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Pick & Mix Seeds marijuana seeds

Pick & Mix Seeds marijuana seeds

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Outdoor marijuana seeds

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Indoor marijuana seeds

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Relaxing marijuana seeds

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Indica marijuana seeds
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Humidity resistant

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Blueberry flavor aroma

Blueberry flavor aroma

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Feminized seeds marijuana



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Feminized cannabis seeds Blue Hash of bank Dinafem Seeds.
BLUE HASH Many people like taste and colour in their plants, without ruling out production and strength. The California Hash Plant line crossed with a Blueberry gives a good example of this concept. The bluish, purple, reddish colour of Blueberry and its sweet, fruity, pungent aroma combines with the precocity and production of the California Hash Plant. The blue line was selected outdoors, over several years, always focussing on top quality along with the best possible production from this mythical strain. Mould resistance and precocity were other features taken into account to minimize problems in humid years; testing was done outdoors in high humidity conditions. The resulting plant grows like an indica-sativa hybrid, not like a bushy indica, reaching as high as 3 metres; it produces resinous and hard buds, with purple colours in cold conditions, smelling of fresh fruits and resin. It is a great producer outdoors, due to its size, and a good choice for high altitude mountain areas, where cold nights give it attractive colours. Cultivated on the South Pyrenees, at an altitude of 1,500 m, it has proven to be a delicacy and a real beauty. It has good strength, like indica, with a strong psychoactive effect.

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Sex: Feminised
Way of cropping: Indoor/Outdoor
Genotype: Blueberry x California HashPlant
Phenotype: Indica-Sativa, with dominance indica
High: about 3 metros.
Growing time: 56-70 days
Harvest time: Not specified
Resistance to mushrooms: High
Resistance to plague: High
Irrigation tolerancy: High
Yield:  Medium
Medicinal value: Small
Smell: Intense fruity
Flavour: Fruity
Effects: psychoactive
THC Level: 12%

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FeaturesResistant to moisture
FeaturesIndica seeds
FeaturesPick & Mix Seeds
BanksDinafem Seeds
Flavor and aromaBlueberry

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