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CBD Crew 

Dear Cannagrowers!

PEV Grow introduces you one of the most exclusive medical cannabis seed banks on the market, CBD Crew.

This seedbank is a relatively recent creation performed by Shantibaba and Jaime by Resin Seeds, a breeder specialized in creating varieties with high CBD content.

The starting point genetic has always been one of the chemotypes with the most stable THC:CBD ratio one to one, being also recognized on the cannabic world scene, such as Cannatonic strain, one of the first Resin Seeds creations, analyzed and tested in Spannabis 2009 by the portable laboratory installed at the fair by CANNA Foundation.

At that time, the merger between Shantibaba and Resin Seeds began to take shape, as both had the market vision of the nascent boom of CBD, due to the increasingly published articles referring to their potential applications as medicine, in addition to enjoying a less restrictive legal framework as a molecule that does not form part of the listed controlled substances.

According to Shantibaba, the potential already determined in 2009 of CBD as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecule was becoming increasingly evident, so they were thinking of bringing CBD to patients in the form of cannabis seeds to promote self-cultivation and self-medication with CBD.

In addition to the well-known THC, Shantibaba and Jaime offer their new seeds of medicinal marijuana, in order to reduce the euphoric and psychotropic effects that THC causes in patients whose purpose is not the consumption of recreational marijuana. They also allude to the long-term effects that CBD produces at cerebral level as a neuroprotective substance and its potential as an antitumour molecule (referring to Dr. Guzmán's research at Universidad Complutense of Madrid).

Thus, CBD Crew boys allude to the therapeutic potential that CBD shows in disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, PTSD, epilepsy, and various neurological disorders.

Shantibaba explains that the development of its varieties has not been easy, doing a purely scientific work, also working closely with Canna Foundation to determine the control of the chemotype produced, and select ascending genetic lines in the biosynthesis of CBD.

Likewise, they affirm that the traditional Sybarite selection is not excluded in their work, including features such as flowering times, aromas and flavors, as a result of their selected and robust terpene profiles.

This arduous scientific research work of CBD Crew is promoted by realizing that in the original Cannatonic strain only 50% of the seeds provided a CBD Rich chemotype, in fact, their objective has been to solve this problem with CBD crew seeds.

In regards of its names, the seed bank offers varieties with CBD rich ratios and different terpenic composition, which give rise to the name of every strain, such as feminised seeds like Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Therapy, MedGom, Indica Mix, MediHaze, Mango Haze, Shark Shock, Critical Mass, Nordle, Skunk Haze and Yummy.

The seed bank completes its catalogue with authentic pure genetics for medicinal use such as the autoflowering strain MedGom Auto, CBD super rich CBD Therapy and regular seeds CBD 3D, CBD PH, CBD, CBD Divine, and CBD Sweet and Sour Widow.

An indica and sativa collection with the most medicinal character, easy to grow and very, very rich...

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