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Saying Amnesia in the world of cannabis is like saying Mercedes in the automotive sector, it is synonymous with quality and perfection. For many people it is the perfect marijuana, since it combines great performance in every way, a very intense flavor, and the greatest cerebral and stimulating effect ever found in our favorite herb.

Its fame began to grow at the beginning of the new millennium, and although there is some controversy with its genetic origin, since it began to win cannabis trophies more and more people want to try it, and that caused the appearance of all kinds of versions of this plant, feminized, autoflowering, medicinal, fast flowering, etc. In this section we will try to highlight the best of each category, to facilitate the choice of the best seeds with Amnesia genetics for each type of grower.

Amnesia Hy-Pro , the original, is now from Super strains

The first to introduce this genetics under the name Amnesia were the guys from Hy-Pro, a Dutch fertilizer company. They had a clone with a clear Haze influence, with a very marked flavor, a lot of resin, and the most cerebral effect you can imagine, really toxic. This plant was 2nd in the Hihglife Cup in 2002, and since then it has not stopped winning cups until now, with different names, but still the same cutting. Currently they only offer feminized seeds of this strain, but they come out very similar to the original plant.

Amnesia Haze , Soma's version, another champion

Soma Seeds has in their catalog a sativa hybrid with this name, although it is not entirely clear that it comes from the same genetics as the original. According to the breeder himself, it is a cross between Jamaicana, a Southeast Asian sativa and her Afghani x Hawaiian male , but many people think that she crossed the Amnesia female clone with her G13 Haze stallion . The fact is that this variety is also very good, and the proof is the amount of awards it has won since 2004, almost more than any other plant. Years ago it offered regular seeds of this strain, but now it only has feminized ones.

Amnesia Lemon , the tastiest of all

One of the best options as a feminized version of this family is Amnesia Lemon, which contains the same overwhelming effect, the same production, but a lemony citrus flavor that surprises locals and strangers. In relation to value for money they have no competition, and are ideal feminized seeds for growers with little experience who want to try marijuana with a sativa effect in the shortest possible growing time. The only point to be careful is the power, not suitable for everyone.

Autoflowering seeds of the Amnesia family

How many cannabis genetics have more than 30 autoflowering versions? Surely there are no more than 3 or 4, but one of them is our protagonist. It must be said that these cars do not have the intensity of flavor or effect of the original, but they are very well achieved in general, and they gain in flowering speed, resistance and versatility. Among all the automatic varieties with Amnesia genes we want to highlight the following:

Amnesia XXL Auto , the largest and most productive

Dinafem has all kinds of variations of this genetics, in a feminized version, normal autoflowering, rich in CBD, fast photodependent with CBD, and even tall autoflowering such as Amnesia XXL Auto. In Europe it is one of the best-selling automatic flowering marijuana seeds in history. Huge buds, beastly development, and a taste and effect that doesn't seem like autoflowering, try it before they run out!

Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto , psychotropic sweetness

Automatic version of Amnesia Haze very complete, as we are accustomed to the Sweet Seeds seed bank. It is considered XL auto because it grows more than normal, although it is also true that its cycle is somewhat longer than that of other autoflowering varieties, but it is worth waiting a few days, because it clearly increases the harvest. The flavor is quite complex, with multiple nuances where sweet lemon predominates on a spicy, rich background.

Amnesia Lemon Auto , for demanding palates

The best way to get into the cultivation of Amnesia genetics, or Haze hybrids, since they are plants that endure all kinds of hazing, and perform well even if the parameters, nutrition, or growing conditions are not optimal. It is the fastest of all the cars in this section, and the taste is very successful, since it is very reminiscent of the normal version, very citric, it seems that you are drinking lemonade, but yes, with a THC level that can exceed the twenty%.

Seeds with high levels of CBD and Amnesia genetics, for medicinal cannabis users

It was a great success to add cannabidiol to the Amnesia family , because when crossing this plant with pure CBD genotypes, varieties with very special chemotypes come out, and especially with a terpene profile that achieves a unique entourage effect. There are different versions of Amnesia rich in CBD, and here I highlight the ones that from our point of view are the best:

CBD Amnesia , 1: 1 ratio and all Haze flavor

The CBD Seeds seed bank worked on this strain to stabilize a phenotype that has the same morphological and organoleptic characteristics of the Amnesia family, but with an approximate 1: 1 ratio between THC and CBD. It usually produces slightly more THC, around 12%, compared to 11% for Cannabidiol, so it is very good.

Amnesia CBD , unbeatable quality / price ratio

The version of Amnesia rich in CBD from Spanish Seeds can be seen as a little more therapeutic and less psychoactive than the previous one, because it contains 10% CBD compared to 8% THC. The appearance, bud structure and aroma are practically identical to normal Amnesia, but the taste reveals earthy notes that make it different.

Early Amnesia CBD , the fastest of the photodependent

Among all the normal flowering seeds, with a high concentration of Cannabidiol and Amnesia genetics , this is the one with the fastest maturation, 10 to 15 days faster than the others. Its CBD level is 11%, and its THC is around 9.5%, so its effect is very medicinal although with quite a lot of psychoactivity as well. The taste is more fruity than the regular version, but is otherwise totally Amnesia.

The best hybrids with Amnesia genetics, killer combinations

Just as in the 80s and 90s the Original Haze strain was used to improve all the varieties with which it was crossed, during the new millennium Amnesia is the genetics that are used to produce new cannabis monsters , all of inordinate potency.

And Greek , Haze raised to full power

Javi from Medical Seeds is a great lover and connoisseur of Haze genetics, and his catalog is proof of this, as it has multiple variations. The most outstanding of all, both for its sales and its THC level, is Y Griega, which fuses Amnesia and Kali Mist in a plant that is very close to reaching perfection. Its effect is not for everyone, experience and tolerance are required to cope well.

Toxic , a delicious combination of champions

Toxic by Ripper Seeds combines the sweetness of Critical with the power of Amnesia , in a very fast flowering variety, very high production of flowers and resin, and the vigor and resistance more typical of its Skunk ancestors. A really complete plant, suitable for inexperienced growers except for its toxic effect.

Amnesia Kush , the explosive mix

Fusion between the most powerful variety in Europe and the most consumed in the USA, Amnesia x OG Kush , a train crash that in addition to power offers great performance indoors and outdoors, a large amount of resin, and a citrus flavor of those that are remembered lifetime. If you make a hole in your garden, try to save a mother plant, because it is a variety that can disappear.

Curiosities of the Amnesia cannabis family

The origin of this genetics is not totally clear, although it is certain that it is a Haze hybrid , there are those who think it is a Super Silver Haze phenotype, others say that it is Northern Lights # 5 x Haze, and others that it may be the clone used. to create both Jack Herer and SSH. It contains both Original Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk # 1, with a higher load of Haze obviously, but at the end of the day that is its genetics.

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