The most famous Canadian seed banks

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Map of Cannada surrounded by logos of seed banks.
Map of Canada surrounded by logos of seed banks.


If we’re talking about the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, Canada is at the forefront and that’s why their Canadian seed banks are among the most renowned worldwide.

If what you’re looking for is to buy in Canadian seed banks, you should know which are the most recommended ones, either for their quality, germination guarantee or for their genetics, so that this way you can make a safe and easy cannabis seed purchase.

In the banks that we present below you’ll be able to discover the best Canadian seeds and the most famous in the market.👉

The most experienced growers in the cultivation of cannabis are the main suppliers of the matter, so you’ll have a very varied catalog of cannabis seeds at your disposal among which you will find regular, feminized, autoflowering, hybrid seedsThe hardest thing will be to choose one!.🤔



Blue Stone Sanctuary




This bank specializes in Indica varieties, making it one of the most valued, not to mention that being a half-American and half-Canadian bank it has an advantage in the distribution of its merchandise worldwide.

The fame of Blue Stone Sanctuary is global for their excellent work with cannabis seeds. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best options.



British Columbia Seeds



We are in front of one of the best seed banks in Canada. Several expert breeders work continuously to strengthen the strains and always give their best for the harvest of their cannabis varieties.

The genetics of each marijuana plant are taken care of very strictly to achieve healthy and pure hybrids, which is why British Columbia Seeds is at the vanguard to offer you quality and excellence in its cannabis seeds.



USA Seeds
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DJ Short Seeds Bank




This extraordinary bank owns the legendary Blueberry. Its creator, DJ Short, managed to get this strain to number one as the best seed of the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Blueberry is the favorite strain for many today, but DJ Short wasn’t only dedicated to that strain, but he is also a veteran breeder who has over 40 years of experience.

For the breeding of these cannabis seeds only organic products are used, thus obtaining 100% natural seeds.



Gold Seal Collection



A true royal choice for their excellent cannabis plants that will leave you more than happy with their results. Their goal is to always have top quality products, seeds that are weather resistant, fast growing and healthy with the best genetics.

One of the best choices you’ll make in your life will be to try any of their varieties. Really unique seeds.



Next Generation Seeds



This seed bank was founded in 1997 and, since then, it has expanded and become popular throughout the world. Thanks to the different trips they made to several countries, they improved more and more, because they included new genetics and plants in their catalog.

Nowadays, Next Generation Seeds has an huge variety of seeds for growing marijuana. Because of heir reputation and over 20 years of experience, it’s one of the best seed banks in Canada.



Secret Valley Seeds



It’s a Canadian seed bank responsible for breeding strains to provide the best quality to their customers and which is recognized for its quality and the resilience of its seeds to a wide variety of climates

In Secret Valley Seeds they have carried out the development of many different strains, for which they have only kept the best among thousands of seeds worldwide.



Vancouver Island Seed Bank



Undoubtedly, one of the top Canadian banks is the Canadian Cannabis Seeds, since Vancouver Island has a privileged climate for cannabis cultivation.

The island of Vancouver exports cannabis seeds internationally for its crop excellence. Also, if you buy seeds from Vancouver Island Seeds they give you some extra seeds. Yes, just what you read, for every order you make, the Canadian bank gives you cannabis seeds for free.

The beginnings of this bank were thanks to the union of the three most prominent cannabis producers in Canada who, thanks to their efforts since 1990 (creation of the bank), have managed to become one of the best banks in the world.

But there’s nothing like experiencing things first hand, this is why it’s best not to let us tell you the whole story. Buy seeds from Vancouver Island Seed Bank now, you’re going to become their number 1 fan.



True North Seed Bank



It has a wide variety of marijuana seeds and aims to always sell the best and freshest in the market. They have some of the most prestigious seed breeders in the world. This way they spare no effort and only have the best, in Canada or on an international level.

The sale of medical cannabis seeds is something that True North Seed Bank takes very seriously, so it’s one of the best in the world. Their variety of seeds will take you to heaven.



