The Most Famous Spanish Seed Banks

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Image with a photo of Spain filled with cannabis seeds with a background of logos of Spanish banks.
Image with a photo of Spain filled with cannabis seeds with a background of logos of Spanish banks.


The commercialization of cannabis seeds in Spain is relatively recent, which is why it’s very useful to know a little more about the most famous Spanish seed banks. Knowing where to find a variety and unique cannabis seeds is a great advantage when looking for quality in the planting of our crops, since the results we obtain will depend directly on it. Factors such as seed certification give us a very good guarantee that we are buying genetic material that we can trust and invest without risking our money. Spain is making great progress in terms of the options we have to get marijuana seeds, in fact, Spanish cannabis seed banks are booming in recent years. On this issue, the most important thing to consider is that the process of selection, hybridization, feminization and conservation of seeds is done in a correct way. We can say that, if we are in Spain and we want to venture into the cultivation of medical marijuana for our own use, we can already use these Spanish seed banks, from which we’ve prepared an excellent selection that you can go to below. Join us!.?






It’s the pioneer of its class in Spain and very famous worldwide. Dinafem dared initially to compete with their Dutch parents with products that have no reason to be envied internationally in terms of quality and variety. Dinafem has created varieties as famous as Original Amnesia, Cheese Auto and its successful Moby Dick, which in 2010 put Dinafem on the map as a producer of high quality seeds worldwide. The Eppendorf tubes are a brilliant idea used by Dinafem to maintain humidity at an appropriate level during the shipment of the seed, using silica gel for this purpose.


PEV Seeds


If we’re talking about Spanish banks, it’s inevitable to qualify PEV Seeds as a seed bank with an impeccable track record and evolution. And not only because of the quality of its seeds, customer service and the exclusivity of its genetics have made me opt for this young marijuana seed bank. In their catalog you will find the most exquisite autoflowering and feminized varieties of the European and American market. The technicians have taken advantage of knowledge obtained in other agricultural areas to apply them in the production of cannabis, which has given them exceptional results that put them at the forefront in a very changing market. Their great experience in handling first class genetic material has led them to create varieties that produce above average, with great resistance and adaptability. Good examples of our star products are the Excalibur CBD variety, the Bruce Banner 3 and the Thay Chocolate. The PEV Seeds catalog is divided into 4 seed lines :

  • Premium American Line: where the best-selling marijuana varieties are found in the United States.
  • European Old School Line: European old school varieties.
  • The Breeder’s Choice: where the most special and personalized experiments of expert breeders are reserved.
  • CBD Line: auto and fem varieties with high cannabidiol content, there are even varieties with ratios between THC and CBD of 1:20.


Sweet Seeds


The sweet scents and exceptional flavors make Sweet Seeds one of the best Spanish seed banks and, although initially they started only with feminized seeds, innovation hasn’t stopped. Its seeds work very well, both outdoors and indoors, providing versatility and very good results. The rigorous process of selection and conservation of Sweet Seeds’ seeds offers us an excellent 95% germination, demonstrating the degree of responsibility that this bank has with its customers. They have been in the international market since 2005 and, among the varieties they offer, we can mention the popular Do-Sweet-Dos, Sweet Gelato Auto and Sweet Cheese XL Auto, among many others.



Eva Seeds


Among the Spanish marijuana seed banks, we can say that Eva Seeds has been developing as one of the best, initially focused on producing feminized seeds. In fact, diving into its products, we can find the TNT Kush CBD variety that is special for people looking for medicinal properties. Its main characteristic is that it doesn’t have a great psychoactive effect. In this bank we can get seeds for beginners who want to enter the world of cannabis cultivation, that is, seeds that are quite easy to grow and maintain. Among the varieties that we can name from Eva seeds, the Gorrilla Candy, Jamaican Dream and the Monster seeds stand out.





In its career, Kannabia has obtained a very good reputation with pure and hybrid varieties of excellent germination percentage and unique flavors with pleasant scents that have participated in many competitions. We can say that it’s one of the Spanish cannabis seed banks that demonstrate a high sense of responsibility with people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes. That’s why in Kannabia they have developed 3 different varieties for this type of consumption. It’s appropriate to mention that in this seed bank, in addition to being able to buy the variety of marijuana that we’re looking for, they also offer us the opportunity to buy mix packs, perfect to try with different types of seeds in a single package.



