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Red Mimosa XL Auto

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Red Mimosa XL Auto are autoflowering seeds created by the Sweet Seeds bank from the combination of 2 of their most beautiful and tasty automatic varieties. If you are looking for resistant plants that are easy to grow, very productive and resinous, with a delicious flavor and a powerful effect, it is very possible that you have found them here.

What is the genetics of these Sweet Seeds seeds?

It is a fusion between Sweet Mimosa XL Auto and Red Strawberry Banana Auto, and the offspring of this cross have taken the most remarkable traits of each of their parents. It can be considered a polyhybrid with a genetic load of 59.3% indica, approximately 39.2% and only 1.5% ruderalis.

How is Red Mimosa XL Auto morphologically speaking?

It displays the classic indica appearance, with a compact build topped by a large main spike. The leaves have wide, very serrated leaflets, with a rather light shade of green that contrasts sharply with the reddish color of the buds, which overflow with trichomes all over their surface and end up being of good caliber and very hard.

How are these seeds grown indoors and outdoors?

The key to success in growing these seeds is the quantity and quality of light and substrate above all other parameters. For this reason, in indoor cultivation it is recommended to plant in 11-litre pots, with a nutrient-rich substrate but as ventilated as possible. In this way, putting 16 plants/m2 achieves a very good yield.

In outdoor cultivation, the plants can grow more than indoors, especially when the seeds are germinated in late spring or early summer. If you can plant in mother earth, they will thank you with extra buds, otherwise try to plant in pots of more than 20 liters so as not to limit root development.

When are Red Mimosa XL Auto harvested?

One of the best qualities of these seeds is their speed, and it is that both indoors and outdoors they only need about 8 weeks to complete their life cycle, counting from the day the seeds germinate until the moment they are harvested.

How much do these red flower autoflowering seeds produce?

It is a very interesting yield, taking into account its rapid cultivation, it must be appreciated that indoors a production of 450-550 grams/m2 can be achieved, and outdoors each plant can yield between 50 and 160 dry heavy grams.

How is the aroma and taste of Red Mimosa XL Auto?

It has inherited the excellent aroma and orange flavor of Mimosa, intensifying the fruity part and incorporating a spicy touch reminiscent of black pepper, and nuances or subnotes similar to nuts and other dried fruits.

What kind of effect does this cannabis have?

Active mind in a relaxed body, that's how it could be summed up. At first it is more cerebral and joyful, stimulating creativity and inspiration, but as time goes by the relaxing part gains ground over the stimulating one, but without leaving you stranded.

Buy autoflowering seeds Red Mimosa XL Auto from Sweet Seeds at the best price

We are sure that these seeds will become another Sweet Seeds bestseller, a bank specializing in tall, colorful autoflowering plants with a fruity flavor that does not stop presenting new acquisitions, and if you want to be one of the first to try it, you can request your seeds at Pevgrow.

Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Autoflowering
Banks: Banks Sweet Seeds
Genetics: Genetics Sweet Mimosa XL Auto x Red Strawberry Banana Auto
Phenotype: Phenotype Indica 59,3%/ Sativa 39,2%/ Ruderalis 1,5%
Indoor production: Indoor production 15,8 oz-19.40 per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 1,9 oz-5,8 oz/plant
Crop cycle since germination: Crop cycle since germination 56-60 Days
Features: Features
High Yielding
Indica seeds
Weather: Weather Cold climates
Effects: Effects Creativity
THC: THC 16-25%
CBD: CBD 0,1%
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Fruity
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Leave us your opinion or ask us any questions you have about this seed and participate in the raffle!
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