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BSF Seeds has just presented a new cannabis genetics very special, as it is its own version of the Moby Dick, one of the best-selling feminized varieties in history. This plant contains many of the qualities that we growers want, speed, production, taste and especially great power.

What is the genetics of this polyhybrid?

It is a cross between 2 classic European varieties, Jack Herer X White Widow. The Herer contains among its ancestors Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze, and the Widow is a mixture between 2 Landraces, the Kerala from India and the Brazilian Manga Rosa.

What is Moby Dick like in general terms?

Its strength is perceived practically from the very germination, growing at a great rate from the first stages of life. It generates plant mass with the same speed as the Herer, in the style of the Haze, but forms a rather compact structure, as it does with the buds. During flowering it triples its size approximately, it is a factor to be taken into account, especially in indoor cultivation.

What is the best way to grow this plant?

We prefer to prune to better distribute the production of buds throughout the plant, both indoors and outdoors. Indoors you can put 9 plants/3x3ft (m2) in 2.9 US gal (11 liter) pots, and you can choose whether to make SCROG or L.S.T. With 3 weeks of vegetative growth is enough, remember that they still stretch a lot in flowering.

Outdoors there are few plants that grow faster than this one, it's impressive. If you want to keep it at a moderate size it is better to wait a bit to germinate, or keep it in a small pot to stop its rhythm a bit. But if you want to get the maximum production give it enough substrate and as many hours of direct sun as possible. It is not a bad idea to make a hole of at least half a cubic meter in the soil, prepare a mixture rich in nutrients and during flowering add a generous amount of bat guano.

When to harvest Moby Dick?

The harvest is not too late, considering that we are talking about a polyhybrid with clear sativa predominance. Indoors it is cut after about 10 weeks of flowering, and outdoors or in a greenhouse it goes to mid October in the northern hemisphere. Grown outdoors in the southern hemisphere it is usually harvested in mid-April.

How much does this feminized variety produce?

You don't have to be an expert "Green Hand" to get a piece of the crop, but it's also true that after several crops it's easier to squeeze out the entire yield. If you grow indoors with 600w HPS or 630w LEC it is possible to reach 21.2 oz per 3x3ft (600 grams/m2).

Outdoors you will see what is the hybrid vigor, when it lacks nothing, the speed of development is incredible, both in growing and flowering. It is not difficult to get with each Moby Dick 35.3 oz (1000 grams) dry planted in mother earth.

How does Moby taste and smell?

The Herer Haze part clearly prevails, from our point of view the Widow is hardly noticeable in this respect. Smells a lot, especially from the middle of the flowering period onwards, floral, incense and citrus. The taste is quite faithful to the aroma, but adds spicy notes and the citrus accentuates towards the more acidic part, it's usually very much appreciated, a very dense smoke that opens up your chest.

What effect can I expect?

Strong high, many users love it, personally I find it too powerful, and it's hard to find a good moment during the day to enjoy it well. Maximum psychoactivity, but accompanied by a very remarkable relaxation of the body, so during the day it may leave you a little bit sleepy, but at night it may not let you fall asleep easily.

BSF Seeds' feminized Moby Dick seeds for sale

It is the paradigm of cannabis plant of the XXI century, it has everything, so it is not surprising the international fame of this genetics. Now you have the opportunity to try it out at a spectacular price, but don't take too long to order them because they will fly.

Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Feminized
Banks: Banks BSF Seeds
Genetics: Genetics Haze
Jack Herer
Jack Herer X White Widow
White Widow
Phenotype: Phenotype 20% Índica / 80% Sativa
Harvest outdoor H.N: Harvest outdoor H.N Mid October
Harvest outdoor H.S: Harvest outdoor H.S Mid April
Indoor production: Indoor production 21.2 oz/3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 35.3 oz/plant
Indoor height: Indoor height 3.28-4.59 ft.
Outdoor height: Outdoor height 6.56-9.8 ft.
Indoor flowering period: Indoor flowering period 9 weeks
Weather: Weather Sunny / Mediterranean
Temperate / continental
THC: THC 21%
CBD: CBD 0.3%
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Floral
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