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Water treatment and irrigation 

Pevgrow brings you all the latest in accessories for growing marijuana, so you can give the best to your plants and enjoy good harvests. With us you can buy cheap filters and different types of irrigation systems to keep your plants perfectly hydrated and with the quantity and quality of water they deserve.

Water is essential for a marijuana crop, as it is especially important for the nutrition and nutrient supply of the plant. In addition, proper hydration is essential for your crops to grow healthy and strong. That's why you need to know which are the best water treatment and irrigation accessories we have to offer.

What is water treatment?

The importance of water treatment is due to the fact that the roots of our plants get most of their nutrients from water. If the water quality is not good, for example when it is too heavy, your marijuana will not feed properly.

The use of fertilizers also increases the amount of salt in the water, so it is essential to combine a good fertilizer with a suitable water filter. To seek balance in this way is the most effective way to achieve an excellent crop.

There are a variety of water filters on the market and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits the needs and characteristics of your plantation. From carbon filters to osmosis filters, there are many options available to you.

More effective water treatment products

From all our water treatment accessories we have selected five of the most sought after by our customers:

AutoPot 6mm Filter: This filter is suitable for tanks from 30 to 47 litres and also fits perfectly into the Easy2Grow kit.

Grow Table Filter: This is one of the easiest options, especially if your crop is not particularly large. It avoids the accumulation of debris in the water, and also helps you not to obstruct the irrigation system.

Wassertech reverse osmosis filter: this is one of the most sophisticated options for filtering the water in your crop and is always in the best condition. You have three different installation options.

Large capacity air compressor: there are several models, depending on the capacity of your crop (from 20 litres to 300). With this device you can oxygenate the water to give your plants everything they need.

Straight and curved drains: another element that we cannot forget about in terms of water in our crops are the drains, which help us to remove excess easily.

Irrigation accessories

In addition, when it comes to watering your plants, you also have various irrigation accessories to provide the right amount of water for your crop.

One of the necessary complements in this respect is the Neptune Hydroponics NH Submersible Pump, as it allows you to have a water tank available for your irrigation system of choice. There are formats from 600 litres to 4500 litres, depending on your needs.

Our 1m watering blanket is one of the easiest options for maintaining moisture in your plants, but if you're looking for an irrigation system as such we recommend the Wassertech Irrigation Bag.

If you are not looking for an automated system, then we suggest you use the Neptune Hidroponics Irrigation Lance or our Easy Watering Kit, which includes a pump and a storage tank.

Air and water pumps

Water pumps are mainly used to pump water into ponds and carry it wherever you want. You can also use them to suck water from a nutrient solution and make it circulate throughout the hydroponic system.

The root system is the most unknown part of the plant but not the less important.

If you use the air pumps in the nutrient solution, you will keep the roots healthy thanks to oxygen and they will assimilate more food. You'll notice how your queens grow stronger and are more productive.

We have pumps of all powers and flows, brands as recognized as Atman and they are available at the best price in your reliable Grow Shop PEV.