Haze hybrids, a trend that will never die

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Haze hybrids, a trend that will never die
Haze hybrids, a trend that will never die
  Best Haze hybrids nowadays share well-known traits: great psychoactive power, impressive hybrid vigour and a citrus and incense flavor with strong wood or spice nuances. What many people don’t know is that these seed strains weed also share an ancient parental that changed the Dutch market and later set the trend throughout Europe, NL#5 x Haze.    

⭐ Haze descendant varieties in Spain


  In Spain, over the last 10 years, there have been 5 of these hybrids in the Top 10 most sold cannabis genetics by commercial banks:  

Catalogue photograph of Dinafem's Moby Dick*
Catalogue photograph of Dinafem’s Moby Dick*
  These 5 Haze hybrids are still among the most demanded in Spain, they have taken over the sales since 2007/2008, but if we go back another 10 years we will see how other Haze hybrids were the most demanded and consumed:  

Image of Sensi Seeds' Jack Herer's main tip*
Image of Sensi Seeds’ Jack Herer’s main tip*
  In Spain the explosion of the Grow Shop sector and self-growing began in 1998 with the opening of the first grow shops, the first cannabis associations and the magazine Cáñamo (Hemp). For 20 years we have seen the appearance of new versions or variations of a champion polyhybrid that fuses the extremes between indica and sativa, wrapping the Haze character in a indica body, adapted to indoor growing and reducing its flowering cycle to barely more than 2 months.    

⛳ Original Haze, the genetics that changed Dutch cannabis history

  The Spanish cannabis sector has always been strongly influenced by the Dutch cannabis market, which in turn is strongly influenced by the American sector, since it was formed thanks to genetics brought from the USA during the 1980s. In Holland the last 10 years there have been several champions of Cannabis Cups descending from the Haze line.  


Enlarged image showing the trichomes of the Super Lemon Haze from Green House*
Enlarged image showing the trichomes of the Super Lemon Haze from Green House*
  If we go back another 10 years we will see how Haze hybrids descended from the NL#5 x Haze were kicking ass in the cannabic competitions.  


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✨ When The Skunkman became “The Hazeman”

  The explosion of the Dutch market started in the mid/late 80’s, in 1988 the first edition of the High Times Cannabis Cup was held and Sam “The Skunkman” won with his Skunk#1. It was then that Sam sold to Nevil a few varieties brought from the USA, such as Skunk#1, California Orange weed, Early Pearl or the one that changed the European market forever, the Original Haze.   The Original Haze originated in California during the 1970’s, it is a 4-band cross of pure Sativa, Colombian Gold x Acapulco Gold x South Indian Kerala x Thai and reached Europe without stabilizing, but with great potential for breeding new hybrids. Nevil brought to Holland some varieties that had also emerged in the USA such as G-13 or Northern Lights Strain among others. Of the many clones and seeds that arrived in Europe there was one that stood out above the rest, Northern Lights#5 selection. After buying all his varieties from Sam “The Skunkman” and having him tell him about the great breeding potential of the Original Haze, Nevil crossed it with many of his genetics. From these crosses came hybrids that became legends, like G-13 Haze or Skunk#1 x Haze, but there was one that stood out above the rest, the Northern Lights#5 x Haze.

Catalogue photo of the great Northern Lights#5 X Haze*
Catalogue photo of the great Northern Lights#5 X Haze*

