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TH Seeds, at the forefront of cannabis since 1993

Welcome to our online Growshop! On this occasion, we are pleased to present the Th Seeds feminized catalogue. It was in 1993 in Holland, when Th Seeds, began his career in the world of cannabis through the C.I.A (Cannabis in Amsterdam). It was the first store on the continent, dedicated to the research and sale of hemp seeds, and also specialized in importing the most reputable seeds from the U.S., bringing new varieties that were unknown here.


TH Seeds Catalogue

Some of the varieties in the Th Seeds catalogue have been awarded numerous cannabic prizes, such as Bubblegum, which won the HTCC in 1996, and S.A.G.E., which obtained 2nd and 3rd place in the category of varieties with the highest percentage of THC, over 20%. The feminized seeds of Th Seeds are characterized by an incredible quality, an unparalleled genetic stability.

As you can see, the catalogue of Th Seeds varieties is very wide, but I have allowed myself the luxury of selecting the ones that under my criteria are the best, either for their organoleptic properties, or for their brutal effects.

We recommend these varieties of TH Seeds


Bubblegum, is one of those varieties that Th Seeds, has imported from the U.S., and whose genetic origin is a real mystery, but what we do know is that it has been retro crossed with itself, obtaining a very good genetic stability. This weed is mainly Indica, and grows very strong, with its typical Christmas fir shape. In interior crops, I use 7 litre pots, being able to place up to 14 specimens per square metre and harvesting as well as using the SOG technique for cuttings, harvesting up to 500 gr per square metre. In outdoor crops, a good quality substrate such as coconut fiber, which favors root growth and therefore, the vegetative development of the weed will also be much greater.

Strawberry Glue

Strawberry Glue, is a true genetic beauty, perfect for the most gourmets, and they know how to appreciate a great beauty of nature. Its origin is the result of a conscientious selection of Cream Strawbanana from Karma Genetics, to the point of finding the male that had the most incredible characteristics, and they joined it with Goji Glue, giving rise to a variety that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, and that stands out for its ease in both cases. Indoors, I always use 11 litre pots, and I place it under a 600W HPS lamp, with which I have managed to collect up to 500 gr per m2. Outdoors, if you have the possibility to plant it in full soil, if you use a good bud stimulator like Brutal Buds, you will provide that extra fattening, and you will be able to collect up to 600 gr per plant.


A true classic of any US dispensary is Th Seeds Underdawg, perfect for lovers of traditional American flavors, characterized by an earthy taste and a wood aroma, which is the panacea of the Old Lovers. Indoors, if you use 11 litre pots, you can place up to 9 specimens per m2, which if you combine them with a LEC lighting system of 315w, you can harvest up to 450 gr per m2. Outdoors, you can reach the incredible figure of 1000 grams of dense and resinous flowers per specimen.

Gelato 33 x French Cookies - AKA French Macaron

Gelato 33 x French Cookies - AKA French Macaron, has its origin in the combination between Gelato 33 and French Cookies, and whose result is this magnificent strain, which is characterized by its taste of sweet biscuits and a very peculiar aroma of Musk, you will love it! It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor crops, but if you opt for the latter, in just 70 days after germination you can collect up to 600 grams per m2, for which I recommend that you use pots of 11 liters. In outdoor crops, it behaves incredible, especially for its resistance to inclement weather and pests, so it will grow strong and can give you a good dose of buds.

French Cookies

French Cookies by Th Seeds, is one of those masterpieces that arises almost by chance, and is that its origin is the result of a vacation trip of breeders from Th Seeds to the U.S., which tested a rare phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies known as Platinum Cookies. Luckily there were some seeds in the bag, which no doubt after their return to Holland cultivated and gave rise to a plant full of resin of a premium quality, which today is what is known as one of the myths of global cannabis. It is perfect for novice growers, as it does not show too many difficulties for cultivation, which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor. In indoor cultivation, you can get up to 450 grams per m2 in about 65 days from germination. In outdoor crops, you can get to collect up to 600 grams per plant, but for this you must provide a little bit of pampering, and the use of a good nutrient.


This is just a foretaste of what Th Seeds is capable of doing, and is that in its catalogue of feminized varieties you can find real wonders such as, Darkstar, Sage n Sour, Critical Hog, Wreckage, Akorn and Chicle AK Bubbledawg.

