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Image of a cannabis cup with buds and biscuits around it, symbolising the best Cookies strains of the year 2022.
Image of a cannabis cup with buds and biscuits around it, symbolising the best Cookies strains of the year 2022.


Cookies varieties have captured the attention of all marijuana growers and consumers around the world. Since they appeared on the Californian scene barely a decade ago, they have taken over a good part of the cannabis competitions around the planet, and this acclaimed lineage that began with the famous Girl Scout Cookies seems inexhaustible, and every year new champions appear who They end up being the best sellers.

If you want to discover the origins of this genetics, I recommend you take a look at this article that talks about the history of Girl Scout Cookies, but if what you are most interested in is knowing which are the best this year, I will leave you with this ranking of the 10 best Cookie varieties of the year 2022.



🧐 Top 10 Cookie Strains of the Year 2022




1.Blue Cookies

Among all the commercial varieties with Cookies genetics of the moment, Blue Cookies is the one that has grown the most in the last year, and when you mix top quality ingredients, the resulting recipe is usually excellent. When you look at the result you can see how the most outstanding features of both strains have been perfectly merged, the colors, aroma, and ease of cultivation of Blueberry, with the type of leaf and bud, the amount of resin, and the power of Girl Scout. Cookies. The effect is somewhat more relaxing and medicinal than that typical of Cookies strains, which is why it has become one of the best marijuana types for relieving muscle pain and optimizing rest.


Blue Cookies

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2.Cookies And Cream

Strain originally created by Exotic Genetix, which after winning different competitions and being one of the favorites of the famous Jungle Boys group, has become one of the favorite Cookies strains of the year 2022. It is a cross between GSC and Starfighter F2, which jumped to fame after some frosty resin buds of this genetics were the stars of the cover of the prestigious High Times magazine. Its aroma is the closest thing to enjoying a scoop of vanilla ice cream on cream and chocolate cookies, but you have to treat it with great respect because its high THC values, which can exceed 25%, can make you fly for several hours.


Cookies And Cream

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3.GMO Cookies

Also known as Garlic Cookies, its name may make you think that it has been created using genetic modification techniques, but nothing is further from the truth. It is a cross between Chemdog and Girl Scout Cookies presented by Mamiko Seeds, and it is without a doubt one of the most complete plants today, since it combines a great yield of flowers and trichomes with a spectacular flavor, but the best thing is its power, only suitable for experienced consumers. The only downside that we can find is its longer flowering period than the other Cookies varieties in this ranking, but it is already known that the best delicacies need great preparation.


GMO Spain Bulk Seeds

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4.Tropicana Cookies

Polyhybrid formulated from the cross between GSC and Tangie strain, which, as occurs with Blue Cookies, has brought out the best of both parents, the presence, type of bud, power, and amount of resin of the Cookies varieties, and the aroma, flavor, and resistance of the mythical Tangie. This cannabis masterpiece belongs to Oni Seed, an underground seed bank totally unknown until Tropicana Cookies put it on the world cannabis showcase. A very striking curiosity of this plant is its colorful trichomes, with a blood red tone that is not found in any other genetics, and that produces extractions and concentrates of unique reddish colors


Tropicana Cookies

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5.Alien Cookies

Crossing of Aliendawg with the Girl Scout Cookies variety, a plant that ends up completely white and shines with its own light due to the amount of resin crystals that it shows in flowers, leaves, and even in the petioles of the leaves. In addition to being one of the best Cookies varieties at the moment, it is the mother of the also prestigious Miracle Alien Cookies, so it can be considered an extraordinary breeding tool for other strains. If you like to produce cannabis concentrates, you should try this genetics, since in addition to obtaining a record return, you will get an outstanding quality product, only within the reach of the best extractors in the world.


