Top 10 marijuana strains to make clones

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Marijuana varieties to make cuttings
Marijuana varieties to make clones

The cloning of cannabis plants is a great advantage for growers as well as ensure a harvest after another with the same characteristics to proceed all plant cloness already known by everyone and that best result has given, like preserve the characteristics of taste grower, genetics, psychoactive effects, etc …

Of course another advantage in cloning is saving money in seeds as from a single mother plant we can get many cloness.

There are many opinions about which branches from the mother plant used to get a good clone, some say that from the lowers, but according to many growers the most recommended are the top branches of the mother plant.

Regarding the variety chosen for cloning, it is recommended to choose species with a short distance intermodal. For cloning marijuana specialists often recommend predominance sativa, because it is very difficult to find pure sativa or indica and hybrids are generally between the two genetics.

In PEV Grow, we have made a list of 10 varieties, with very good results in cloning. We have relied on production, percentage of THC or its medicinal effects and flowering time, all of these parameters, the most requested by users of the marijuana plant.

This list has no particular order because as we say every grower has his own particular tastes.

Jack Herer Feminizada


In this case, we put it the first, Jack Herer Feminizada is the best selling seed, from our Grow Shop thanks to the magnificent genetics of this marijuana plant . Its floral flavor combined with a rewarding effect of body relaxation, with a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. Production interior is around 650g / m2, with 21% THC.

Piensa en Jack Herer
Jack Herer Feminizada


From Soma Seeds Bank we have Somango which is a multiple hybrid Jack Herer with Korean Big Skunk to create a cannabis plant with very sweet flowers flavored mango, hence its name originally “Soma” was called to result in Somango. Somango is ideal to clone although its ramifications and height must be controlled. Its buds are a beautiful purple color, covered with THC trichomes. Produces an euphoric high able to modify your mental and creative state.

Somango is a hybrid between indica and sativa 50/50, which produces 550g/m2 indoors between 9 and 10 weeks and 600 grams per plant outdoors.

Somango, Soma Seeds
Somango, Soma Seeds
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From Duth Passion Bank we bring Blueberry, winner of several awards. Stands out for blue nuances in flowers and leaves and fantastic fruity flavor.

Originally from the 70s it combines a genetic 80% indica 20% sativa. With a THC content of 19.5% blooms between 8 and 10 weeks.

Blueberry, Duth Passion
Blueberry, Duth Passion

New York City

The seeds New York City of Pyramid Seeds bank produce a vigorous plants with a particular flavor. It is exceptional for both indoors and outdoors thanks to its high production “500 g / m2 indoors” in both media and its high THC content. This plant combines a 70% sativa 30% indica with a flowering time between 75 and 90 days.

New York City, Pyramid Seeds
New York City, Pyramid Seeds

White Widow (Medicinal)

White Widow from Medical Seeds is a highly recommended marijuana plant for medicinal use, thanks to its high content of CBD and THC moderate, between 12% and 16%, so it is ideal for treating many diseases and injuries.

Its flavor is sweet and acid giving an indescribable flavor. White Whidow “medicinal” will make you enjoy long hours of relaxation being one of the most legendary varieties of marijuana.

Its genetic is 60 % indica 40% sativa with a flowering period within 55 to 60 days and an indoor production of 450g / m2 and between 500 g and 750 outdoor.

White Widow by Medical Seeds
White Widow by Medical Seeds

Piensa En Blue Moonshine x Matanusca Tundra

With Piensa En Blue Moonshine x Matanusca Tundra you have a marijuana gene exclusively on your trusted Grow Shop.

This marijuana plant is very resistant to pests and mold, with dense flowers, full of THC, which reaches 18%, and mainly indica, needs about 60-65 days to harvest.

Its production interior is between 450gr and 550 gr / m2 and outdoors in 700gr / plant can reach a height of 1.70cm and 2.20cm.

Blue Kush

Dinafem Seeds bank brings us the Blue Kush, a hybrid 55% -45% between sativa and indica respectively and 20% in THC.

Blue Kush is a very easy to grow plant that grows with great force and results in huge buds plagued THC, around 20%.

This cannabis plant can be grown both indoors 500g / m2 and outdoors 600-800g / m2

Inside, its flowerint period it is 60 days.

Blue Kush, Dinafem Seeds
Blue Kush, Dinafem Seeds

Moby Dick

Moby Dick is one of the varieties of cannabis most known and powerful we can find and belongs to the prestigious bank Dinafem. This variety is very psychoactive with a percentage of 21% THC, so its effect is very cerebral.

It can be used therapeutically because it produces much appetite in conditions like anorexia or helping to combat the effects of chemotherapy.

Outdoors this plant can produce up to 1.5 kg / plant due to 3 meters can be achieved.

Indoors, this hybrid 65-35 sativa-indica, flowering time is between 60-70 days.

Moby Dick - Dinafem
Moby Dick – Dinafem


Critical of Seed Makers is a very requested indica by growers thanks to monstrous buds with a power on par with its production. Belongs to the Seed Makers bank.

Critical is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation with a great performance in both. Indoor blooms in 55 days.

Critical, Seed Makers
Critical, Seed Makers

Super Skunk

Super Skunk was one of the first projects for Sensi Seeds, in the late 90’s won most Indica Cannabis Cup thanks to a resinous plant Afghani hashish. It is a great option for commercial purposes, or for expert growers, as a vigorous, powerful and very fragrant plant.

It has a short flowering period of 45-50 days.

Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds
Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds

By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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