BC Bud Depot



For years, BC Bud Depot has given very good crops and has helped many who needed cannabis seeds for medical or therapeutic purposes with very affordable prices..

Now you can place your order and wait patiently for your package to arrive, as BC Bud Depot sells seeds from Canada to the world with fast and discreet delivery.

This bank has seeds awarded for excellence and, as we mentioned before, they can send your products to anywhere in the world. Always considering if the country it is sent to allows the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons and for self-consumption or not. It must be a country in which the consumption of this substance is completely legal.



Elite King Genetics



They specialize in innovating the genetics of cannabis seeds, thus bringing to the market strains that have earned them the compliments and the good impressions of those who know the subject.

The strains that this bank has are limited, guaranteeing their always flawless quality. They test each strain thoroughly, to ensure that when it reaches the market it doesn’t have any kind of quality problems.

The amount of crosses they have done with cannabis seeds is uncountable and they don’t import seeds from other parts of the world and then take credit for them like others do, but they take care of everything.

Genetics in this Canadian seed bank have made it one of the best in the world.



Quebec Cannabis Seeds



It’s a bank that has a very large variety of cannabis seeds and you can get them both in person and online through their website, where you can check out their extensive catalog of seeds for sale.

You can find regular, CBD, feminized or autoflowering cannabis seeds, among many others.

By buying seeds from this bank you’ll be sure to have a good product in your hands, since these seeds have been prepared to give a good yield, have good resistance to climate and be easy to grow.

In short, this Canadian bank has all the variety of cannabis seeds you want and you have been looking for for a long time, whether for medical or recreational purposes.



Royal Seed Bank



It’s a cannabis seed bank well known for their excellence in sales online. The prices you’ll find when entering their website are very accessible and you can order yours whenever you want.

You just have to request your order and wait for your cannabis seeds with patience. As long as it is legal in your country to buy cannabis.

Royal Seed Bank stands for its quality and it has become one of the best in their country despite the monstrous competition they face, because in Canada are some of the best cannabis seed banks in the world. This is precisely another reason why you should try this Canadian bank.

Canada has the best in marijuana and we invite you to find that out for yourself.



Toronto Cannabis Seeds



This marijuana seed bank is located in Toronto and is one of the best at supplying cannabis seeds. They currently have an online purchase system, where you can find authentic cannabis seeds harvested in Canada.

Among the wide variety of cannabis that you can find there are autoflowering, feminized, medical, regular or CBD, among others. Don’t think twice and try any of the seeds of Toronto Cannabis Seeds.







Now that we’ve taken a look at the information on each of these Canadian banks, surely you want to try at least half of them.

As we have already told you, some of the banks have shipping methods to all parts of the world, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t afford a plane ticket to Canada and visit them in person, they’ll come to you ;-).

Just sit for a moment in front of your computer and enter one of its web pages, you’ll be able to place your order without any problems.

You just have to choose the type of cannabis seed you want to buy and put it in the cart, no matter if it’s one or different types of marijuana seeds. Once you have selected everything, you must choose the place of shipment of the package and calmly wait for your order.

It’s of the utmost importance, as we also mentioned above, that you verify that this type of shipments can be made in your country, since in some countries the marijuana trade is still prohibited. For political or moral reasons, these substances are forbidden, therefore always keep that in mind before placing an order..

In Canada you’ll discover a new world of quality in marijuana, since every day they seek to improve the crops and production, either for recreational or medicinal purposes.

We recommend that you take your time and review in detail the great variety of marijuana seeds offered by the different cannabis banks. Surely, they will turn your day into a way more fun and great one.

And you, have you already tried the excellent varieties of these world-class Canadian seed banks?. 😋 We would love to hear your opinions and comments about it.

If this article was useful, don’t hesitate to share this content on your social networks. It may be a small detail for you, but it’s very big for us, since it allows us to keep growing and providing free information about cannabis world.😜



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