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Kannabia: feminized gourmet seeds created by demanding autocultivators


Buy marijuana seeds from Kannabia seeds bank at the best price in the market. Discover the entire catalog at the best price in our growshop online.

Kannabia Seeds Bank is a Spanish breeder, more specifically from Granada that is part of the cannabis legend of the cannabis boom in Spain.

PEV Grow invites you to participate in the Spanish Eden garden and enjoy the legend promoted by one of the most powerful and innovative companies in the sector: Planta Sur Distribuciones.

Exclusive creation of Thomas Duchene and with the invaluable help of Chema, Kannabia Seeds Company began to take shape back in 2006.

Without making too much noise, and more concerned about the promotion of other large international seed banks, the breeders of Thomas and Chema began to produce sybarite varieties for self-cultivators, both novices and specialists, soon received recognition and favorable opinions from the jury of cannabic competitions where they presented their genetics.


Discover Kannabia's catalogue:

His first strains, La Blanca and Mataró Blue, had a success that was surprising even for them, boosting even more in the cannabis market the development and global growth that marijuana seeds were generating at the time.

Since then, Thomas, an excellent multilingual professional, with an extraordinarily mercantilist vision, and with a knowledge in the sector based on experience, has not stopped innovating, producing exclusively genetics that the particular client and the tendency of the sector have been demanding throughout the years.

To this end, it has created a trend with new feminized seeds, focusing efforts on the selection of genetics very well adapted to indoor and hydroponic crops, taking advantage of the knowledge of Thomas and his team in the applications of this type of cultivation technology.

This is why Kannabia Seeds genetics are phenotypes that make up indoor specialities, standing out for their high yields, short flowering times, and combining terpenes amalgams, with the aim of offering the sybarite grower an encounter with his passion, a sea of sensations triggered by the surprising shock of his cannabinoid mixture, aromas and flavours.

An example of this can be novelties such as Purple Kush, a purple hybrid of phenotype 70% "purple", with marked Indian effect and spicy flavor, a plant that provides a unique experience, fruit of a perfect hybridization Indica / Sativa.

Other interesting varieties with high THC belonging to this seed bank are very elaborated and homogeneous phenotypes, among which are the feminized Kannabia Seeds Kannabia Special (a very select speciality of its breeders), Kritical K, Big Bull or Lol.


In short, an authentic selection for a wide catalogue of genetics adapted to indoor crops, which also provide excellent yields in outdoor crops, with fertilisations and mild growing conditions.

At PEV Grow we recommend the Kannabia catalogue , seeds of absolute confidence...

Would you like to set up a new indoor? We are very interested in your opinion.

Kannabia: speed and productivity

From PevGrow, we are proud to present you the wide catalogue of autoflowering varieties of Kannabia. These marijuana plants are characterized by developing independently of the photoperiod to which they are submitted, being ready in about 10 weeks from germination.

At first, only crossed car varieties with Indicas, but later after years getting a gap between the best, decided to make the leap and also cross Sativas and Hybrids, characterized by a flavor, aroma and production without equal.

Kannabia Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that has been working as such since 2006, becoming today one of the best on the world scene. Its plants have very short flowering periods, high yields and the combination of an amalgam of terpenes, with the aim of offering its customers a sea of sensations that will undoubtedly leave no one indifferent.


The best autoflowering seeds of Kannabia:

Among the wide variety of autoflowering seeds that Kannabia has, and that you can find in our online store, the full team of PevGrow, we have selected what in our opinion are the best autoflowering strains of Kannabia:


Gnomo Auto

In just 65 days you will be filled with a large number of blue buds and full of an unprecedented flavor, fruity with hints of spices, which you will love from the first puff. Indoors, it develops discreetly reaching only 50 cm and where you can collect up to 25 gr per plant. For it I have used 14 flowerpots of 7 liters, with a HPS illumination of 400W. In outdoor crops, if you get a good dose of sunshine, and work well the substrate, using a quality as the humus worm, you can give up to 70 gr per plant.


Kritic Auto

It is Kannabia's homage to one of the world's most outstanding varieties, Critical +. It retains its best qualities, marked by incredible organoleptic properties. If you opt for an outdoor crop, I recommend that you plant in a final pot of 18 liters avoiding transplants and stop growth. I managed to collect, about 120 grams per plant, using bat guano as a substrate, which in addition to higher quality gives natural protection against various threats.


Hobbit Auto

For lovers of varieties with resistance to fungi and pests, Kannabia has developed the Hobbit Auto. Indoors, it can reach up to 90 cm, which, to be an autoflowering, is enough. Under the light of the sun, you will obtain very good results that can arrive at 60 gr by plant.


Speedy Boom Auto

It is another of these varieties in which Kannabia has thrown the rest. It is characterised by vigorous growth, reaching one metre in height and flowers full of resin. In interior, it is where more result will give us and the truth is that it surprises by its facility of culture. I use pots of 11 liters, because after several tests are the best result has given me, and I have been able to collect up to 500 gr per m2. Outdoors, if you place it in the area of the terrace with more hours of sun, it will grow strong and vigorous, and if you use definitive pots you will obtain better results, being able to harvest in 70 days and about 80 gr per plant.


