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the best Haze strains
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Haze strains have played a crucial role in the evolution of cannabis since their emergence in the 1960s in California. These strains are celebrated for their psychoactive intensity and an aromatic profile that defies expectations, ranging from intense citrus to herbal and earthy nuances. Throughout this article, we will explore the most iconic Haze strains, uncovering the roots of their popularity and their enduring relevance in contemporary cannabis culture.



🎯 Best Haze Strains of All Time



Original Haze

This legendary strain is the basis of many modern Haze strains and is known for its pure sativa effect and a spicy, incense-like flavor. Original Haze offers a long and gradual high, ideal for those who enjoy a prolonged cerebral experience. From this strain, several phenotypes of different colors emerged, but unfortunately, we now only preserve hybrids of these plants.


Super Silver Haze

A favorite in Amsterdam’s coffee shops since the 90s, Super Silver Haze combines the power of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze into a symphony of flavors that include earthy notes and a hint of citrus. This strain is especially valued for its ability to alleviate pain without producing a sedative effect, making it perfect for daytime use.


Amnesia Haze

With its impressive THC content often exceeding 20%, Amnesia Haze is a popular choice among cannabis veterans. This strain is not only potent but also surprisingly smooth, with a flavor profile that balances sweet with spicy and an effect that can stimulate conversation and creativity.


Jack Herer

This strain is a tribute to the famous cannabis legalization activist and reflects his passion for a high-quality plant. Jack Herer combines a balanced effect between sativa and indica, offering both cerebral stimulation and mild muscle relaxation, with a flavor reminiscent of pine and spices.


Ghost Train Haze

This potent strain is known for its THC level that can reach up to 25%, making it one of the strongest on the market. Its aroma is a mix of citrus and pine, with an effect that is both euphoric and lucid, ideal for those seeking intensity in their cannabis experience. If you prefer a faster and simpler cultivation, you can also choose the Ghost Train Auto, very similar to the original.




🧐 Best Haze Strains of 2023 and 2024


Haze XXL PEV Seeds

Haze XXL is designed to maximize production, offering an accelerated growth cycle and very high yield, making it a favorite among commercial growers. Additionally, its robustness makes it resistant to many of the common problems in cannabis cultivation, including mold and pests.


Haze seeds from PEV Seeds
Buy Haze seeds from PEV Seeds


This new version of the classic Amnesia has been adjusted to maximize its potency and terpene profile. It is particularly appreciated for its fast flowering and its ability to produce a large amount of resin, ideal for the production of cannabis concentrates. The Amnesia strain is one of the most popular of all time, especially Amnesia Hy-Pro, undoubtedly one of the best Haze strains currently available.



⚠️ Best Purple Haze Strain


Purple Haze White Label

This spectacular strain is not only visually stunning with its purple hues but also known for its vibrant cerebral effect. Its flavor is a mix of forest fruits and grape, making it exceptionally pleasant to the palate. Purple Haze from White Label is the closest thing to the classic Purple Haze that marked a before and after in the world of cannabis.


Oldtimer’s Haze from ACE Seeds

This hybrid remains true to the sativa characteristics of the Haze, with a prolonged effect and a flavor that includes notes of wood and earth, providing an almost nostalgic experience for those who appreciate classic strains. Oldtimer’s Haze descends from the classic Original Haze created by the Haze brothers, and produces very striking and potent purple phenotypes.




👾 Best Lemon Haze Strains


Super Lemon Haze

This strain combines a potent cerebral effect with an unmistakable fresh lemon aroma, making it one of the favorites for daytime use. Additionally, its ability to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression without causing drowsiness makes it an ideal choice for many users. For many consumers, Super Lemon Haze is the best Lemon Haze currently available.


Amnesia Lemon

This cross between Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk stands out for its vigorous cerebral effect and a flavor that is an explosion of citrus in the mouth. Additionally, Amnesia Lemon is appreciated for its relatively short flowering period and abundant resin production.




➕ Best Haze Flavors

Amnesia continues to reign as the queen of flavors in the Haze world, with its blend of citrus, spices, and a slight herbal touch. This strain is not only delicious but also extremely effective at stimulating the mind and boosting energy, making it perfect for creative activities. Flavor is a very personal and subjective matter, but it seems there is unanimity in this regard, and the vast majority of consumers place Amnesia as the best Haze strain of all time in general.



👌 Conclusion

Haze strains continue to be a cornerstone in the world of cannabis, offering a diversity and quality that few other strain families can match. With their rich history and a bright future ahead, Haze strains continue to captivate both new enthusiasts and cannabis veterans. We encourage you to discover and experiment with these legendary strains, each with its unique story and effects profile. If you like these types of strains, do not miss this other article that talks about the best Haze hybrids in history.



📲 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the best Haze strain?

The answer to this question can vary according to personal preferences, but often, Amnesia is cited as the best for its potent effect and exceptional flavor.


What are Haze strains?

Haze strains are predominantly sativa strains known for their potent cerebral effect and complex flavor profiles. They are the result of selective breeding of cannabis strains from various regions of the world, including Colombia, Mexico, India, and Thailand.


Which is better, Haze or Kush?

Haze and Kush offer very different experiences. While Haze provides a cerebral and energizing effect, Kush tends to be more relaxing and sedative due to its indica dominance.


What is the Haze effect?

The Haze effect is a term used to describe the elevated cerebral experience provided by many Haze strains. This effect is energizing, creative, and sometimes psychedelic, making it popular among those seeking a more intense and cerebral experience.

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