Discover Th Seeds' wide catalogue in your trusted online Growshop. Do you dare with them?

TH Seeds Auto, quality versus quantity = Success

Th Seeds' auto-flowering varieties share the same unalterable creation criteria and the basis of the principles of Th Seeds, a Dutch seed bank that since 1993 has captivated the heart of the entire European continent, and this is the result of its constant evolution and adaptation to a market that undergoes changes every day.

Since the autoflowering varieties have become so important among growers all over the world, thanks to their ease of cultivation, short flowering periods and production figures, Th Seeds breeders got down to work and began to create their own catalogue of autoflowering varieties, not photo dependent, which although scarce is characterized by its impressive quality. Although the breeders of Th Seeds themselves have confirmed to us that they are in full development of new automatic seeds for this new catalogue .

The most outstanding autoflowering of the TH Seeds catalogue

Auto Northern Hog

Auto Northern Hog, is a really productive variety especially in indoor crops, and is characterized by a phenotype mainly Indica, characterized by a powerful effect. If you use 7 litre pots indoors, you can place up to 14 specimens per square metre, which you can collect up to 550 grams per square metre by placing under a 600w HPS spotlight. Outdoors, if you use a definitive 18-litre flowerpot, you will provide a lot of space for its roots to grow comfortably, which causes a greater vegetative growth, with a production of buds that reaches 120 gr per plant.

Auto Critical Hog

Auto Critical Hog is another of those productive autoflowering seeds from the Th Seeds seed bank, which comes from the genetic fusion between Tennessee Hog and a Critical Mass Española. It has resulted in a strain that is very easy to grow, with which the newest growers will be able to get expert advice from their friends, thanks to its productive capacity. Inside, it is very important that you install a good carbon anti-odour filter, so that your neighbours don't snoop around in your affairs. To get the most out of it, I always use 11-litre pots, so I place 9 specimens per m2 and I can get up to 450 gr per m2. Under the sun, it behaves very well, with resistance to insect attacks and that will give you up to 100 gr per plant, for this I like to use a good flowering stimulator like Cannazym, which gives your weed what it takes to cope with this delicate process.

MK-Ultra Kush

Mk-Ultra Kush, comes from the union between Mk-Ultra Original and a Ruderalis, which gives it its automatic characteristic, and reduces its cultivation cycle to 80 days. Its organoleptic properties are a real scandal, characterized by a sweet taste, combined with a fresh aroma of moist earth and pine. In indoor crops, you can use pots of 11 liters, placing up to 9 copies per m2 to maximize production, which is estimated at 50 grams per plant, a real barbarity! Outdoors, you will be able to harvest up to 150 gr per plant, so place it in the area of the terrace where there are more hours of sunshine and wait to delight you with their buds.

Roof 95

Roof 95, had been asleep like Snow White for about 20 years, but Th Seeds, has decided to resurrect it and now you can find it in PevGrow. Its incredible narcotic and vibrant effects are not suitable for inexperienced smokers, as even the oldest can fall. In indoor cultivation, I recommend you to use a good substrate such as worm Humus, placing 7 litre pots, and you can achieve its maximum splendour that can reach up to 450 gr per m2. Outdoors, is certainly weak to attack insects like the white fly or red spider, so you should use a good organic insecticide such as Canna Cure of Canna, which leaves no residue and is biodegradable.


Now available in PevGrow, the Autoflowering varieties of Th Seeds, enjoy its impressive quality, its aromas and flavors so special and best of all, with the guarantee that you are in your Growshop online trust.

TH Seeds, experts in regular American genetics


On this occasion, dear cannalovers, we are proud to present to you the wide assortment of regular Th Seeds varieties. This seed bank is one of the most successful at European level, and the start of its activity was registered in Holland in 1993, where it is currently one of the most outstanding in the Dutch Coffee Shops.

In the beginning, they focused on importing the most outstanding seeds that triumphed at a barbaric rate in the USA, and then creating their own creations from these varieties.

The selection of our experts

Skunk XXX

Skunk XXX, is the variety par excellence, which in the late 80's and early 90's triumphed in "the country of freedom", characterized by a fruity and very pleasant taste and of course its characteristic Skunk aroma that the Old Lovers admire so much. both indoors and outdoors, its ease of cultivation is very remarkable, which makes it accessible to all types of grower. Indoors, if you use 11 litre pots you can place 9 specimens per m2, and thus you will obtain yields of up to 350 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, you have a great ally, as their resistance to pests is good and their productivity is high. If you also use a good substrate of coconut fibre, you will contribute extra space to its root growth, so its growth and productivity will be even greater, even if you have to wait a little longer.

