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Sweet Seeds 

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Valencia, August 2005, a new seeds bank is announced with half page in Softsecrets newspaper ... we can see there three new varieties representing a brand that does not sound all bad: Sweet Seeds. The varieties? S.A.D or Sweet Afghani Delicious, Black Jack and Sweet Tai, all in feminised format.

They were called crazy. During the first months after the founding of their seeds bank, Carlos and Manolo, not had a good time, but, like most great successes, you never know what you have in your hands until it explodes, and what they had was good, very good, as much as to make the "bosses of Holland" begin to suffer from cold sweats.

A Spanish seed bank? - I told Carlos with a certain ironic position ...Do not kid me!

Maybe at that moment Carlos could have replied me ... he preferred waiting for the Spannabis Barcelona in 2008, in that moment I had no choice but to give myself up to the evidence. Very kindly they invited me to take a beer, I passed the corresponding order to be served during the days of fair and thus take advantages of shipment… among laughs and hugs we talked about their beginning, the quality of their seeds and the next business projected to the future. I do not remember wether that year they did gain the prize as the best seeds bank in Spannabis, it would not take too long to receive one after another.

Time proved destiny and well-done work to be right

Sweet seeds nowadays is one of the best seeds bank in the world.

A few months after the small promo of their first three genetics, Sweet Seeds catalog never stopped growing, being one of the banks including Dinafem which have increased their knowledge fastly to go ahead of the Netherlands, as I said, while some people were talking others were working hard.

They did launch new varieties to the market such as Cream Caramel (today one of the most internationally awarded), Jack 47, Psicodelicia, Ice Cool, Moham Ram, Botafumeiros, etc…all them polyhybrid varieties directly taken from their laboratory..we can say that the best breeders were not in Sensi Seeds, they were here, in Valencia.

Are All the seeds from Sweet seeds Autoflowering?

Sweet Seeds currently has a very extensive catalog, full of Autoflowering and feminised strains or, as they call them, photodependents. They also have Sweet Seeds fast version creations, which are sativa or polyhybrid strains that are ultra-fast flowering versions, "almost" autoflowering.

From their rich repertoire we can subtract the last genetic lines like the new red family or red autoflowering family , such as:

  • Black Cream Auto
  • Bloody Skunk Auto
  • Dark Devil Auto
  • Devil Cream Auto
  • Red Poison Auto

And also Fast versión strains as:

  • Big Devil
  • Black Jack
  • Cream Caramel
  • Cream Mandarine
  • Green Pison
  • Jack 47
  • Killer Kush
  • Sweet Afghani Delicious
  • Sweet Cheese
  • Sweet Skunk

All them bred as F1 generation precisely to asure the fast phenotype in their offspring.

Which are the best in the 2017 catalog?

We cannot define accurately which are the best varieties of the catalog 2017 in a prestigious seeds bank like Sweet Seeds…

All of them are sublime!

All that we can tell you is what are the new strains that the seeds bank has introduced for 2017.

On one hand you can see two varieties with high CBD created in order to enhance the medicinal effect of their current genetics as the feminised photodependiente CBD rich S.A.D (Sweet Afgani Delicious CBD) and another autoflowering CBD rich strain as the new Sweet Nurse Auto CBD.

On the other hand the seeds bank introduce novelties resulting from their cannabis research in USA, giving as a result a Kush-like charged of lemon earthy scent, represented in the phenotypes San Fermando Lemon Kush and Indigo Berry Kush.

In addition, the creators introduce the new strain Crystal Candy in autoflowering format, a revolutionary plant, autoflowering version of their award-winning Crystal Candy feminised.

Sweet seeds are packed in 3, 5 and 10 seeds packs or in other very interesting packs for collectors, and also offer some of their varieties like Big Devil XL in formats of 25 and 100 seeds per pack, just what you were looking for!

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