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In this section you can find all types of pots for indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis. You will also find the tables and trays that collect the drainage water.Read more

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In this section you will see which pots, trays and growing tables you can buy before you start growing. Don't miss it!

Indoor and outdoor cultivation: which pots should be used?

When we talk about growing in pots, you have to identify four fundamental questions: the material, the shape, the size and the colour (white or black).

As for the material, the pots that have traditionally been used are those made of plastic. Recently, however, cloth pots have gained ground: they are well regarded because they allow the plant to breathe and have greater resistance in dry heat climates.

With regard to the shape, they can be square or round. The squared ones are the most used and of which the largest number of sizes can be found. They are ideal for indoor cultivation, but of course you can also use them outdoors.

The color is no coincidence. White pots are more suitable for outdoor cultivation: the white colour because they do not attract light and heat, keeping the substrate and the roots of the plant cooler. When it comes to indoor cultivation the colour is the same, but black is cheaper.

As for size, this is measured in litres. Indoor cultivation is characterised by limited space, therefore pots of no more than 4 litres are recommended for growth and 7 to 11 litres for the flowering stage. In outdoor cultivation of autoflowering varieties the ideal is a 20 litre pot that does not need to be transplanted.

Hydroponic crops and SOG

Hydroponic (or'soilless') cultivation of marijuana is characterised by the fact that plants are grown in an inert environment or in a mineral solution that feeds the plants. Depending on the hydroponic system you build, you can use either grid pots or 18 litre square black pots.

There are also more sophisticated containers such as the oxipot (15 litre tank for one plant or 70 litre tank for two plants) or the 25 litre DWC POT.

If you opt for SOG (Sea of Green), an intensive and very efficient cultivation technique, it is recommended to start from small pots (less than 1 litre) and then transplant them into 3 to 5 litre pots.

How to grow marijuana in pots?

The task is relatively simple if you work with attention, care and above all affection for the plants. Just like growing aromatic plants in pots, there are three aspects that you should consider:

1- Cultivation Zone: it must be a space that receives sunlight, planting the seed already germinated in a medium size pot.

2- Irrigation and fertilization: it is advisable to water in the mornings, so that the substrate does not dry out in the daytime sun. As for the fertilizer, it is ideal to use a growth fertilizer and a special one for the flowering stage.

3- Pests: we recommend that you use biological products based on neem and sulphur.

Which pots to use for marijuana

As you've seen, the most commonly used pots are usually the black square ones, but this is not a general rule. Remember to consider the space you have, the type of crop, the season and the seed (autoflowering or feminized).

If you are still lost reading this article, we recommend you consult us before you spend unnecessarily.

The Best Pots of Marijuana

You have already seen that there are many pots and containers, suitable for different uses depending on the circumstances of the plant and the growing place. We invite you to read PevGrow's section on Pots-Trays-Tables to see which one you should buy.

Our Growing Trays

We offer you several very versatile cultivation trays. These can collect the drainage from the plants, as well as flood irrigation, a method that greatly simplifies the task of watering when we harvest many plants.  You can also find them in flexible and durable plastic. These flexible trays have a raised bottom so that the pots do not slip and remain attached to the ground. Its bottom also helps with drainage, so that the excess water will not remain in permanent contact with the substrate.

You have different sizes so that you can adapt it to the space you need. Your cultivation will be much easier and simpler with this type of tray. As always at the best price in your reliable Grow Shop.

Hydroponic Growing Tables

With this type of tables, available in several sizes, you will be able to cultivate a multitude of plants simultaneously, optimizing their irrigation since you will be able to reuse the water of the irrigation thanks to its drainage and its deep grooves and to use it in future waterings. Some additional accessories are recommended for this type of table, such as a structure, supports, drainage filters, among others. All of this is available right here in your trusted GrowShop.

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