MK Ultra Regular

Mk Ultra , born of the marriage between the legendary G-13 strain and the most exquisite Og Kush of Los Angeles, which gives as a result an interesting weed, which stands out for its resinous and tasty buds, and causes some really powerful effects. In Indoor crops, its production can reach 350 gr per m2, for this I advise you to use a sodium lamp of 400w. In outdoor crops, if you have the option, cultivate in full soil with soil worked, and with few nutrients that you will soon see the results.

S.A.G.E Regular

S.A.G.E Regular, is undoubtedly the best variety of Th Seeds, a classic impertérrito, which should be in the dispensary of every cannabis lover. Its name is formed by the acronym Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, and stands out for its high levels of THC, which cause a very active and powerful brain effect. Ah! don't forget, S.A.G.E is the winner of second place in the blind tasting of the High Times Cannabis Cup. In interior, it stands out for its good productivity, and it is that in about 11 weeks you will be able to collect up to 350 gr per m2, and to be able to obtain it I advise you to use flowerpots of 11 liters, because it goes very well to him, and it can arrive up to 140 cm of height. In outdoor crops, I advise you to apply some preventive when the flowering phase begins, their large buds are a magnet for pests.


Sage N Sour Regular

Sage n Sour Regular, loved and reputed for its therapeutic value, indicated above all to treat situations of maximum stress, anxiety attacks, and deal with insomnia. Sour Diesel and S.A.G.E have been used in its creation, and without any doubt it will leave you fascinated from the minute 0. Indoors, you can enjoy a variety with a very good productivity that reaches 350 gr per m2, I always use pots of 7 liters, so I can place 14 copies per m2. Outdoors, you have to nourish your weed well, with a good fertilizer, I personally by quality-price ratio, I recommend the Top Crop professional cultivation pack, where you will find everything you need to provide your crop with all the nutrients in each of the stages.


In PevGrow, we always work surrounded by the best, because if you want to be the best you must do it, and our commitment to quality and you our cannabis family, is to always offer the best products on the market, which is why we love to have in our online store, the incredible catalog of regular seeds Th Seeds. For you Cannalovers!

TH Seeds has earned the respect of the cannabis world through good work and spectacular creations. All TH Seeds’ cannabis seeds stand out for their genetic stability, as well as for having a very high quality, with a price that surprises for good. 

Now, with the aim of offering all their clients a wide range of selection, TH Seeds breeders have entered the world of varieties rich in CBD, and this is a market in constant evolution, in which you either adapt to trends or stay behind. 

In recent years, varieties rich in CBD have increasingly taken a higher market share, and its benefits have been demonstrated in numerous independent scientific studies, which have made the public aware of the enormous medicinal properties that has the consumption of CBD. 


What are the best varieties in TH Seeds CBD catalogue? 


For the moment, TH Seeds only has one variety rich in CBD, but it's not just any one, but the CBD Rich version of a classic S.A.G.E CBD



Its name means everything "Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium", a strain perfectly balanced with a ratio of THC:CBD 1:1, 11.5% CBD and 11.1% THC, which provides a very balanced effect, awake and with hardly any psychoactivity, so you can rest assured that you will not be affected in the development of your daily tasks, if that's what you're worried about. Medicinally it is very good for relaxing, relieving anxiety and stress. 

Indoor cultivation is simple, does not require much knowledge to get the most out of it. Put it during the first 20 days at 18 hours of light under an HPS spotlight with 600w of power and a cooltube reflector, then lower it to 12 hours and after about 70 days it will give away harvests of about 500 grams per m2, with a large resin production that is very good for BHO extractions

Outdoors, put it in a 50 litre pot from the start, with a substrate already prepared like Top Crop's Heavy Mix, which contains volcano ash and bat guano, so all you have to do is add a few growth stimulants and you'll have the perfect formula to get very good harvests. 

Its taste is very fruity, combining citrus hints of lemon and a sweet background of very tasty caramel. 

What better plan than enjoying TH Seeds' high CBD seed catalogue by buying at the best price at PevGrow? The answer is really easy... None!

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