Delicious Seeds


It’s a Spanish seed bank that was born in Valencia and has managed to find its balance of flavors, gaining many followers in such a competitive market. Delicious Seeds, in addition to offering us an extensive catalog of hybrid varieties, also puts regular seeds on the table for those who wish to make their own varieties through crosses. If what we’re looking for is cannabis for medicinal purposes, in Delicious Seeds they’ve taken care of that by offering us varieties that are a bit softer and better suited to all types of patients. Among its most popular varieties we can mention the sweet Caramel, the aromatic Cheese Candy and the productive pump Critical Sensi Star.



Samsara Seeds


In Samsara Seeds they’ve been in charge of experimenting with plants around the world, getting very good results in cannabis for medicinal purposes. Their genetic experience has led them to obtain excellent quality marijuana for all kinds of clients, thus fulfilling the expectations of those seeking new smells and stronger experiences. The organoleptic properties that we can obtain in varieties like The Alchemist are high range, in addition to the flowering time being relatively short in relation to similar ones. Another variety that we cannot forget to mention is the Punky Lion, an indica example of the quality that they’ve been able to develop in Samsara Seeds.



Pyramid Seeds


Pyramid Seeds set out to offer varieties focused on productivity and profitability. This is possible thanks to a high percentage of germination which gives great satisfaction to cannabis growers who decided to place their trust in this seed bank.. They offer competitive prices that present them as an excellent option in the country to meet our highest demands. The development of its feminized and autoflowering varieties can be compared in quality and performance with those produced in other banks worldwide. Based on the Spanish weather, they’ve managed to create plants that are very resistant to heat and have a really exquisite production due to the amount of scents and flavors that these beauties can produce.



World of Seeds


The main idea of World of Seeds is to get varieties that have been used ancestrally around the world and create with them safe hybrid strains that give good results production wise. Its wide collection of varieties is organized based on the 5 continents, offering the best of each of them with each seed. In addition to marketing with hybrids, in World of Seeds we can get pure seeds, which is great for research purposes in plants of this type. On a medicinal level we can say that they have enough variety in plants with very good quality to meet the necessary standards in this sector.



Elite Seeds


They are specialists in biotechnology and plant improvement with genetic processes developed in the Science Park of the University of Valencia, which have given them great results in recent years. Among the varieties they have for sale, we can highlight the high levels of THCV and CBDV in seeds such as La Rica and Llimonet Haze that make them very appealing to their customers. They have put themselves to the study of different varieties to be applied to novel medicinal therapies. In Elite Seeds they haven’t forgotten to function as a platform to promulgate improvements in the process of legalization of cannabis in Spain, tearing down stigmas around the issue.



Heavyweight Seeds


When we talk about Heavyweight Seeds what comes to mind is productivity and profitability with euphoric and amazing genetic varieties and crosses, as well as enviable stability. Among their products, they have varieties that stand out for having strong and lush scents and flavors, which they’ve managed to obtain from a long path and research that put them at the forefront of the Spanish market. One of the specimens that has made them very successful is the GoldMine which main features are having high production and being quite resistant.



Philosopher Seeds


Philosopher Seeds are specialized in high performance feminized autoflowering, which satisfy customers who demand quality products and profitability while still offering pure species. They’ve been in the market since 2008, although its creators have been researching varieties from around the world since the mid-90s, which makes them a fairly consolidated institution. They offer a catalog with prices for all budgets, presenting themselves as a viable option for lovers of good cannabis. Among its most sought after products we can mention the Black Bomb, the exotic Tropimango and the exuberant Happy Mix.



Medical Seeds


To mention Medical Seeds is to talk about a seed bank that has managed to represent the quality of Spanish cannabis growers. This is thanks to the selection of the best cuttings to obtain a material that, truthfully, satisfies the most demanding palates. Javier Ruano, a breeder with large experience, is the founder of this bank that has specialized in creating varieties of great quality and homogeneity, focused on medicinal uses. It’s one of the banks where you’ll get marijuana seeds in Barcelona, since its headquarters are located in that city. The Canadian Kush and Prozac are available in its extensive catalog of seeds.



