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Sweet Seeds: feminized varieties recognized and awarded

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Valencia, August 2005, a new seed bank is advertised with half a page in the Softsecrets newspaper... we see three new varieties representing a brand that doesn't sound bad at all: Sweet Seeds. The varieties? S.A.D or Sweet Afghani Delicious, Black Jack and Sweet Tai, all in feminized format. Let's go with a bit of history about Sweet Seeds...

The founders were accused of being crazy, during the first months after the foundation of their seed bank, Carlos and Manolo, did not have much fun, but like most great successes, you never know what you have in your hands until it explodes, and what they had was good, very good, so much so that the "bosses of Holland" began to suffer from cold sweats.

A Spanish seed bank? I said to Carlos with a certain air of irony... Come on!

Maybe at that moment Carlos could have replied to me... he preferred to wait for the Spannabis Barcelona 2008, at that moment I had no choice but to surrender to the evidence. Very kindly they invited me to beer, I passed them the corresponding order to be served during the days of the fair and thus to take advantage of the freightages, between laughter and hugs... we commented their beginnings, the quality of their seeds and the projects of future. I don't remember if that year they took the prize to the best seed bank in Spannabis, they wouldn't take too long to receive one after the other.

The time gave the reason to the destiny and to the work well done and the opinions began to be favorable.

A few months after their small promotion of their first three genetics, the Sweet seeds catalogue never stopped growing, being one of the banks along with Dinafem that have known how to go ahead of Holland, as I said, while some others work hard.

Discover the Sweet Seeds catalogue:

Sweet seeds in we can say that is one of the best cannabis seed banks in the world.

In its long history appeared varieties such as Green Poison or the renowned Cream Caramel (today one of the most awarded internationally) phenotype mostly indica has a sweet flavor and aroma with earthy nuances hard to forget. You can grow it outdoors and indoors with satisfactory results, about 500 grams/m2 under spotlights and up to 900 grams per plant if you grow it on land under the sun.

Sweet Seeds always surprises the cannabis sector with actions that are ahead of their time, and did so again with its Fast Version line, feminized varieties with a really short growing cycle. These plants are ready to be harvested in indoor crops in 45 or 50 days of flowering, and in outdoor crops the plants cut their cycle 15 days compared to the original varieties.

Some examples are: Big Devil Fast Version, Jack 47 Fast Version, Killer Kush Fast Version or Sweet Skunk Fast Version, all complete the flowering period very fast although they are still photodependent.

And finally complete the catalog Sweet Seeds new feminized varieties called USA Strains, as a result of their research on cannabis in the U.S., with earthy Kush type lemony aromas, represented in the genetics San Fermando Lemon Kush and Indigo Berry Kush.

If you buy feminized Sweet Seeds you won't regret it.

Sweet Seeds: all the big autoflowering weeds

Sweet Seeds' autoflowering seeds are a true masterpiece. They have auto-flowering varieties of most of their varieties, as well as unique creations in automatic format such as the Big Devil XL, all of them third and fourth generation, leaving behind the old school of auto-flowering seeds, which barely lifted a palm of the ground.

Sweet Seeds, is a seed bank with a more than remarkable prestige internationally, and has been creating magnificent varieties for 10 years, when it was founded back in 2008.

The main characteristics of self-produced seeds, produced by Sweet Seeds, is their enormous quality, and guaranteed results. They always germinate, females always come out, and with which there are no hermaphroditism cases.

The best autoflowering varieties from the Sweet Seeds catalogue:

Auto Cream Caramel

One of the stellar autoflowering seeds in Sweet Seeds' 2018 autoflowering catalogue is the Auto Cream Caramel. This weed is characterized by its incredible aroma and sweet taste, with a huge THC power, suitable only for lovers of real strong emotions. In indoor crops, our experts recommend the use of 11 pots of 9 liters, and after only 2 months you can collect up to 500 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, we recommend that you use 18-litre pots, so you don't have to transplant and you can get up to 100 gr per plant. For our team, the best Sweet Seeds auto.

Moham Ram Auto

Another of the varieties that have been versioned in autoflowering format, is the Moham Ram Auto from Sweet Seeds. Moham Ram Auto, is a weed autoflowering 3rd generation, characterized by impressive resin productions and ease of cultivation. Outdoors, under a good dose of sunlight and a treatment with nutrients and appropriate substrates, you can get to provide up to 180 grams per plant, growing in pots of 20 liters. In indoor crops, we recommend the use of a LEC lighting system to acquire its maximum splendor, as well as the use of 9 pots of 11 liters, so you can get up to 550 gr per m2.

