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Dutch Passion: discover its catalogue of autoflowering seeds

Dutch Passion's automatic varieties are characterised by their high quality, being considered premium, with very high THC levels, thanks to their experience in creating unforgettable effects and with very varied terpenic profiles, which cause all their creations to have incredible organoleptic properties.

Dutch Passion is a Dutch seed bank, which has been operating for more than 30 years, and whose autoflowering varieties have been awarded the most important cannabis prizes on the market. If you're a lover of autoflowering varieties, there's no way you haven't tried Dutch Passion's automatic creations.

Discover the Dutch Passion autoflowering catalogue 2019:

Auto Mazar

The Dutch Passion Auto Mazar, perfect for lovers of Indicas varieties, very productive and a crop so simple that it will be perfect for beginners. Indoor cultivation is really simple, anyone can get 50 to 100 grams per plant with 5-6 pots of 18 liters. Outdoors, if it receives many hours of sunlight, and we plant it with a quality substrate in a definitive pot so as not to slow down its growth, with 18 or 20 litre pots, we will be able to obtain up to 200 gr per specimen.

Auto Blueberry

If you are a nostalgic, and you wish that the marijuana was the one of before, calm Auto Blueberry of Dutch Passion is here. The automatic version of one of the most sold and respected seeds within the Dutch Passion catalogue, maintaining the kindness of its elder sister, and shortening the flowering period to only 70 days.

In indoor crops, its beauty is incomparable, with an incredible shade between purple and blue. With about 9 plants per m2 we can collect up to 400 gr per m2, and the only extra care you will need, is a small washing of roots at the end of flowering. In outdoor crops, Blueberry Auto Dutch Passion likes sunny climates very much, and if you are an expert in giving love to your varieties, you can collect up to 80-100 grams dry for each plant.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

Grow a piece of New York in your garden with Dutch Passion's Auto Brooklyn Sunrise, bred on legal and unrestricted crops. In indoor crops, can measure up to 1 meter, so it is very manageable and perfect for indoor, and if you use pots of at least 11 liters, are guaranteed great results of 500 grams per m2. In outdoor crops, if you are an expert you will be able to extract the best version, and in combination with an adequate sun exposure, in just 11 weeks, you will be able to collect up to 100 gr per plant. In addition, Auto Brooklin Sunrise by Dutch Passion is perfect for BHO extractions of unparalleled quality.

Auto Duck

For lovers of discretion, Auto Duck by Dutch Passion. Its peculiar form, characterizes it a perfect camouflage to pass unnoticed as plant of marijuana and adapts itself to all type of culture. Indoors, with about 9 plants per m2, we can get up to 350 grams in just 75-80 days. For it you will have to give a good quantity of light with a period 20/4 and a system of illumination with spotlights HPS of 400 W. In outdoor crops, it resists humidity and cold climates very well. Its peculiar shape gives it a perfect discretion to go unnoticed before the indiscreet gaze of your neighbors, but the best thing is that in just 11 weeks you can collect up to 70 grams per plant.


Dutch Passion's catalogue of autoflowering varieties is very extensive, and this is just a snack of what you can find. Our team also has a private collection in which varieties such as:


- Auto Extreme Dutch Passion

- Dutch Passion Auto Euphoria

- Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate

- Dutch Passion Daiquiri Lime

- Dutch Passion Blackberry Kush

- Dutch Passion Colorado Cookies

- Dutch Passion Think Different Auto

- Dutch Passion Think Big

Discover with PevGrow, the wide catalogue of autoflowering seeds by Dutch Passion, preserving the original characteristics that turned their regular or feminized versions into authentic classics, reducing their flowering period so that the most impatient can obtain spectacular harvests in record time.

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