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White Label by Sensi Seeds: Very productive feminized seeds

PEV Grow introduce the complete catalogue of the Dutch seed bank White Label SeedsSensi Seeds created this seed bank because it was not able to absorb the brutal production of its seeds, so some of its strains are offered to the market at a lower price, to eliminate stock.

Other cultivars are produced on a small scale, or simply used to research. They sell the results of their experience at a lower price, under their white label registered trademark , since they are strains that have not followed the whole stabilization process required for a premium level company such as Sensi Seeds.

This means that White Label Seeds launches excellent marijuana seeds to the market at low cost, because it does not affect the price of stocking, nor research and development in the final price.

White Label by Sensi Seeds feminized seeds catalogue:

In its catalogue we find cultivars that we have sometimes found sold out, precisely because White Labels is conceived as a seed bank of limited editions and research, for some of its genetics.

Feminized cannabis seeds such as White Label White Skunk, White Label Skunk#1 (this is exactly the same as Sensi Seeds but placed in White Label as surplus production), White Label Super Skunk (same for this, though there are more), White Label White Diesel Haze, White Label Purple Haze, White Label White Widow, White Label Northern Lights, White Label Pure Power Plant...

Especially if you buy at PEV Grow!.... your gift is guaranteed! Take one from Sensi Seeds and another one from White Label, and tell us your impressions between them... All these strains are developed by the same breeders!! Are you gonna miss it?

White Label by Sensi Seeds, "Top" seeds at a breakthrough price


White Label is a seed bank belonging to Sensi Seeds, whose automatic varieties are its best asset, characterized by supreme quality, and with which you can enjoy the best seeds in the world in autoflowering version, with a flowering period of 2 months all of them and very important production levels.

Belonging to Sensi Seeds is a guarantee of success and quality, with a quality-price ratio that is catalogued as the best in the market. Would you like to know more about the White Label autoflowering catalogue? Well, don't go! I have prepared for you, the selection of those that in my opinion, will make you fall in love in such a way that you will never forget them again.

The best autoflowering of White Label

Skunk Auto

It's a real treat, with genes derived from the mythical Skunk #1, what could go wrong? It keeps its original properties intact, and gives it a short flowering period, so it is the perfect evolution. With some basic care, you can get very good production levels, which indoors can reach up to 400 gr per m2.

In outdoor crops, its height of 1.2m is high to be an autoflowering, and you can harvest up to 100 gr per plant, using a pot of 18 liters. Its organoleptic properties are characterized by a sweet and woody taste, and a fresh aroma with hints of lime and ginger.

Purple Bud Auto

One of the newly included in the White Label Seeds autoflowering seed catalogue is Purple Bud Auto. Its origin is the result of a marriage between a Purple Bud brought directly from California and a Hindu Kush bred and developed in Holland.

Inside, it develops a simple but perfect structure, characterized by a huge resin production from an early age. Purple Bud Auto withstands the cold brilliantly thanks to its Ruderalis genetics, and obtains beautiful purple colors and reddish touches when it suffers low temperatures. I always like to use coconut substrate so that the root growth is optimal and you can collect 50 grams per plant.

White Diesel Haze Auto

White Diesel Haze Auto, is another of those varieties that occupies a special place in my dispensary, and is covered with a layer of white resin, which in combination with a flavor of grapefruit and lemon, with an aroma with touches Diesel, which makes the delights of the Old Lovers. To all this, you must add that if you opt for an Indoor crop, with a 315w LEC lighting system and using 9 litre pots, you will obtain a very productive harvest.

Outdoors, his behavior is excellent, with a resistance to pests and very good cold, but that does not hurt a little help with the use of some preventive.

Super Skunk Auto

Super Skunk Auto, is one of the stellar strains and is that its sweet taste with earthy touches, and its very powerful brain effect and open mind, drags thousands of followers throughout Europe.

Indoors, it stands out for being very simple to grow, just prepare a good substrate, a 600W HPS spotlight and 7 litre pots, and you will enjoy an incredible productivity of 550 gr per m2.

In outdoor crops, grows with a very compact structure, but will be full of buds in just over 60 days, being able to collect up to 100 grams per specimen. Be careful with their branches, because they need tutors so as not to break with the weight of their buds.


These varieties and others from the White Label Seeds autoflowering seed catalogue are now available in PevGrow. Know its impressive quality, very short flowering periods, linked to a productive capacity that certainly will not leave you indifferent. Do you meet him with us?

White Label by Sensi Seeds, regular seeds at the best price


Welcome to our online Growshop! On this occasion, we are proud to present you the White Label catalogue of regular varieties. This Dutch seed bank is twinned with the all-powerful Sensi Seeds, with which they share varieties, but each with a different lineage. If you cultivate for example two Super Skunk Regular from both seed banks at the same time, you will see that they are completely different, that one is better than the other, it is something totally subjective, I can only corroborate, that the quality of the regular varieties of White Label is a real success.


Master Kush Regular

Master Kush Regular is one of the highlights of the White Label regular seed catalogue. Its genetics Landrace predominantly Indica, comes from the union between an Indian variety and an Afghani coming directly from the mountains of Kush.

Its reduced size makes it a perfect option for reduced cultivation spaces, more specifically indoors, I recommend you to use 5.5 litre pots, with which you can place up to 20 specimens per m2 and collect 500 gr per m2.

Outdoors, work directly on mother earth if you have the possibility, as the results are always much better, if you do not use a pot of 50 liters and you can collect up to 800 grams per plant.

White Widow Regular

White Widow regular, one of the most recognized strains worldwide, champion of numerous contests and number 1 in the famous Dutch coffeeshops. When it grows both indoors and outdoors, they are covered with precious resin crystals, making it a perfect choice for BHO extractions.

In indoor crops, with a lighting system with a 600w HPS lamp, and using 11 litre pots, you will be able to collect up to 400 gr per m2.

Outdoors, I recommend that you use a good quality fertilizer, if you are a beginner without doubt your best option is the pack of fertilizers for beginners Top Crop. At the end of flowering you will be able to get up to 650 gr per plant of flowers of the best quality.

Super Skunk

Super Skunk, close the podium of my regular favorite White Label seeds, mostly Indica, which conditions its effects, to a very intense body relaxation, which will leave you stuck to the couch, so it is what is known as a nocturnal weed. In indoor crops, using pots of 11 liters, you provide the necessary space to be able to grow strong and provide up to 600 gr per m2. Note that if you apply SCROG reacts fantastically.

In outdoor crops, sometimes exceeds two meters in height, giving a production of 800 grams per plant, Brutal! Be careful with the over-fertilization because it is sensitive to it, I recommend you to stop using the fertilizer two or three weeks before so that the roots are cleaned well and does not affect the flavor of the buds.

White Rhino

Her Afghani ancestry is noticeable from the 0 minute, and her organoleptic properties are marked by her Kush genetics, a wonder! This is a medium sized plant, with compact buds and loaded with resin. If you use a good quality substrate such as bat guano, you will increase its productivity and enhance the flavor and aroma of the buds.


Live the White Label experience in your trusted online Growshop, and discover the white brand of the prestigious Sensi Seeds seed bank, I guarantee you that it is an authentic spectacle, do you dare with them?

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