THC Rich Strains

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Pevgrow offers seeds for all tastes, so among our offer you can find marijuana seeds with high THC. These varieties are for those who do not conform and for those who seek to go beyond a simple high. With these percentages of THC, the herbs in this category will completely change your world.

What is THC?

THC is one of the major compounds of cannabis. Also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, it is a cannabinoid that is part of this plant and is responsible for the psychoactivity of marijuana.

THC has the possibility of interacting with our brain chemistry thanks to the existence of specific receptors that form what is known as the endocannabinoid system. This is how we manage to enjoy all its effects, stimulating our body and our brain.

Although most genetics have some THC content, even minimal THC content, high THC marijuana seeds are specifically designed to greatly increase the percentage of presence of this component. This way you can enhance its effects and enjoy absolutely unforgettable high, much stronger than those that can offer you normal herbs.

Effects of THC

THC is a psychoactive component, which means that it acts on our central nervous system, modifying both our perceptions and our mood. These effects are transient and only occur while we are under the influence of the substance we have consumed.

Among the different effects that THC can offer us, we must highlight the euphoria. The smile from ear to ear, the desire to laugh, to have fun and, in short, the happiness that a good high of marijuana gives us are some of the most sought after effects for the consumers of this plant. It also stimulates our creative capacity, so many use marijuana with a lot of THC to create in different fields: music, painting, dance.... you choose!

But in addition, THC has the ability to relax you and even offer you some pain relief as an analgesic. Of course, this compound also whets your appetite, so you often find yourself hungry after enjoying your favorite genetics.

Outstanding varieties of seeds with high THC content

Some of the marijuana seeds with the most THC are well known in the market, as they are among the most popular due to their accentuated and powerful effects. Here are a few that you can't miss out on:

Y Griega: They are seeds with powerful THC, in fact, they are the ones with the highest percentage on the market, with 27% of this compound at your disposal.

Critical Kush Auto: The autoflowering variety of Critical Kush. Its main characteristic is that it has a deeply relaxing and pleasant fruity taste, a raft of tranquility after a long day to rest at ease.

Sweet Bilbo: It is the perfect combination between abundant harvests and fast flowering, some indica seeds of fruity flavor that give the best results if grown outdoors, reaching one thousand grams per harvest.

Super Lemon Haze: This is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, a genetics that reaches 22% THC and has a flowering time of about nine weeks, with a characteristic citrus flavor.

Gorilla Glue Auto: Here's another autoflowering variety, so you won't have too many problems growing it. The very high amount of trichomes of this genetics will make you fall in love, especially if you are faithful to hashish.