Pests and fungi 

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The cultivation of plants is always in permanent evolution. Since the beginning of the human being, agricultural techniques have been evolving towards the improvement of harvest to achieve greater resistance to insects or climate changes. Although in the case of marijuana, the main obstacle is the marijuana pests outside.

Types of pests and diseases

Almost everyone who cultivates this plant has ever gone through the moment of detecting a plague. Normally, they are transported by a living organism that involuntarily distributes them indiscriminately. From other insects or small animals to the grower or the air, the most common types of marijuana pests are those caused by some insects (such as red spiders or thrips), fungus or viruses. Prevent risk factors, constantly check the plants, specific identification of the causal agent and eradication of the same are the mainstays of this care.

How to eliminate pests in marijuana plants?

If you carry out a good identification of the agent, the cure is possible. Here are some of the solutions to two of the most common pests:

-Thrips. Yellowish green color insects, with a size between 1 and 3 millimeters. In the growth phase, an insecticide with potassium-derived soaps such as Thripor-L 500 is the most effective. Placing blue insect ribbons is effective given the attraction of this insect for it.

-Red spider. Named for its color, they do not belong to the arachnid kingdom. Very voracious, the affected plant will start to look yellow at high speed. It is a pest that appears when there are excesses or defects with water, sun or nutrients, mainly. If they have already broken into your crop, it’s best to use insecticides against mites of greendel dico green tetranychidae type.

How to prevent them?

For the two pests seen above there are several products. In its initial phase, the use of ecological preventive insecticides composed of Neem oil extracts such as TRABE AIN-Grow or groups of products such as Bio Pack Prevention Organik is recommended.

How to prevent them outdoors?

We could say that there are three irreplaceable products: type Neem oil, Propolix and Bacillus. Natural origin products that will help us to have to use less chemicals in the future of our harvest. They hardly leave any waste in the plant and avoid up to 70% of the pests. As a tip you should wash the plants with water sprays two or three days before finishing the treatment in order to eliminate the excess product.

How to know if marijuana has fungus?

The first enemy of marijuana is humidity. A plant with an excess of it is easy target for fungal attacks. If you still wonder how to detect fungus in marijuana, you just have to look at its appearance. It is similar to cotton candy but grayish or white, it appears mostly in the buds. The pests with worse prognosis are those that their leaves turns brown, being necessary in this case the withdrawal of the same.

How to remove fungus?

In addition to air circulation, temperature and humidity control, the preventive use of antifungals such as Biofungi and plant protectors such as Rhino Skin, diminish to almost no risk of fungal pests in marijuana, without affecting at all of its other properties. Some natural tricks such as solutions dispersions with orange juice or bicarbonate on the top of the plant aren’t effective on their own, although they do tend to help the aforementioned products.