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Purple Punch is one of the strains of marijuana that is hitting the strongest today, and not only because of its powerful effect , we say this above all because of the immense popularity that this herb has reached in a few years, becoming one of the favorites Worldwide.

This fame caused all seed banks, breeders and producers to want to work with this genetics, so now we can enjoy many versions, hybrids, and all kinds of crosses of Purple Punch, and that is what this is about. section, where we will see the best marijuana seeds descendants of the Punch family.

What is the original Purple Punch?

The original strain is an elite clone released by Supernova Gardens , a cross between Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple , later worked by breeders The Village and Budologist through Symbiotic Genetics bank. They had a resounding success, especially with Purple Punch 2.0 and Mimosa, which have become 2 "Top 10" strains globally.

S1 feminized seeds of the Punch family

S1 seeds are obtained by crossing a plant with itself. In order to carry out this process, it is necessary to take several cuttings from the same mother plant, reverse some of them and later pollinate the others. By doing this, the genes of this phenotype are not mixed with others, so the resulting seeds enjoy greater homogeneity .

Purple Punch by Seed Stockers

If you do not have access to the original clone, the most real option you have to enjoy this genetics is through feminized seeds created from the self-pollination of this cutting. That's what the guys at Seed Stokers did, offering a Purple Punch very similar to the real thing in general, with those intense colors, the sticky resin coating, and the unique fruity flavor of this marijuana.

Barney's Farm Purple Punch

Another self-pollination of the elite clone Purple Punch , so the offspring retain the vast majority of traits that made the original famous. These seeds are special for indoor cultivation, and being feminized you will not have to worry about separating males. If you were wanting to try Purple Punch yerba, you will be more than satisfied with this variety.

Legendary Punch by Royal Queen Seeds

One of the best-selling feminized versions of Purple Punch on the planet, for a reason ... Like the 2 previous options, with these seeds you have the possibility of harvesting plants that are easy to grow, fast flowering, and their beautiful colors, but the best thing is that the buds you get have the same genuine flavor as Punch, and its devastating effect.

Automatic flowering plants with this genetics, Purple Punch Autoflowering

When a variety of marijuana triumphs, versions of all kinds of it are quickly made, and the ones that usually triumph the most are the autoflowering ones , because with them you have the possibility of growing several times a year outdoors, its cultivation is faster and easier, and they are more discreet in general. There are not many options on the market yet, but it must be said that the ones that exist are of enormous quality, like these 2 that you can see below:

Purple Punch Auto by Fastbuds

This seed bank only makes automatic varieties, so they have become true experts in this field. In this case they have managed to incorporate the genes that cause autoflowering, without disrupting the qualities that define Purple Punch , so it can be considered an excellent job in this regard.

Barney's Farm Purple Punch Auto

The Barney 's Farm team crossed the famous elite clone with Auto Critical in order to add autoflowering to the Purple Punch genetics . The result is obvious, very similar in all respects to the American cutting, with its characteristic colors, the intense fruity flavor, and the powerful high that it causes, a very well executed job.

The best hybrids of the Punch family

Every day there are more crosses of Purple Punch , and that is yet another example of the excellent quality of this purple cannabis. In the USA the descendant hybrids of this plant are literally sweeping, Mimosa, Slurricane strain, or Wedding Crasher , they have become fixed in most dispensaries in this country, displacing other mythical varieties. If you want to try some of the best, I recommend that you take a look at the following:

Dosidos x Purple Punch

Flavor, power, general production ... This plant has it all, it is the same cross as the famous Slurricane, and the best thing is that it combines the best traits of both genetics in a balanced way. If you like cannabis extractions you should try these feminized seeds, because you have never seen so many trichomes together in one bud. It is the easiest variety to grow in this entire section, making it ideal for inexperienced growers.

Mimosa from Spanish Bulk Seeds

Delicious to the point of being considered a gourmet herb , an aftertaste that is permanently trapped on the palate, citrusy and sweet like few others. It is a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine , which in addition to being a feast for the taste buds, its effect is one of the most powerful on the market, with some phenotypes exceeding the 30% THC barrier.

East Bay OG x Purple Punch

Feminized seeds produced by the Purple City Genetics seed bank and cuttings, which merge the best virtues of 2 super clones, East Bay OG and Purple Punch. It can be considered a backcross of OG Kush, so you can imagine its qualities, with the Kush flavor and aroma taken to the fruity extreme, and a brutal psychoactivity .

Green Punch by Royal Queen Seeds

This feminized variety descends from the cross between Green Crack and Purple Punch , two strains that stand out for their overwhelming potency, only suitable for consumers with great tolerance. This yerba produces a very smooth smoke, but with the intensity of Skunk and refined with the nuances of the Punch family , with clear hints of grapes and berries.

Purple Punch regular

The Purple Punch regular seeds are an ideal choice for those growers looking for a potent and high-quality cannabis plant. This type of marijuana is the result of the combination of two very popular cannabis varieties: Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple. The result is a plant with exceptional genetics that produces dense and resinous buds with a fruity and sweet flavor.

The Purple Punch marijuana seeds are known for their high yield and resistance to pests and diseases. In addition, these seeds are ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, making them very versatile. The resulting plant is of medium size, which facilitates its handling and care. As for its effect, Purple Punch regular is known for its potent relaxing and euphoric effect, ideal for those looking to relieve stress or anxiety. In summary, the regular seeds Purple Punch are an excellent choice for those growers looking for a high-quality, resistant cannabis plant with a potent and lasting effect. Without a doubt, a genetics that cannot be missing in your cannabis garden.

Curiosities of the Punch cannabis family

This purple strain has broken many theories that purple marijuana plants cause a weaker, softer, shorter, or more bearable high. Until now it was thought that colorful phenotypes could not result in potent marijuana, but Purple Punch and most of its hybrids have shown just the opposite, that they can give you the biggest stone you have ever suffered in your life.

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