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Amnesia Glue - BSF Seeds
Amnesia Glue - BSF Seeds
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Amnesia Glue

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What happens if you cross the most powerful US and European cannabis varieties? Well, that's what BSF seeds bank has done with Amnesia Glue, a hybrid not suitable for people with little experience in strong emotions. Do you want to know more details about this strain? You will if you keep reading.

What genetics does Amnesia Glue contain?

Maybe because of its name and the clues I gave you before you are already imagining it, because it is a mix between Amnesia Haze, selected in Holland in 2001, and Gorilla Glue #4, one of the most popular plants nowadays.

What is this variety like in general?

We are talking about a polyhybrid mostly sativaabout 70%, and that can be seen both in its morphology, its speed of growth and, especially, its effect. It develops a great branching, if you give it space and light invades the whole place, especially outdoors. Its buds are elongated and has inherited the amount of resin and size of trichomes from the Gorilla, so Amnesia Glue is a very appropriate strain also to perform cannabic extractions.

How do you grow Amnesia Glue?

In indoor cultivation it is not necessary to put many plants per m2 to fill the space well, except if you want to save time. With 4 plants/m2 it is enough in this case, in 6.6 US gal (25 litre pots) with All Mix substrate if possible. This plant appreciates the pruning, try to do the FIM technique to get a greater number of branches that are at a good height. During the flowering time, it multiplies its size X3 approximately, this is a fact that you have to take into account in order not to have space problems.

Outdoors it grows a lot, both high and on the sides, so if you want to keep it discreet it's better not to germinate too soon. From the middle of flowering you must try not to wet the buds, because this strain makes them very dense and can end up generating botrytis with rain or morning dew.

Amnesia Glue is able to eat a lot of nutrients when it has no limiting factors, novice growers may not be able to take it to its full potential, but with a little experience things change.

When is this genetics usually harvested?

In this matter it is more like Amnesia, its flowering time is like many other Haze hybrids, about 10/11 weeks of flowering indoors. Outdoors you can cut from mid October in the northern hemisphere and if you grow it in the southern hemisphere you will have to wait at least until mid April.

How much does Amnesia Glue produce indoors and outdoors?

It is possible to get the desired gram / watt in indoor cultivation, obtaining up to 21.2 oz per 3x3ft (600 grams / m2), but honestly requires some experience to squeeze the full potential of this variety, as is the case with many other hybrids with sativa predominance.

Outdoors it is easier to get a great harvest, as long as it does not lack substrate, food and sun. Each Amnesia Glue can give you up to 35.3 oz (1000 grams) of dry buds without much effort.

The production of resin glands, terpenes and especially cannabinoids is brutal, in this case inherited from both parents, who stand out in this aspect.

How is the taste and aroma of this feminized variety?

Imagine a combination of citrus, pine and spices, on an earthy background, because that' s what you're going to get. The smoke contains the density of Haze, fills your mouth with a burst of terpenes, but the taste is more like Gorilla Glue.

What kind of effect does its consumption have on us?

Puts you in orbit, it's perceived very quickly, with only 2 puffs. It starts with an instantaneous punch to the brain, very psychoactive but pleasant, perfect to enjoy with friends in a festive atmosphere, as long as you do not overdo it, because it can leave you high and dry in your world, drooling.

Its THC percentage should be close to 30%, although we have never analyzed it, but it is sure to be among the most potent cannabis plants on the market. We recommend a moderate use of this weed, it is very suitable for those users who are always looking for a higher level, but people without tolerance can be overwhelmed. Medicinally it can be very appropriate to improve depression or social anxiety, as well as to treat glaucoma because of its high THC content.

Buy Amnesia Glue seeds from BSF Seeds

This crossing can give a lot of talk in the near future and you can be one of the first to get it. Don't wait for them to tell you about it, and buy your seeds now!

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Data sheet and characteristics

Type Type
  • Feminized
Banks Banks
  • BSF Seeds
Genetics Genetics
  • Amnesia Haze x Gorilla Glue #4
  • Haze
Phenotype Phenotype
  • 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Harvest outdoor H.N Harvest outdoor H.N
  • Mid October
Harvest outdoor H.S Harvest outdoor H.S
  • Mid April
Indoor production Indoor production
  • 21.2 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production Outdoor production
  • 35.3 oz/plant
Indoor height Indoor height
  • 3.28-4.59 ft.
Outdoor height Outdoor height
  • 6.56-9.8 ft.
Indoor flowering period Indoor flowering period
  • 10-11 weeks
Effects Effects
  • Medicinal
  • +25%
  • 0.2%
Disease Disease
  • Anxiety
  • Glaucoma
Flavor and aroma Flavor and aroma
  • Earthy (earth)
  • Lemon
  • Pine
Symptoms Symptoms
  • Depression

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