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Sensi Seeds 

Find the best Sensi Seeds bank genetics: Everything started with Sensi seeds!

PEVGrow Shop opens the knowledge’s doors and takes you back to the beginnings of the cannabis market.

Sensi seeds is a Dutch company based on cannabis products, which began in 1985 when its founder Ben Dronkers decided to use all the genetics he got in his collection for the development of new crosses. He had marijuana genetics that, firslty, collected from places like United States, Turkey, Afghanistan (Area of origin of its Afghan Kush), India, Mexico, Jamaica and Eastern Africa.

With all these wonderful genetics that characterize the Sensi seeds catalog, they have specialized the brand, due to the intense cultivation and development of new varieties of marijuana, never leaving aside their deepest pro-cannabis activism, has been creator of great genetics like:
  • Skunk 1 Sensi seeds
  • Sensi Star Sensi seeds
  • Northern Light Sensi seeds
  • Jack Herer Sensi seeds
  • Silver Haze Sensi seeds
  • Big bud Sensi seeds
  • among other monsters.

Sensi started with regular marijuana seeds and also already had autoflowering varieties such as Early Skunk Sensi seeds, Rudelaris Skunk Sensi seeds and Rudelaris Indica Sensi seeds, pure landraces typical from northern Turkey.

We can say that, autoflowering marijuana seeds, already existed but not in the context of current knowledge. The future, would be something different.

The best feminised Sensi Seeds strains

Sensi seeds, as happened to the big other Dutch seeds banks a few years ago, managed the production of marijuana seeds back into the specialization of the cannabis sector.
To do that, they decided to sell feminised seeds (recently created) with the purpose of adapting to the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

Thus, they did not stop innovating in the creation of special feminised varieties for indoor crops, strains very productives with extreme potency, becaming genetics with THC values above 20%.

Proof of this, are their sativa predominant polyhibrid as Super Skunk Sensi seeds, Sensi Skunk Sensi seeds and Skunk # 1 Sensi seeds, very awarded varieties, with very high prestige and relevance.

The best autoflowering Sensi Seeds strains

We also do not forget the research and modern development of marijuana varieties.
Sensi seeds bank has been innovating from its own varieties, to offer to the market other formats with their best regular and feminised strains.

The testable fact, and taking advantage of their already known pure autoflowering landrace Rudelaris, is that, they have been creating polyhybrids from that genetic as Hindu Kush Auto Sensi seeds, Sensi Skunk Auto Sensi seeds and Super Skunk Auto, among others.

All their autoflowering varieties have undergone an exhaustive process of selection by their growers, in order to obtain varieties of high stability, great production, fast flowering and extreme potency. Strain with great value due to their easy way of growing in eithe indoor and outdoor crops, resulting in heavy and compact buds, very resinous and with assorted extent of aromas and flavors.

Finally, Sensi seeds Bank go on being at forefront in their research in medicinal and therapeutic marijuana, offering products derived from Cannabis with CBD (Sensi seeds CBD), a medicinal product, for all those who seek effective treatments in the world of cannabis, avoiding all the psychoactivity of THC.

It is a honor for PEV Grow Shop to have them in our online store, for all that their seeds represent to us, to all those who love our queen plant.

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