In PevGrow, you can find this selection of auto-flowering varieties of Kannabia and many others, such as Kickass Auto, Speedy Gonzales Auto and B Lee Auto, all magnificent and you can buy at the best price, in your trusted online Growshop. Where else? Buy now the autoflowering seeds of Kannabia in PevGrow!

Kannabia Regular, premium quality accompanied by a gourmet experience - The perfect combination!


Now you can buy at PevGrow, the regular seeds that make up Kannabia's catalogue, a true wonder within your reach. This Spanish seed bank, born in 2006 and with little noise and a very dedicated and professional work, have managed to open a hole in the difficult market of cannabis, where the quality and organoleptic properties of their creations, have captivated the senses of thousands and thousands of smokers throughout the country and part of Europe.

As you well know, the regular varieties are the best option to stick a good quality smoke, or to create your own varieties using them as mother plants, for what I recommend you the technique of the bonsai of marijuana.


Discover the catalogue of Kannabia regulars

Neil Haze

This weed is really special, either you love it or hate it, it has no middle ground, but I can guarantee you that it is a real spectacle for lovers of Haze genetics. Its organoleptic properties are marked by an aroma and flavor, with a fresh touch of herbs, mixed with a sweet touch that is really exquisite on the palate.

Its effects, characterized by a very high level of THC, provide a very active psychoactive activity, and like everything in this life, what goes up has to go down, so the ascent is followed by a very physical descent, which results in a sofa effect, which is perfect for smoking at the end of the day, and travel to the seventh heaven and return absolutely relaxed.



Suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation, it is really productive regardless of the environment, and is characterized by ultra-fast flowering.

In indoor crops, it is necessary to control its height, applying progressive pruning so that it does not dismember, or you can opt for a SOG crop for cuttings. I always use 7 litre pots, to limit their root development and be able to make the most of the growing space by placing 14 pots per m2.

Outdoors, it works great with a final pot of 50 liters, as its height can reach 200 cm. To achieve its maximum potential I recommend that you use a good fertilizer suitable for all stages of the crop as Yummi Yield Snoop Dogg Nutrients, being able to collect up to 550 gr per plant.


Well, you know what Kannabia is capable of, but the most important thing remains for you, and that is to check it for yourself, at the best price always in your trusted online Grow Shop. Ah! Do you know that if you share your experience with us you can get many prizes, tell us how you did!

Kannabia: The best combination of terpenes on the market

Dear cannalovers! we are pleased to announce the addition to our catalogue of varieties with high CBD content the creations of Kannabia. This Spanish seed bank, has been working since 2006, and despite being only active for a little more than a decade, its varieties have been awarded on some occasions and in very important cannabic competitions in the world.

Kannabia's varieties with a high CBD content are characterised by having an unbeatable combination of terpenes, which will make your senses discover a new dimension of pleasure, which you already have at your fingertips at an unbeatable price in your trusted online Growshop.

The best varieties with high CBD content of Kannabia:

At PevGrow we have taken the small liberty of selecting the varieties with a high CBD content the most outstanding from Kannabia's catalogue.

BCN Diesel CBD

One of the best-selling varieties in Kannabia's catalogue, and that is that in less than two months, will be loaded with resinous flowers that have an impressive aroma. The organoleptic properties of its wonderful buds, are a hallucine, and are characterized by a sweet flavor and aroma, intense with nuances of fruits and Diesel. All this marked by relaxing and long-lasting effects, which will work as an impressive analgesic and a good ally against stress.

Mataró Blue CBD

It is the medicinal version of one of Kannabia's classics, characterized by a wonderful balance between THC and CBD 1:1,5 that gives it a great balance to enjoy every day.

In outdoor crops, you can collect about 800 grams per plant, a real madness considering that it will be ready in just 60 days, don't you think it's incredible? For this, I recommend you to use a definitive 20-litre pot, as its height will be around 1.70 m, giving it the necessary space to grow strong and vigorous.

In indoor crops, using pots of 7 liters you can place 14 plants per m2, and placing them under a LEC lighting system of 315 w, you can get up to 550 gr per m2.

White Domina CBD

It is another of those wonderful creations of Kannabia, where they have done a magnificent job. His origin is fruit of the genetic combination between Ortega Indica x Hash Plant x Northern Lights x Afghani strain, giving place to a plant with high content in Cannabidiol, and that will be wonderful like medicinal marijuana, by his recognized relaxing effects, anti-inflammatory and analgesics.

Its aroma of acid fruit and moist pine, and its flavor with citrus and floral notes will make your sense of taste shudder in every puff, prepare the suitcases, because you're going on a trip to the island of pleasure!

Baby Boom Auto CBD

The autoflowering version of Baby Boom now with high CBD content, for medical marijuana lovers to have a lot to talk about. Its origin is the result of the marriage between Northern Lights x Blueberry and a Ruderalis, giving rise to a plant dominance Indica, so easy to cultivate that any novice could get a good harvest.

Its calm and prolonged effects in time, confer incredible medicinal properties, analgesic, anti-stress, and perfect for calming states of anxiety.

The aroma and flavor of this wonderful weed, is one of its strengths, since it mixes a pleasant sweetness with some magnificent earthy touches, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

PevGrow brings for you, the catalogue of varieties with high CBD content from Kannabia, for you lovers of medical marijuana!

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