Spain Seeds

Spain Seeds has experienced impressive growth in its global sales since 2020. This bank is known for its exceptional genetics such as White Truffle, Zookies, Zaza, Gelatti, Sherblato, Gumbo and Super Runtz among many others. These strains have captured the attention of growers and consumers worldwide, thanks to their potency, flavor, hybrid vigor, and yield.



Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds is another Spanish seed bank that has gained international recognition. With a wide range of strains, this bank stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation. Their strains are known for their stability and consistency, making them a popular choice among growers. Zombie Kush is their most famous strain, but they have a catalog full of hybrids of famous modern American strains.



BSF Seeds

BSF Seeds has captured the attention of the cannabis community with its family of Gorilla Glue strains, with all kinds of hybrids and versions of this potent and sticky genetic. These strains are famous for their incredible potency and resin production. BSF Seeds has established itself as a reference bank for those seeking robust and high-yielding genetics.



Buddha Seeds

The bank Buddha Seeds is especially known for its autoflowering strains, such as Magnum and Deimos. These strains have been designed to offer fast flowering without sacrificing quality. Buddha Seeds has managed to combine ease of cultivation with exceptional results, making them ideal for growers of all levels.



Advanced Seeds

The brand Advanced Seeds has earned a solid reputation thanks to its focus on producing feminized, autoflowering, fast, regular, and collectible seeds. This Spanish bank located in Murcia stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation, offering strains that are both potent and easy to grow. Critical Soma is one of their best-selling strains, although lately, the American strains they have published are more successful.



00 Seeds

00 Seeds is known for its high-quality strains at affordable prices. This bank offers a wide range of strains that are perfect for both novice and experienced growers. Their focus on genetic stability and resin production has made their seeds very popular. Chocolate Kush and Chocolate Skunk are two of their standout strains.



ACE Seeds

The Spanish seed bank ACE Seeds specializes in pure strains and landraces like the Malawi, offering a unique collection of genetics from around the world. This bank is ideal for those seeking authentic and exotic strains like Golden Tiger or Zamaldelica, with unique terpene profiles and effects.



Genehtik Seeds

Genehtik Seeds has gained recognition for its Kritikal Bilbo, a strain that combines potency and flavor in an impressive package. This bank focuses on producing high-quality feminized seeds, and their Bilbo selections like White Widow, Somango, or the same Kritikal are a testament to their commitment to excellence.



Reggae Seeds

The Spanish brand Reggae Seeds stands out for its CBD-rich strains, offering therapeutic options for those seeking the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the intense psychoactive effects. Their strains are ideal for medicinal and recreational users looking for a perfect balance, and many people do not know that the famous Juanita la Lagrimosa is the work of this Spanish seed bank located in Girona.



Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that has captured the market’s attention with its strains that exceed 30% THC. This bank is known for its focus on producing extremely potent strains, ideal for those seeking an intense and memorable cannabis experience. If you have never tried weed that exceeds 30% THC, Captain Future from Anesia Seeds can be a good option because it reaches up to 36%.





Here concludes this compilation of the most famous Spanish seed banks. You may be confused with all the names in English, but we assure you that they are 100% Spanish banks. PEV Seeds is the bank that we know best, logically, since we’re part of it and know firsthand about the tenacity, affection and advanced techniques during the selection of seeds that our staff puts into practice. In the same way, all the Spanish banks that we’ve named also offer a first class service, which is making Spain a worldwide reference in the production of unique and exceptional quality cannabis seeds. Spanish cannabis seed banks will not disappoint you when it comes to offering you the best and most famous varieties of hybrids and pure marijuana species from around the world. They are the best legal option for you to acquire seeds with the best value for money, whether you need special levels of THC or CBD, or require specific flowering times. In your case, have you had any experience that you want to tell us about these Spanish banks? Would you recommend any?. ? We would love to hear your comments. We would also appreciate if you share this post on your social networks. We’d love for many more people to know the excellent quality of the Spanish cannabis market and the most outstanding Spanish cannabis seed banks. Don’t let them miss it!.?

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