👌 Haze Hybrids at the High Times Cannabis Cup

  In 1989 the second edition of the High Times Cannabis Cup was held, this year Nevil managed to win all the prizes with his bank “The Seed Bank“. The category “Mostly Sativa” was won by his variety ({Early Pearl x Skunk1} x {NL#5 x Haze}) being the first cup won with this parental champion. A year later he won the prize in the “Mostly Sativa” category with Haze x Northern Lights hybrid and shortly after that Nevil travelled to his homeland (Australia) where he was arrested and almost extradited to the USA for selling seeds from Holland. When he returned to Europe defended by the Dutch laws he decided to sell his seed bank to Ben Dronkers, who would also hire him as a breeder for his Sensi Seeds bank, who soon after began marketing his hybrid Northern Lights#5 x Haze.   – In 1993, during the sixth edition of the HT Cannabis Cup, NL#5 x Haze won the first cup for Sensi Seeds, and breeding of new varieties through this great hybrid continued. – In 1994 Sensi Seeds’ Jack Herer wins the Cannabis Cup, this genetics created in homage to the late American activist and writer is an evolution of the NL#5 x Haze. – In 1996, the NL5 x Haze-Mist variety presented by the Green House Coffe-Shop won, where Nevil began working alongside another of the great cannabis breeders of history, Shantibaba. – In 1997, 1998 and 1999, the Super Silver Haze won the prestigious HT Cannabis Cup, being the only variety to win 3 years in a row to date. After the 1999 edition, Nevil and Shantibaba decided to leave Green House and founded Mr. Nice Seedbank with the late Howards Marks, taking with them all the mother plants they had collected, among which NL#5 x Haze stands out. – In 2002 Super Silver Haze won again and the same year another NL#5 x Haze descendant won another prize, the Mother’s Finest. – In 2004 two more descendants were awarded, Jack Flash and Amnesia Haze. – In 2005 Silver Haze and Martian Mean Green, in 2006 Martian Mean Green and G13- Haze, in 2007 G13- Haze and Super Silver Haze, in 2008 Utopia Haze and Super Lemon Haze. – In the 2009 competition Super Lemon Haze won two awards and in 2010 this variety won the cup again. – In 2011 Moonshine Haze and Dominator won, both with Haze ancestors, as well as the Liberty Haze, which succeeded again. – In 2012 Sour Amnesia and Amnesia Haze took the top spot in the Sativa category and in 2014 Super Lemon Haze won Hash category. – In 2015 Ultra Jack won the award, in 2016 it was celebrated in Colorado, and the sativa category was won by Rare Dankness with Ghost Train Haze, a powerful hybrid with a Neville Haze soul. – In 2017 a concentrate of Mango Haze wins the first prize in Hash category. – In 2018 an Amnesia edible won the first prize in this edition held in Amsterdam. In the category Neder Hash won the Liberty by Barney’s Farm and in the category of imported Hash won Amnesia Polm. – At the 2019 HT Cannabis Cup in Colorado, Tangerine Haze ranked second in the outdoor category. And earlier this year, at the Oregon High Times Cannabis Cup, the Ghost Train Haze from Rare Dankness.   As it can be clearly noticed, more than 30 years have elapsed since the second High Times Cannabis Cup was held in 1989, and during this time Haze hybrids have always been present, especially the descendants of the great NL#5 x Haze, as over a third of the total prizes are shared between the Super Silver Haze, the Super Lemon Haze, the Amnesia and the Jack Herer.  

Image of a dried bud from Amnesia Haze, the queen of Cannabis Cups*
Image of a dried bud from Amnesia Haze, the queen of Cannabis Cups*

