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This is the section of our store where we place the most powerful cannabis seeds. The weed with the most intense effects, only suitable for experienced smokers.

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Are you the kind of guy who's always looking for the most potent marijuana seeds? In that case I think this is of interest to you, because we, at PEV Grow, have created this section especially for you. Here you will find the most powerful cannabis genetics on the market, both indica and sativa, autoflowering etc.

Do you want to know which they are? Although the answer seems easy: marijuana plants with the most THC are the powerful ones, there are some nuances you will now know.

What are the most powerful Indica varieties?

Among pure indica genetics surely the Afghanis are the ones with the most powerful effect. There are many commercial varieties to choose from. In Europe, 2 classics like Sensi Star from Paradise Seeds and Black Domina from Sensi Seeds will more than satisfy your desire for a devastating Indica effect.

In the USA, Bubba Strain is possibly the most powerful Indica, but from it came others like Northern Lights or Afghani#1 that can also leave you dry if you don't have much tolerance.

Which sativa plants are more powerful?

Among pure sativas, there are a few that make you fly with just a few puffs. If we had to choose only 3, it would probably be Colombian Red Dot, Maui Waui from Hawaii and Malawi African.

There are many extremely powerful Sativa hybrids, especially among Haze hybrids, which in some cases are stronger than the Original Haze itself. Amnesia, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel or Ghost Train Haze are not suitable for people with low tolerance to cannabis, but will satisfy more experienced users.

Other powerful sativa hybrids that don't contain Haze and are also F1 are White Widow (Brazil X Kerala) or Golden Tiger (Malawi X Thai).

Are hybrid marijuana breeds more potent?

Usually they are, and the more geographically distant the parents are, the more hybrid vigour they will achieve. This allows them to improve in all aspects, thus also gaining power.

Sativa-Indica hybrids and vice versa feel more powerful in general because the kind of effect is awesome. In the market we have some examples like OG Kush (Thai X Pakistan) which has created a whole family of super powerful specimens.

Which are the most powerful autoflowering plants?

The first automatic varieties lacked high psychoactivity, among other things because they barely produced resin, but that changed. Thanks to the work of breeding and genetic improvement that many producers did, today we have a series of very powerful autoflowering plants, almost as much as the regular ones.

It was hard to imagine automatic flowering genetics reaching or being able to exceed 20% THC, but there are now. Calamity Jane by Buddha Seeds was the first one to break through that barrier, but then more came out. Autocinderella Jack from Dutch Passion, Auto Gelato from FastBuds or Do-Si-Two Cookies Auto from 00 Seeds are very good choices if you are looking for high-powered automatic seeds.

So now you know it, if you're looking for the most powerful marijuana plants in the world you've come to the right place. At PEVGrow we specialize in collecting the best varieties on the market, so we have created sections to classify the most outstanding of each feature.

As if that wasn't enough, we also bring them to you at the best price on the market, so if I were you I wouldn't wait any longer and start picking out the seeds for the next crop. We're waiting for you.

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Very nice website I'd be more than happy to settle for a couple

I'm going to B-26 this June, the last time I grew was in high school. It's been years but I was always dr. Greenthumb I could germinate any seed. I'd love a seed donation surprise me doesn't matter what strange is something strong and I don't need many seeds just one or two I'd be more than happy with I live in the US not sure if shipping would be an issue at all but like I'm a grateful person and this would be amazing to try again let me know if you guys could send me a seed God bless you