Top best strains of purple marijuana

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Imagen de una copa ganadora llena y flanqueada con presiosas plantas de marihuana púrpuras
Image of a full winner’s cup flanked with purple marijuana plants.


Purple weed strains have always been among the most demanded on the market, surely because of their hypnotic colors but also because they tend to have a sweeter and more intense aroma and flavor than green strains as a general rule. There are names of purple marijuana strains that everyone knows, classics that will never go out of style and more modern ones that have earned a place in the Olympus of cannabis thanks to their striking presence. In this article we are going to see the best purple strains on the market in 2022, which are surely going to be the best sellers in 2023, both indicas and sativas and hybrids, so if you are interested in this type of strains I think you will be interested.



👾 Top Purple Indica Strains



This top of purple varieties of the year 2022 and 2023 has to start with the indica genetics, since they are the ones that contribute the most to individuals, since in nature there are more purple indica strains than sativas. The most famous are surely the purple Kush varieties from Afghanistan, Pakistan or India, from which thousands of hybrids have come out on the market today. Below you can see 3 of the best exotic marijuana strains with purple tones and indica genetics.


Grandaddy Purple

For many people it is the best purple indica variety of all time, and not only for its beautiful colors, but also for its easy cultivation, high bud production, delicious flavor and above all for its powerful medicinal effect. In the USA it can be found in most dispensaries on the west coast, and among its great achievements it should be noted that today it is part of the genetics of such famous hybrids as Girl Scout Cookies or Purple Punch, among many others.

Grandaddy Purple Spain Bulk Seeds

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Purple Kush

Crossing Hindu Kush with a purple Afghan, that is, a 100% Indica variety that shows very beautiful shades from the beginning of the flowering phase. It produces incredibly large trichomes, and in dry extractions you can get a colorful hash that is not only tasty but also very powerful. One of its greatest qualities is that it can be harvested outdoors from the end of September, especially for those areas where it usually rains at the beginning of autumn.

Purple Kush

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Pakistan Chitral Kush

Pure Pakistani variety that has the peculiarity of keeping the leaves green while the flowers take on very intense purple tones. They are very resistant plants that adapt perfectly to outdoor cultivation, and perform quite well even in cold climates, so they are very interesting for northern latitudes in Europe, the United States and Canada. The effect is completely physical, with little brain activity but very relaxing, sedative and analgesic.

Pakistan Chitral Kush Ace Seeds

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🎯 Top purple sativa strains


There are purple varieties that are ideal for outdoor cultivation because due to their sativa genetics they grow too large for indoor cultivation. Landraces sporting purple tones have emerged in nature both in Asia and in America and even in Africa, in Nepal, Mexico, Thailand or Angola to name just a few examples, and from them some of the best colorful sativas in the world have been developed the story, like the ones you can see below.


Purple Haze

When this strain appeared on the scene it caused such a revolution that it was paid up to 10 times more expensive than most varieties of the moment, and the seeds were sold for 5 dollars in the late 1970s. It emerged from the cross between sativa varieties from Mexico, Colombia, India and Thailand, its performance is not very high but it makes up for it with an effect that is unparalleled, one of the so-called “roofless” ones because it does not stop rising and rising no matter how much it is consumed, without relaxing descent.

Purple Haze

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Blue Dream

Although it is called Blue Dream, many plants turn from blue to purple when exposed to cold. It is a hybrid with clear sativa dominance, created from the cross between Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, and among its best virtues we must highlight its impressive production of flowers and its exaggerated potency, which can be too high for consumers with little tolerance. The flavor can be considered a mixture of its parents, very intense and long lasting.

Blue Dream Strain

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Sweet Purple

Sweet Purple’s recipe includes ingredients such as Thai sativa and Dutch strains, resulting in a dish that is generally liked by everyone. It has a very fast and vigorous growth, with a lot of lateral development that ends up giving the structure a chandelier shape, with branches that reach almost to the height of the main tip. Several phenotypes can come out, some more similar to sativas and others to indicas, but all of extraordinary quality.

Sweet Purple

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🚀 Top hybrid purple varieties


Today most of the purple cannabis strains on the market are hybrids and polyhybrids, and some of them are best sellers in the main markets of the planet. Some of them, in addition to purple, show other striking colors, varieties with orange and purple colors on their pistils and calyxes that you can spend hours staring at because it is a real plant spectacle. Below you can see 3 of the best purple cannabis hybrids.