🚀 Haze varieties champions in the Highlife Cup

  In the HighLife Cup, the other great cannabic competition of reference in the world, something special happens, and it is that this cup dedicates special categories to the Haze since its second edition, possibly because in the first one half of the prizes were taken by plants with Haze ancestors. The first edition of this competition was held in 2002 and in the 17 years since then the following has happened:   – Year 2002: Super Silver Haze 1st, Amnesia 2nd and 3rd, and Jack Herer 3rd, and Silver Haze 2nd in different categories. – Year 2003: S.A.G.E got a 2nd and a 3rd, A5 Haze won a 1st, Mother’s Finest two 1st, the Hashplant Haze another 1st and the Jack Herer two 1st and a 3rd. – 2004: Mother’s Finest got two 1st, Silver Haze got a 2nd, Jack Herer got a 1st and a 2nd, Nebula got a 3rd and Amnesia got a 1st. – 2005: Super Silver Haze won a 1st and 3rd, Amnesia won a 2nd, Hy- Haze won a 1st and 3rd, Mother’s Finest won a 1st and 3rd, and Jack Herer won a 1st. – 2006: Super Silver Haze achieved 3 first places in different categories, also two 3rd and a 2nd, it succeeded. Amnesia got a 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Neville Haze got a 2nd, Arjan’s Ultra Haze a 3rd, Haze Series a 1st and 3rd and Jack Herer two 2nd. – 2007: This year again, Super Silver Haze was successful, it got 7 awards in total, Amnesia got 3, Silver Haze got a 1st. – 2008: Amnesia Haze won 2 awards, G13 x Amnesia Haze won 1, Jack Herer won a 1st, Super Silver Haze won a 3rd, Original Haze won a 3rd, Neville Haze won a 2nd and Northern Light Haze won a 1st. – 2009: Super Silver Haze won the award in the general category, and a 1st place Bio, Amnesia got 5 awards, Silver Haze got a 1st and a 3rd and Jack Herer got one. – 2010: This was the year of Amnesia, it got 4 cups, Silver Haze a 2nd, Shining Silver Haze a 1st, Martian Mean Green got a 3rd. – 2011: In 2011 Amnesia Haze dominated with 4 awards, Haze took 1, Silver Haze a 1st. – 2012: Amnesia Haze won again 4 cups with samples presented by 4 different coffee shops, Silver Haze took a 3rd and Royal Haze Auto took another 3rd. – 2013: Power Haze got a 3rd, Amnesia Haze a 1st, Mexican Haze a 2nd, Delahaze a 1st, Power Haze Automatic a 3rd. – 2014: Neville’s A5 Haze took a 3rd, Amnesia Haze a 2nd and a 3rd, Shining Silver Haze a 1st, White Amnesia a 2nd, A.M.G Haze a 1st and Nebula a 2nd. – 2015: Amnesia won 3 awards in different categories, Amazing Haze a 3rd, Silver Haze a 2nd and a 1st, Amnesia Mac Ganja a 1st, Atomical Haze a 3rd, Nebula a 2nd, Haze Auto a 2nd and Amnesia Auto a 3rd. – 2016: Super Amnesia Haze took 2 first prices, Amnesia Mac Ganja took a 3rd, Silver Haze took a 3rd, S5 Haze took a 2nd, Atomical Haze took a 1st, Jack Herer took one 1st, Amnesia Auto took a 3rd. – 2017: Auto Jack and Amnesia Auto were first and second in the auto category, and Amnesia Ganja Haze was first in the sativa category, apart from the winners in the Haze categories. – 2018: Amnesia Auto won a cup again in its category, this time 3rd place, Jack Herer was 3rd in Sativa category and Old Skool Haze in Hash. – 2019: Amnesia Auto won a cup for the 5th consecutive year, this time the second prize, and Super Amnesia Haze Auto came in 3rd place. Fruiti Neville won 3rd prize in sativas, and Silver Haze became the overall winner in weed.   In every edition of High Life Cup Haze hybrids have won in several categories, especially hybrids descending from Northern Lights#5 x Haze line. High Times Cannabis Cup and High Life Cup are the most prestigious cannabis competitions in the world, a clear reflection of market trends and in Europe this trend has undoubtedly had a clear common denominator, Haze, and more precisely hybrids from the great Northern Lights#5 X Haze.  

Picture of an old High Times magazine page talking about Haze Brothers*
Picture of an old High Times magazine page talking about Haze Brothers*

✅ The future of Haze genes

  During the last few years, in Europe we are experiencing a new influence from varieties coming from the USA. If in the 80’s the Original Haze, Skunk#1, Northern Lights, Hashplant, etc. led the way for the first European cannabis seed banks, nowadays we are witnessing how Gorilla strain, Cookies, Gelato, etc. are changing the breeders’ trend. We do not know what will happen in the future, but we believe that Haze will continue to spread its genes in a cannabis market with few novelties and many refried varieties. We will remain attentive to developments in this regard to keep Pevgrow subscribers as updated as possible. If you liked this post please share it, I’m sure many people don’t know that for more than 30 years we have been changing the name to the same kind of cannabis, the Haze hybrids.

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