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Advanced Seeds: originality and quality united in a single seed bank


PEV Grow presents the Spanish seed bank Advanced Seeds, a seed bank created by our friends in Kaya Murcia that in recent years has had more than favorable opinions by marijuana growers around the world.

In spite of not standing out for a long trajectory, Advanced Seeds has been making a hole in the national and international cannabis panorama, being in addition a bank of seeds that does not sell directly to the final client, but that respects to the letter the tradition of the Grow Shops.

Needless to say, the quality of its genetics is as valuable as the images of its varieties, presenting them in their packaging in the form of rich, freshly manicured buds, so that everyone can appreciate the details of a good plant, which is also grown with a lot of love.


The best feminized seeds from Advanced Seeds:

Without going any further, Advanced seeds stands out for a complete and varied catalogue of feminized genetics, we are going to describe in our opinion the most interesting ones:

Afghan Skunk:

This is a resistant and robust plant with great adaptability to all types of crops. It produces a large quantity of resin with an intense hashish aroma that covers the numerous and dense buds that the plant develops. Sweet flavor and intense fruit of his inheritance Skunk, his effects are intense and lasting to physical and mental level, they will not disappoint the lovers of the Afghan genetics.


Plant predominantly Sativa, medium height, easy to grow, fast growth and flowering, with large resinous buds. Good development indoors and outdoors, even in cold climates. It is characterized by its intense aroma and flavor, with hints of spices, lemon, etc.. Powerful cerebral effect of long duration, ideal for moments of calm.

Mango Strain:

Variety of cannabis with intense and sweet aroma of mandarin, with nuances of lemon rind and grapefruit, is a delight for the palate. It develops a huge central bud, which spans from the base to the crown as well as numerous secondary branches, with large caliber buds and very resinous. The best thing is that all this happens in only 9-10 weeks of flowering.


Large branched plant with large production of buds. It adapts to all types of substrates and forms of culture. Indoors it is advisable to give a maximum of 15 days of growth to avoid a final size too large. Harvesting outdoors is generous and quick. The use of stakes is essential in some cases so that the branches do not bend at the end of flowering by its own weight.

Early Widow:

Indica dominant, the amount of resin that can produce each bud compensates for its moderate growth. Intense aroma, bittersweet, which increases at the same rate as the flowering progresses, can become alarming. In interior it is recommended to leave 4 weeks of growth to obtain plants of certain importance. Outdoor cultivation is simple, for being compact and robust specimens.

Its harvest is early towards the end of September. Mold resistant plant with thick buds and good resin production of a citrus aroma and flavor with spicy nuances.

In PEV Grow we offer you all its catalogue at the best price...

Are you going to miss all this arsenal of varieties?

Advanced Seeds: Think green too!

The autoflowering varieties of Advanced Seeds, are a real madness, and you already have them available in our online store, so that you can enjoy them. Advanced Seeds is one of the reference banks in the cultivation of marijuana seeds, characterized among other things, by using for their crops, insecticides and fertilizers 100% natural, and produces its seeds with an organic farming system, which makes Advanced Seeds a worldwide reference.


Advanced Seeds variety catalogue:


Auto Jack Herer

Within the catalog of autoflowering varieties of Advanced Seeds, you can find the great and mythical Auto Jack Herer. This myth of cannabis, will be ready in just 70 days from germination, and is characterized by having been the result of selecting the most productive versions of Jack Herer, with large autoflowering versions, to provide total productivity.


Auto Blue Diesel

This strain originates thanks to the fusion between Biodiesel Mass and an Auto Blueberry, giving rise to a variety of marijuana, very grateful and that, with little care, you will report enormous amounts of buds. I recommend that you use organic fertilizers, as they will help to enhance the incredible flavor of your buds, but yes, you must stop using them 2-3 weeks before harvesting to clean all the roots and leave no trace of flavor.

Auto Amnesia

For lovers of thrilling roller coasters, Auto Amnesia will be your best attraction, as you're looking at the most powerful autoflowering variety in the Advanced Seeds catalogue, as its name rightly says, Get ready to forget!

In indoor crops, it's a really manageable plant, as it's no taller than a metre. In just 90 days you will be able to harvest up to 450 gr per m2.

In outdoor crops, is perfect for those who have a very small space on their balcony, as its size is perfect for it, with very little care you can collect up to 80 grams per plant, and for that I use a pot of 15 liters.


Auto Black Diesel

Is another of the auto-flowering varieties from the Advanced Seeds catalogue that we have selected as one of the most outstanding, above all for its incredible organoleptic properties, which are characterised by a flavour with bitter citrus tones, and a Diesel aroma that will dazzle lovers of the old school. can you imagine 80 bucks per plant of this herb?


This is just an aperitif of what you can find in the Advanced Seeds autoflowering seed catalogue, where you can also find real beasts such as the Auto Heavy Bud and many more. Where can you find them? Well, in your trusted online Growshop, PevGrow! Where else?

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