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Sensi Seeds: the fastest seeds on the cannabis market

Sensi Seeds' autoflowering seeds are the result of Sensi Seeds' research efforts to develop autoflowering varieties that are true world references. The autoflowering seeds are in the last decade in full boom, for its ease to be cultivated and get an optimal yield from them, with a very short flowering period.

As it could not be otherwise, Sensi Seeds does not falter in a single one of its facets, and as far as its autoflowering varieties are concerned, it is also an authentic world reference and has among its ranks award-winners and mythical strains that have marked a before and an after.

The best autoflowering seeds from the Sensi Seeds 2019 catalogue:

As for us you are the first, we are going to publish our list of Sensi Seeds auto-flowering varieties that we have been adding to our private collection over the years, so that you can get your bearings and let yourself go. Our selection (We know that it is incredible that we have favorites among such a conglomeration of stars, but we are very sybarites) is as follows:

Super Skunk Auto

First of all, we'd like to highlight Sensi Seeds' Super Skunk Auto. An improved version of an almost perfect strain, which maintains the bonanzas of the original, and adds a shorter flowering period and the elimination of its photodependent characteristic, so that it does not suffer from light stress. In indoor crops, we recommend that you use a 600W LED spotlight for every 1.5 square meters. In outdoor crops, needs sunny climates, like all autos do not need to be transplanted so if you use a pot of 18 liters get the best performance.

Northern Lights Auto

We also highlight the Northern Lights Auto Sensi Seeds, autoflowering version of one of the big ones. In indoor crops, with well-prepared soil and quality substrates, it will give you brutal vegetative growth, with dark colours and bright leaves, a spectacle! Our professional growers recommend that you use 14 pots of 7 liters, to get the most out of it. In outdoor crops, it will be ready in just 70 - 90 days, and has an enviable climate adaptability, but if we cultivate it in temperate climates it will give us up to 2-3 annual harvests.

Auto Skunk #1

For lovers of the same old varieties, Sensi Seeds Auto Skunk #1 is another strain that could not be missing from the collection, one of Sensi Seeds' greatest creations and one of the most in demand, now in autoflowering format. In indoor crops, it gives incredible yields in a very short time about 10 weeks. In outdoor crops, in just 65 days we will have plants that will reach a meter in height, with a production of up to 50 grams per specimen, not inconsiderable considering its short growing cycle. As if that weren't enough, its organoleptic properties will leave you speechless.

Hindu Kush Auto

Sensi Seeds' Hindu Kush Auto
is perfect for novices looking to enter the world of autoflowering varieties. Its organoleptic properties are wonderful, with a fresh and sweet taste with hints of musk and honey. Indoors, with 9 plants per m2 and in just 70 days you will be able to harvest your crop. Outdoors, it is perfect for all types of terraces, as its vertical growth makes them fit practically anywhere. I recommend that you use a pot of 18 liters, so that it grows with enough space for its roots.

Sensi Seeds Auto Mix

With the Sensi Seeds Auto Mix, you'll have 10 seeds at random, selected by the Sensi Seeds expert team, perfect if you want to grow a combo of varieties, and you don't know which one to choose. We know it's difficult, because choosing between so many works of art is really complicated, try Sensi Seeds Auto Mix!


I don't want to forget, the Jack Herer Auto from Sensi Seeds, the autoflowering version of one of the world classics of cannabis.


Discover Sensi Seeds' extensive catalogue of autoflowering strains at PevGrow, your trusted online Growshop. Don't forget to leave us your opinion about Sensi Seeds autoflowering varieties in the comments area that you will find under the description of each one of our seeds, it helps us a lot to choose which varieties you want to find in our online store.

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