And for a change… Lobster in Cannabis Infusion!

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Image of the Cannabis-infused Lobster dish already prepared
Image of the Cannabis-infused Lobster dish already prepared


If you plan to surprise with your culinary sensibility, in a proper occasion of opened minds, no doubt a lobster in cannabis infusion is going to excite all your guests. Although in itself the dish, being marine, acquires aphrodisiac properties, the softness of its meat, the great aromatic contribution of the infused coconut oil and the delicious experience afterwards, will cause more than a sublime dharmic memory, which will always be grateful to those invited to this dinner.

The brownie reign is over! For decades, long before legality, the audacity of consuming cannabis – by enteric means – has been dedicated to the elaboration of succulent desserts and cakes to go. “For the occasion“, as always claimed. That is if we talk about contemporary history, since actually, its gastronomic use dates from 2700 years ago in China, when it was one more of the innumerable, exotic and popular spices of that oriental culture.

Now, cannabis-infused oils have brought cannabis cooking into the gourmet category. Presenting an infinite possibility of salty preparations, perfect for main dishes, starters or hors d’oeuvres. The experience of the cooks commits them to a very good study of the rations, assuring nostalgic experiences, but these invitations should not be surprising. Never feed anyone without knowing what they are eating.



✨ Cooking Ritual Checklist


If cooking is an act of love and magic, cooking with cannabis deserves much more vocation. Without bragging about holistic qualities, we like to share the ancient animist feeling of gratitude that the use of our weed deserves. Good will only leads to extraordinary events and preserving this mystique on the day of our tasting, for the quantum connoisseurs, will perfectly synchronize the preparation, the service and the event; and consequently all the memories of the guests. The point is very simple: don’t miss anything. Restoration is a methodical formula and, as long as everything is when it should be, you can guarantee the subsequent “restored” state of the guests.

After having conceived the occasion, you must choose the participants very selectively and inform them about the menu from the beginning, then you must take possession of the best raw material. In this case it would be the lobster and the cannabis. The European virtual market offers a wide range of legal suppliers to achieve this, if you prefer to prepare the oil from scratch, or you can choose to acquire one already processed.

The amounts of this recipe are calculated for a maximum of four people and it will not take you more than twenty minutes to serve it, if you have the following ingredients at hand:


  • 350 grams (12.3 oz.) of the freshest lobster meat you can get
  • 1 teaspoon of curry. Curry preparations from all over the world are available on the market. Remember that this is a spicy objective blend of many spices, native to each region. For this dish we will recommend Jamaican curry at the suggestion of B. Marley.
  • 1 clove of garlic.
  • 1 tablespoon of onion paste or granules.
  • 1 pinch of cayenne pepper.
  • ½ Cup of coconut milk.
  • ¼ Cup of seafood, fish or chicken broth.
  • Kosher salt


Therefore, all that remains is to invoke all our goodwill, wash our hands very well, cover our face (as it should be by obligation since this shocking year), and get ready our kitchen table, our frying pan and kitchen tools to prepare the dish.


Picture of the ingredients needed to prepare Lobster in Cannabis Infusion.
Picture of the ingredients needed to prepare Lobster in Cannabis Infusion.



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🚀 Order does matter


The secret of the delicate preparations is their short cooking time, and lies in knowing the moment of each ingredient, to incorporate itself to the flavor in the frying pan. The sequence is based on the identification of the textures, so that depending on their resistance to heat, they remain on it long enough. The proteins almost always go before the vegetables, the bases and broths already processed later and the condiments at the end.

  1. The first step is to heat the infused coconut oil in a large pan and fry the lobster meat for 2 minutes over high heat. Keeping in mind the fat-soluble quality of cannabis as the main actor in the release of THC, this is the most important moment. Make sure that the lobster is fresh, or in its defect, completely defrosted in cold, to manage to withdraw the maximum of liquids that react to the heat of the oil and evaporate or burn our precious molecules, which are the soul of the emulsion.
  2. Add the coconut milk well dissolved, slowly to avoid splashing, and continue with the seafood broth, in that order. Lower the heat and wait to reduce a bit for three more minutes.
  3. Immediately, we proceed to seasoning. We incorporate the curry, the garlic, the onion and the cayenne pepper, stirring softly between each spice to mix the flavors, being aware of the quantity, that they are not the main characters of the final taste and that the aroma and taste of the cannabis oil must stand out in the dish presentation.
  4. Finish your potion by seasoning to taste with the kosher salt and serve immediately. If you wish to finish with a few more drops of the infused coconut oil you will surely achieve a WOW! effect, but you need to know the product and its power of assimilation in the body.


To serve, the suggestion is a flat medium dark plate, a garnish of tostones (or fried flattened pieces of green banana) or mash and some local vegetables stir-fried in the same white or rosé wine that will be served with the meal. Remember not to exceed more than one glass with the alcohol so as not to interfere with the balance of our experience.


Image with background of very happy people tasting the prepared dish
Image with background of very happy people tasting the prepared dish



🔥 Conclusion


Sophistication is the name of the next step in the evolution of the cannabis culture. After being pointed out as the cause of the downfall of some people due to their improper and excessive use. Decades later, its medical accreditation and the agreed social/recreational use (which in each generation is less stigmatized), have introduced an adventurous panorama, also in terms of gastronomy, and more and more chefs are joining the visionary professionals who recognize the meaning of the plant.

Bon appetit!. Keep in mind to keep your distance, wear a mask and always remember that because of this pandemic, happy moments will only be maintained if we take care of each other, despite any conscientious ecstasy.

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