Ranking of the best OG strains today

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Image of a trophy cup full of buds and a mural with colourful graffiti in the background.
Image of a trophy cup full of buds and a mural with colourful graffiti in the background.



The OG strains are preferred by many cannabis consumers, and this type of plant stands out for its tight and rock-hard buds, an amount of resin that was a revolution, gourmet quality flavor, and the most complete and powerful you can imagine.

These genetic surgeries in the USA mediate from the decade of the 90’s, the term OG is used as a synonym of exclusivity (Original Gangster) but in this case we also refer to a moment in the history of these cepas, which we discover are impressive plants have the same quality when growing at sea level (Ocean Grow)

Some people think that the OG concept of “Overgrow” that the forum is about to extend is varied. There has been a lot of controversy over years about OG’s significance, but it seems that it can only be used the OG Kush OriGinal from the rest of the Kush phenotypes that are expected to appear at this time.

There is also the legend of OG Kush that he lost about 30 years ago, and that these plants are some of the best phenotypes he has appeared in the history of marijuana, and in this article we will look at his 10 best varieties OG of the news.



🎯 Top 10 OG Strains



1. OG Kush

OG Kush is not the first commercial Kush hybrid, which has similar plants like Master Kush or Skunk Kush, and although there are some good ones, its quality can not be compared to the OG.version has been surpassed in Florida by a combination of a Chemdog esque and a cruise between Thai / Pakistani Kush. A clone of the OG Kush via Florida to California and the legacy of Josh D’s man, a cultivator that continues continuously in activity that extends this frame throughout the state, and later to the rest of the United States and the world.


best OG strains today

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2. Skywalker OG

At the moment, the OG is most in demand in the United States, and in Europe dispensaries there is a large impact on its potent medicinal effect and its delicious aroma and flavor. It is based on a Skywalker cross from Dutch Passion with the myth OG Kush, and distinguished by its excellent sabor that combines terrestrial aftershave with chemical chemistry, and above all due to its potent medicinal effect that is provocative, very physical, relaxing, and analgesic.


best OG strains today

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3. Banana OG

One of the most surprising sabers of all the apparitions during the last few years, after all, he had been known to polish the clown known as Ghost OG with the planet. This marijuana exceeds 25% of THC, and its effect is more related than that of the majority of OG specimens, but it has the most exposure and its capacity to produce resin, total record.


best OG strains today

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4. Fire OG

Excellent work was carried out on the otter by the great Raskal, the creator who worked most with this genetics. Procedure of one of the best squares of OG, and of this plant has varied varieties with prestige as the power Wifi OG (White Fire OG). If it is possible to say that it is the paradigm of OG Kush, it is more of this magnificent cannabis star.


best OG strains today

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5. Alien OG

A plant with an extraterrestrial appearance through the species of knitwear that recovers the coils, hojas, peciolos, and has part of them. Its combined genetics Alien Kush with Tahoe OG, which for many individuals is the variety OG Kush most likely to exist, because the result is one of the most complete plants to date. To have an idea of ​​its quality, polybrids like Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) descend from it.


best OG strains today

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6. Platinum OG

Silver Haze and 24K Gold, Platinum OG is the cannabis joya that made it stand out in the year 2022, and it’s been surprising the explosion of its family because this plant has many of the qualities that every cultivator or cannabis user consumes.retrograde species said that it is a Hindu Kush, and for this reason this plant represents very well the most indicative and therapeutic part of the OG.


best OG strains today

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It was the first OG variety that crossed the pond and arrived in Europe, around 2010 approximately, and is the mother of the vast majority of OG Kush seeds on the European market. The term SFV (San Fernando Valley) is the acronym Swerve, the main creator of The Cali Connection, and it seems to be in the zone where it has to extend this elite clone, which many consumers consider to be the best phenotype of OG Kush


best OG strains today

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8. Larry OG

Also known as Lemon Larry OG, he is one of the original clowns of OG Kush and some people think he is related to SFV OG Kush. Distracted by its intense toque citric, which mixes with the pin and the chemical notes acaban giving form to one of the most special sabers of all times. This kit is used to create one of the most sold pieces in these moments, the famous Punch Strain.


best OG strains today

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9. Wifi OG

Also known as White Fire OG, it was created by the breeder Raskal from the cross between Fire OG and the clone The White. Its chemotype is very interesting, because in addition to containing a percentage of THC greater than 25%, it contains more than 1% THCV, so its effect is very special. The Jungle Boys collective selected an elite clone of this OG variety, which has gone down in history as Wifi#43


best OG strains today

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10. Sour OG

Sour OG is another major work of The Cali Connection bank, which is also known as number 818 Headband. It was a combination of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, and thanks to this mix he got rid of the most primitive breeds of the Chemdog ancestors, as they are parental parents. Its effect is more satisfying than the rest of the variances of this ranking, very appreciative and psychoactive.


best OG strains today

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✅ Frequently Asked Questions


What is the OG Kush variety

OG Kush is the variety of marijuana that has always been the cannabis market for ever, because at the moment the plants that are haze, Skunk, and blueberry are in full swing, but it seems to be importing hybrids with large index predominance.

The huge popularity boosted by OG Kush has much to do with artists like B-Real from Cipress Hill or Snoop Dog among others, who number as their favorite marijuana of all time. This genetics offers a superior psychoactivity to many pure sexes, while maintaining the ever-increasing body, so now it is quite common for the mediating decades of 90 when appearing on stage in no time. Another OG Kush identity scene is his fat potatoes, with ball shape, very hot hooks, and an exasperated resin concentration

What are the varieties of marijuana OG?

OG Kush, or what is different, the plants result from crossing an OG Kush with another variety OG or any other genetic. 10 of the best varieties of marijuana OG can be seen in this ranking, Skywalker OG, SFV OG, Wifi OG, or Banana OG are some of them.

The Varieties Sour and the Diesel are directly comparable to the OG variants, which are descended from the legendary Chemdog. All cookies in the Cookies family also include descendants of this cannabis frame.


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