Purple Punch

It is the purple marijuana strain of the moment without a doubt, and right now it is the favorite weed of millions of consumers around the world. Many people think that it is a work of the Symbiotic Genetics bank, but in reality it was created by Supernova Gardens from the cross between Lemon Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple, from which it has inherited its beautiful colors, its tremendous production of trichomes, the excellent flavor and aroma that it shows, and its powerful and lasting effect. If you want to read more about this genetics, I invite you to read this article on our blog where we talk about Purple Punch.

Best California marijuana strains

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Girl Scout Cookies

A revolutionary purple variety in every sense, because in addition to showing impressive colors it has a very particular type of flower, with large calyxes and very few leaves. Its leaves are also very representative, with a central leaflet that overlaps the rest and can be recognized with the naked eye. It has gone down in history for its aroma and taste of freshly baked cookie dough, but in general it can be considered one of the best marijuana in the world

Girl Scout Cookies PEV Bank Seeds

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Critical Purple Kush

What happens when you combine the famous Critical Mass with the beautiful and powerful Purple OG? Well, the result is a plant that combines a great speed of growth and flowering with a tremendous yield of buds and resin, a spectacular flavor and a potency that is out of the ordinary. In indoor cultivation it can produce more than 500 grams/m2, and the best thing is that you don’t have to be an expert to get it, because they are very resistant plants that adapt to all kinds of environments.

Critical Purple Kush

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✨ Top purple autoflowering strains


If you are looking for varieties with purple flowers and leaves but with automatic flowering, don’t worry because they also exist. These seeds can be grown in all environments because they adapt to all types of climates and environmental conditions, they can even be harvested in winter as long as temperatures do not drop below 10º C. Luckily today we have a large number of commercial strains available with these features, but if you want some recommendation I advise you to try any of these 3 :


Auto Purple

If you don’t have much experience growing cannabis but want to harvest purple buds, these seeds are for you. They are plants that are very resistant to cold, so much so that they can be grown outdoors out of season, and they can withstand all kinds of hazing without slowing down their development. In indoor cultivation they are ideal for small spaces, because they do not usually stretch too much and have a rather columnar structure. Its flavor is sweet, caramelized, and with a touch of liquorice that lasts in the mouth for hours.

Auto Purple

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Buddha Purple Kush Auto

The Buddha Seeds seed bank wanted to stabilize an autoflowering variety that showed purple colors in all specimens, and for this they took the legendary Pakistan Chitral Kush as the central pillar of the project. After a lot of breeding work, he succeeded, and the result was so good that the Sweet Seeds bank chose this variety to develop all its colorful automatic flowering seeds. They are very compact and fast plants, with medium production and a lot of resin.

Buddha Purple Kush Auto

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Dark Purple Auto

This variety was created by the Delicious Seeds bank as a tribute to the rapper Jota Mayúscula, who unfortunately left us in 2020 at only 48 years old. It could be considered as the autoflowering version of Purple Kush, because it was developed by crossing this plant with a ruderalis variety. All the people who think that autos don’t have much flavor should give this strain a try, because it leaves you with a fruity aftertaste that you won’t believe.

Dark Purple Auto

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✅ Frequent questions


What is the purplest marijuana strain?

Although this is somewhat difficult to quantify, we believe that the most intensely purple cannabis strain today is Grandaddy Purple. There are other genetics that get very dark, so much so that they can end up practically black, but Grandaddy Purple maintains the deep purple hue from the beginning of flowering until harvest. The most curious thing is that once the weed is dry and cured it still has those striking colors, something that does not happen with other colorful marijuana.


What makes yerba purple?

Those responsible for the purple color of marijuana are water-soluble pigments called anthocyanins. It could be said that normally these pigments are secondary since most of them are green, but in some circumstances they become the majority pigment and for that reason purple leaves or buds can be seen. Many plants change color from green to purple when temperatures drop below a certain temperature, in this case they increase the production of anthocyanins as a defensive system to better withstand the cold. In other cases, the purple color has more to do with the genetics of the plants, since it is a trait that can be transmitted from generation to generation. There are people who claim that organic cultivation enhances the production of anthocyanins, but this has not been proven to date, although it may be related to another theory that says that cannabis plants with a slight lack of nitrogen have a greater facility for acquiring purple hues.


Is purple marijuana better

It does not have to be better, the color is just one more feature and in principle it only affects the aesthetic part of the plant. It is possible that purple marijuana strains are better for growing in cold climates due to their greater resistance, but this has not been proven. What does seem quite clear is that in the varieties where green and purple specimens come out, normally the green is more powerful and the purple has a sweeter flavor, but this does not mean that the colorful weed is less powerful than the normal one in general, since there is also purple cannabis with a devastating effect like the famous Purple Punch.


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