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White Label by Sensi Seeds 

Dear cannalovers!

PEV Grow introduce the complete catalogue of the Dutch seed bank White Label Seeds...

How?.... don't you know them?

Well, let's just say it's Sensi Seeds!... you know this one better, don't you?

Sensi Seeds created this seed bank because it was not able to absorb the brutal production of its seeds, so some of its strains are offered to the market at a lower price, to eliminate stock.

Other cultivars are produced on a small scale, or simply used to research. They sell the results of their experience at a lower price, under their white label registered trademark , since they are strains that have not followed the whole stabilization process required for a premium level company such as Sensi Seeds.

This means that White Label Seeds launches excellent marijuana seeds to the market at low cost, because it does not affect the price of stocking, nor research and development in the final price.

In its catalogue we find cultivars that we have sometimes found sold out, precisely because White Labels is conceived as a seed bank of limited editions and research, for some of its genetics.

Feminized cannabis seeds such as White Label White Skunk, White Label Skunk#1 (this is exactly the same as Sensi Seeds but placed in White Label as surplus production), White Label Super Skunk (same for this, though there are more), White Label White Diesel Haze, White Label Purple Haze, White Label White Widow, White Label Northern Lights, White Label Pure Power Plant...

... are some of the best sellers, and some of the most produced by Sensi Seeds.

Some of them can also be found as regular marijuana seeds formats.

They also have autoflowering marijuana seeds. You can find in its catalogue best sellers and supreme quality seeds such as White Label Skunk Automatic, White Label Snow Ryder, plants for all way of growing, corresponding to hybrids with different flowering times, production levels, and at unbeatable purchasing conditions....

Especially if you buy at PEV Grow!.... your gift is guaranteed!

Take one from Sensi Seeds and another one from White Label, and tell us your impressions between them...

All these strains are developed by the same breeders!!

Are you gonna miss it?