Green Poison Auto

If you are looking for a variety with a strong cerebral rise, Green Poison Auto from Sweet Seeds is your best option. Autoflowering seed of 3rd generation, which provides an authentic organoleptic experience, accompanied by a devastating mental effect. In indoor crops, we recommend that you use a 600W HPS lamp, as well as 14 pots of 7 liters, to quickly obtain up to 550 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, with permanent 18-litre pots, you will be able to collect up to 200 gr per plant, if you provide the appropriate care.

Fast Bud Auto

Another of the great automatic varieties of Sweet Seeds, is the Fast Bud Auto. This variety is perfect for lovers of Diesel genetics, with aromas and a taste unmatched. In indoor crops, our growers usually use, about 14 pots of 7 liters and a LEC light bulb with 450W and only 5 weeks later you can collect up to 500 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, with a pot of 11 liters you will have enough for their cultivation that will reward you with up to 60 gr per plant.

SAD Auto

Known worldwide and now in autoflowering version, SAD Auto from Sweet Seeds. Characterized by giving harvests of an unprecedented quality, with dense buds and a large production of resin, which makes it a perfect candidate for extractions of BHO. In indoor crops, if you use 7 litre pots, with a 600W HPS bulb lighting system, you will be able to obtain up to 500 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, if you place it in the area of the terrace where there is more light, in a pot of 18 liters special autoflowering collect up to 100 g per plant.

Along with these varieties, the 2018 catalogue of auto-flowering Sweet Seeds is made up of other magnificent strains such as: Sweet Cheese Auto Sweet Seeds, Cream Mandarine Auto Sweet Seeds, Sweet Seeds Auto Jack 47, Sweet Seeds Auto Bloody Skunk, Sweet Seeds Auto Black Cream and Sweet Seeds Auto Mix.

Discover at PevGrow all the autoflowering varieties from the Sweet Seeds catalogue at the best price. No doubt none of them will leave you indifferent, let yourself be seduced by the good work of one of the most important seed banks on the European scene, enjoy them!

Sweet Seeds: high CBD seeds more than productive

The varieties rich in CBD of Sweet Seeds, are characterized by maintaining their quality standards intact, adding a few levels of CBD that will turn these varieties into the indispensable collection for lovers of the medicinal properties of marijuana.

When in 2005, begins to advertise a new seed bank with a very peculiar name, never would have believed that today 13 years later, would be one of the references within the world cannabis and the best Spanish seed bank, which has never existed. The work and effort of course, have their fruits.

The consumption of varieties rich in CBD and products with high concentrations of CBD, have undergone a spectacular boom in recent years, especially by the recognition that is acquiring more and more by traditional medicine, as suitable for the treatment of various ailments, where traditional medicine does not reach. In Sweet Seeds are in constant evolution and therefore presents a collection of seeds rich in CBD.

Sweet Pure:

Sweet Pure, the first and only variety of the Spanish bank with a THC level of less than 1% and a cannabidiol content above 15%, a perfect strain for those medical marijuana users who do not want to experience the psychotropic effect of tetrahydrocannabinol.


Sweet Nurse Auto CBD:

The Sweet Nurse Auto CBD of Sweet Seeds, is one of the most outstanding strains rich in CBD. Variety of 5º generation, with a ratio THC and CBD between 1:1 and 1:2. In outdoor crops, the best pots to grow Sweet Nurse Auto CBD from Sweet Seeds are the 18 litre pots, used as a definitive pot. In indoor crops, you will have enough with 7 litre pots, and after 60 days you will be able to collect up to 125 gr per plant.

Honey Peach Auto CBD:

One of the queens of the Sweet Seeds catalogue is Honey Peach Auto CBD. It stands out for being a real machine for the production of buds, you are going to be amazed when in just 8 weeks you can harvest is such a quantity of buds. In indoor crops, I have achieved with only 9 plants per m2, using a LEC lighting system of 315 w, up to 500 gr per m2. On the other hand, if you cultivate it outdoors, I used a definitive pot of 18 liters to avoid transplanting, and I managed to collect up to 150 gr per plant, also using a good substrate.


You can also find seeds rich in CBD as: Sweet Pure CBD Sweet Seeds, Sad CBD Sweet Seeds, Cream Caramel CBD Sweet Seeds, Green Poison CBD, Honey Peach Auto CBD Sweet Seeds, Ice Cool CBD Sweet Seeds, Chem Beyond Diesel CBD Sweet Seeds.


Discover the catalogue of varieties rich in CBD of Sweet Seeds, from Valencia, in your trusted online Growshop.

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