Miracle Alien Cookies ( MAC )

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6.Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies seeds are the result of more than a year of work by breeders from the Canadian bank BC Bud Depot, achieved after merging 2 really powerful elite clones, GSC and Fire OG Bx3. According to the breeders of this bank, Animal Cookies outperforms Girl Scout Cookies in yield, it is more powerful, it has a better structure, and oddly enough, it contains even more resin. To give you an idea of ​​the level of these plants, the creators of the original Cookies chose Animal Cookies to produce a version that shows the best traits of this cannabis lineage, which they now market under the name Animal Cookies Bx1.


Animal Cookies

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7.Orange Cookies

One of the Cookies strains that has grown the most over the last few years, and among other things, it has one of the most intense citrus flavors of all those found so far in a variety of marijuana, a refreshing smoke that leaves you with a tangerine and orange aftertaste in the mouth without equal. Despite having a THC level of less than 20%, the effect of Orange Cookies is mainly sativa, with a very euphoric, happy, uplifting and motivating high. For these reasons, this cannabis is very appropriate for patients with depression, and also for people who suffer from problems of anxiety, stress, apathy, etc. since a few puffs are enough to see life from a different point of view.


Orange Cookies

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8.Monster Cookies

This monster arose from the combination of Girl Scout Cookies with Grandaddy Purple, so it could practically be considered a backcross of the latter. It is one of the most productive varieties of the entire Cookies family, with large buds as well as dense and very hard. It stands out for its amber-colored pistils and the dark background of the flowers, bathed in a layer of shiny resin. If you are wondering what its flavor will be like, I will tell you that it is delicious as well as surprising, a mix of grapes with berries, on the earthy background typical of these genetics. The effect is long lasting and very intoxicating, very analgesic but without letting you down.


Monster Cookies

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9.Mandarin Cookies

Another plant that has everything any cannabis grower could want, and surely Ethos Genetics’ flagship strain. It is made up of Mandarin Sunset and the cutting of Girl Scout Cookies “Forum”, and it is very complete because it does not present difficulties for its cultivation, it produces very well, the buds are very compact, it contains resin everywhere, its organoleptic properties are impressive, and offers an effect that satisfies all types of consumers. The concentration of THC ranges between 19% and 26%, and it is a very appropriate herb to treat chronic pain, depression, headaches such as migraine or migraine, ADD or ADHD and chronic fatigue.


Mandarin Cookies

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10.Gorilla Cookies

When you cross 2 of the best strains to appear in the 21st century, the result can’t be bad, and that’s what the breeders at Elev8 Seeds must have thought when they combined the Gorilla Glue#4 clone with the infamous Girl Scout Cookies. As you can imagine, Gorilla Cookies has an incomparable amount of sticky resin, but that’s not all, because you can’t ignore its great production of buds, the sweet and minty aroma and flavor reminiscent of walnut cookies, and above all the enormous psychoactive and corporal effect that it provokes, which is worth noting that it can become too strong for people with low tolerance to THC.


Gorilla Cookies

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✅ Conclusion


The Cookies family is the one that has spread the most of all the cannabis strains in recent years, and without a doubt it has become the model to follow, just like the OG Kush was at the time, or the Haze or the Skunk at the time. . But as with everything, within all the Cookies varieties that have appeared, there are some that go completely unnoticed, and others, however, become the favorites of many consumers, as has happened with the ones you have seen today in this top 10 of the best varieties Cookies.



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⚠️ Frequent questions


How many varieties of Cookies are there?

This question does not have an easy answer because there are many Cookie varieties that are not commercial and are kept in closed circles, others that can only be found in clone form, and others that came out in a limited way and are no longer available. But taking into account the search tools and the archive of the website, we can estimate that there are currently around 500 commercial varieties of Cookies, both hybrids and polyhybrids, feminized versions, autoflowering, and even rich in CBD.


What is the best variety Cookies?

If the previous question has a difficult answer, this one directly does not have one because it is something too subjective. However, we are going to get wet, and we will say that the best Cookies variety is the grandmother Girl Scout Cookies, from which all the genetics in this ranking have emerged directly and indirectly. Many people will surely not agree, but until now it is the most used plant to create new Cookies varieties, and for a reason it will be…


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