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Image of a trophy cup containing cherries representing the Cherry variety and two branches of cannabis around it.
Image of a trophy cup containing cherries representing the Cherry variety and two branches of cannabis around it.



Many marijuana seeds claim to offer an intense cherry aroma and flavor, but after trying a lot of them we found that some just don’t taste like this delicious fruit. This is why it is thought that it might be a great idea to create a top 10 ranking so that you can play it safe and get a good harvest of fruity weed with a delicious pure cherry flavor.



🧐 Top 10 of the greatest cherry-flavored marijuana strains




1.Cherry Pie

Undoubtedly the best of all cherry-flavored cannabis genetics, despite not being the first to contain this taste, it has gradually gained freehand the first place in this ranking. It is a cross between Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison, and this other one has the honor of being one of the forerunners of the famous Cookies family.


Cherry Pie Spain Bulk Seeds

Buy Cherry Pie Spain Bulk Seeds


2.Cherry Punch

Combination of Cherry AK with the powerful Punch Strain created by Symbiotic Genetics, making it a strain that offers many qualities such as excellent flavor of course, but also a huge amount of trichomes with good size, amazing colors and power suitable only for consumption with a lot of tolerance.


Black Cherry Punch Pyramid Seeds

Buy Black Cherry Punch Pyramid Seeds


3.Black Cherry Gelato

Polyhybrid mainly indicated for  Black Cherry Funk and Acai Gelato,  which possesses the organoleptic properties of Black Cherry and the hybrid vigor and resistance of ice cream. It is very likely that it will be the strain with the greatest projection of this top 10, as it has quickly placed itself on the most requested.



Black Cherry Gelato
Black Cherry Gelato



4.Lemon Cherry Gelato

Can you imagine there could be cherry flavored marijuana and lemon ice cream? Well, stop dreaming because it already exists and is called Lemon Cherry Gelato, but the problem is that it is a genetics that is preserved only in the form of a clone, and currently you can only buy buds in some dispensaries in California and the rest of the United States.



Lemon Cherry Gelato
Lemon Cherry Gelato



5.Cherry Diesel

Cherry Diesel is a product of MTG Seeds, obtained from the fusion of the delicious Cherry OG with the Turbo Diesel strain, it is a marijuana plant with a more potent and fruity cherry flavor with evident reminiscences of cherry.



Cherry Diesel
Cherry Diesel



6.Cherry Cookies

There couldn’t be a better name for this strain, as its aroma and flavor is as close as possible to the flavor of cherry cookies. Her buds are extremely compact, with purplish highlights, orange pistils and the exaggerated resin coverage that characterizes the descendants of this magnificent cannabis lineage.



Cherry Cookies
Cherry Cookies



7.Cherry Gorilla

An excellent work from the In House Genetics bank, in which they placed particular emphasis on fixing the sweet, velvety cherry of Black Cherry Soda, in a high yielding plant, with magenta flowers, and the powerful effect by Gorilla Glue. It is a very complete variation, but you have to be careful with any hermaphrodites.



Cherry Gorilla
Cherry Gorilla



8.Cherry Bomb

Variety Cherry Bomb from Bomb Seeds which, like all seeds from this bank, is characterized by its high THC content, a bomb that in this case also stands out for its incredible cherry aftertaste that leaves in the mouth . Its cultivation is quite simple, it has a fast and abundant flowering, and it also produces resin in the stem.


Cherry Bomb Bomb Seeds

Cherry Bomb Bomb Seeds


9.Cherry Chem

Some say this genetics combining Cherry Pie and Chemdawg BC3 is special for making cherry flavored cannabis concentrates, as it produces a great quantity of very aromatic resin in this sense, so the yield is very high and multiplies this flavor. Too bad it is a difficult variety to obtain in many countries.



Cherry Chem
Cherry Chem



10.Cherry AK

Could not be missing from this ranking One of the first marijuana with a touch of cherry in its flavor. It is an AK 47 Auto phenotype isolated in the USA, has been in many other clones, has been preserved ever since in cutting form, and has been crossed with many of today’s top elite clones. High production, powerful effect and excellent taste.


Cherry AK
Cherry AK



👾 Conclusion


The  largest cherry-flavored cannabis plants have the unifying bond that is their organoleptic properties, but otherwise they can be very different, as you can see in this ranking. This is due to the large number of variations that have arisen thanks to the multiple crosses of some varieties such as Cherry Pie or Cherry AK.



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⚠️ Frequently Asked Questions


What variety is Cherry Pie?

It is the most famous representative of all cherry-flavored marijuana strains, the absolute favorite of many consumers and excellent in every respect. In addition to being one of the top 10 weeds, it is a genetics widely used in many crosses due to the quality of the genes it passed onto offspring.


Is the Cherry Pie strain indica or sativa?

It is actually a fairly balanced hybrid with a certain indica dominance, which can be appreciated more in appearance and flowering time than in effect, as it affects body and mind in equal parts.


Where to buy the Cherry Pie variant?

If you are looking for feminized seeds of this variety, I recommend you try the Cherry Pie from Spain Bulk Seeds, as they have an unbeatable quality / price ratio and produce plants that are very resistant, easy to grow, productive and with the best cherry flavor you can imagine.

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