Pests and fungi 

  • Fungicides
    In this section you will find all fungicides products for problems in your self-cultivation...
  • Pesticides / Insecticides
    Pesticides / Insecticides
    The cultivation of plants is always in permanent evolution. Since the beginning of the human...
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    Insect cheats
    In this section you will find all the traps for pests that can affect your self-cultivation

Pests and fungi in marijuana plants, is something that happens more often than we would like. Luckily in Piensa En Verde we think of everything and we offer many products so you can fight various pests or diseases that may affect your harvest. As we always say, the best method for pest control is prevention, so we recommend you look at the plants daily, to avoid problems and lower productivity. However, if you locate the problem early and you act quickly, you can control and even eliminate it.