for convenience, savings and time. Within the Orange family there are a few 100% female genetics that offer that characteristic aroma and flavor, of which we want to highlight the following:

Orange Bud , an explosion of terpenes in your mouth

This branch of the orange marijuana family comes from the Dutch Skunk selections that were made in the early '80s in this country. It has the peculiarity of developing orange stigmas when they mature, making it the most orange of all, since it also contains the powerful orange aroma and flavor . Otherwise it is an old school Skunk, resistant to everything, especially for beginners due to its ease of cultivation, it is fast and of good yield. The feminized seeds that every new cultivet would have to try.

Original Orange Bud by Bulk Seed Bank, feminized with sweet orange flavor at a bargain price

If you can't invest a lot of money and you want feminized marijuana seeds with an orange flavor and aroma , give the Original Orange Bud from this bank a try, because you can't ask for more for less money. It is descended from the crossing of 2 selections of very citrus Skunk, so this trait has been fixed and enhanced, resulting in a really delicious sweet orange taste. These plants are adapted to any growing system, both indoors and outdoors, and with little care they give you back a huge harvest.

Hybrid and polyhybrid descendants of the Orange

There are many strains on the market that contain the term "Orange" in their name, some for their color, but almost all for their flavor. Although there are people who do not like it, this smoke is so tasty that most of the people who taste it repeat. This has meant that today you have many cannabis seeds available to which they have incorporated the orange flavor , and of all those we are left with these:

Tangie from Private Reserve, a very successful variation

Cross of California Orange x Skunk , which is more reminiscent of mandarin than orange, and for many it surpasses all the others in quality and intensity. It came out as a revision of an old clone, but it's so good that it has started its own cannabis family too. If you decide to try this hybrid descendant of Orange, you can do it from regular seeds like these, or feminized from other banks.

California Orange Cheese , the union of the tastiest Skunks

California Orange and Cheese share Skunk # 1 ancestors , although they descend from 2 different branches of this magnificent line. In addition to genes, they share certain traits, such as versatility, toughness, fast flowering, and most importantly, an above-average flavor intensity. By combining their terpenic profiles, a first-class finish has been achieved, very fruity, with orange citrus notes that prevail above the others.

The best autoflowering seeds of the Orange family

They are feminized seeds but with automatic flowering, so their cultivation is easier if possible. The autoflowers of the Orange family are very well achieved, and they do their job, offering intense citrus aromas and a clear orange flavor.

Auto Orange Bud , the same plant but much faster

We must congratulate the Dutch Passion team of breeders, because with the automatic version of Orange Bud they have captured all the essence of the original, same smell, same flavor, same type of bud ... But in seeds that only need 75 days from germination to harvest. With this plant you will be able to harvest smokable oranges 3 or 4 times each year outdoors, and they are very appropriate for beginners because their cultivation does not require any special skills.

Auto Critical Orange Punch , a modern polyhybrid with a touch of orange

Their complex genetics is proof that experiments sometimes work out well. Combination between Grandaddy Purps, Orange Bud and Kritikal Bilbo Auto , which forms bushy-looking plants and compact buds, very resinous, and with an incomparable citrus aroma. These autoflowering seeds of the Orange family are special for inexperienced growers who want to achieve a great production with minimal effort and dedication.

Medical marijuana seeds, rich in CBD, and flavored with oranges

Since therapeutic cannabis has been legalized in some countries, strains rich in cannabidiol are succeeding like never before. Right now there are hundreds of producers and breeders around the world looking for special phenotypes with high CBD values, so luckily there are more and more different profiles within these strains. You even have the option of choosing different chemotypes or ratios between THC and CBD in buds with an orange aroma and flavor , and here are a couple of examples:

Session , one of the first seeds with a high concentration of CBD

Together with Juanita la Lagrimosa and Dancehall, these Reggae Seeds seeds are the ones that have given the most name to this seed bank. Jimmy, his breeder, is one of the people who has been working with CBD for the longest time in the world, and Session is his most successful genetics , thanks mainly to an elite clone selected in Reus (Tarragona) that swept several cannabis competitions. Its THC: CBD ratio is 1: 1.

Purple Orange CBD , the result of an enormous selection work

This variety came out of the Dinafem laboratory, after a laborious task of parental selection that required the analysis of the chemotype of more than 500 plants. It descends from Dancehall by Reggae Seeds, and its ratio between THC and CBD is 1: 2, and the best thing is its fantastic flavor, pure orangeade that is maintained from the first to the last puff.

Curiosities of the Orange cannabis family

We already knew that marketing is a very powerful weapon, but with this cannabis saga it has been proven again. California Orange has been on the west coast of the USA for 40 years, and more than 30 years as a commercial seed, which can be purchased worldwide through Dutch Passion. But this herb had been in the background after the arrival of modern hybrids and polyhybrid Kush, Sour, Cookies, etc.

But the Reserva Privada seed bank came to the rescue of old Cali. Or and by crossing with another Skunk he got seeds that he named Tangie . DNA Genetics did the rest, thanks to its great diffusion on social networks, cannabis events, forums, etc. put this plant in the top 10 most sought after seeds in the world, and good things will always be good ...

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