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Seed Stockers is a seed bank that works with the best seeds from Spain and Holland, giving rise to a bank that works with unique strains and maximum quality guaranteed for all its creations.

At Seed Stockers we don't work with any genetic variety, most of them have been awarded by breeders. Do you want exclusivity and quality? Its seeds offer you both from scratch.

The three commandments of the Seed Stockers code are:

1- Our commitment to quality is non-negotiable

2- Why should quality be expensive? Our seeds pass the most demanding quality controls without being prohibitively expensive. Everyone has the right to enjoy quality products

3- Our intention is not that you test us, but that you be part of our family, so our customer service is always the most attentive and personalized possible.

Seed Stockers Auto, its level of quality-yield is non-negotiable


Dear cannabis lovers! we are pleased to present the new catalogue of autoflowering Seeds Stockers, a seed bank that works with the best genetics from Spain and Holland, and the vast majority have been awarded by breeders, thanks to their ease of cultivation and buds that in addition to being able to collect a large number of them, are characterized by their impressive organoleptic properties.

The basic principles followed by Seed Stockers, to be one of the seed banks with more future within the market are:

- Quality is non-negotiable

- Seed Stockers seeds are for everyone, why does quality have to be expensive?


Our customers recommend these autoflowering seeds from Seed Stockers :


BCN Critical XXL Auto

A hybrid between Kritical Bilbo x Critical + x Critical Mass, adding a Ruderalis to give it its autoflowering character. giving rise to a plant that will be full of buds in just 2 months after germination.

The organoleptic properties of this wonderful weed are a spectacle for the senses, its lemon flavor leaves a pleasant sensation in the mouth that is very difficult to describe only with words, also accompanied by a citrus aroma that gives it a brutal freshness, with a very dense and compact smoke, the cherry on the cake!

Its effects are very powerful and psychoactive, marked by a very high level of THC of 22%, a high that will take you on a journey into space without a ship or shuttle, and a sofa effect that will submerge you in an impressive and deep sleep.


Big Bud Auto

This weed has a perfect balance between Sativa and Indica, inheriting the best of each house, and above all characterized by a crazy productivity, in which no matter the growing medium, but where it gets its best version is with hydroponic crops.

Indoors, you'll get up to 400 gr per m2 of impressive buds very tasty, for this I recommend using 14 pots of 7 liters, placed under a LEC lighting system of 315w, as it has the best ratio Gr / W can get greater profitability with lower energy consumption.

Outdoors, productivity is still a real madness, its dense and resinous buds are a temptation for insects, so I recommend that you use a good preventive Neem oil providing a natural extra protection to your weed.


You can find these and many other autoflowering Seed Stockers, in your trusted online Growshop, the best products at the best price.

Seed Stockers, Obsesed with quality for all smokers!


Seed Stockers, is a very special seed bank, and of course should be part of our catalog of seeds with high content in CBD. Seed Stockers has specialised in working with the best genetics from Holland and Spain, and all of them follow 2 commandments which are the basis of Seed Stockers behaviour:

- Quality is non-negotiable
- Its seeds are accessible to everyone, and is that... Why should quality be expensive?

Everything at Seed Stockers is designed to make your experience truly exceptional, and believe me, I've seen it firsthand. A safe bet!


CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze Auto

An authentic jewel, whose origin is the result of the combination between Silver Haze and CBD Compassion, and which results in a weed with very balanced effects marked by its level between THC and CBD 1:1, ie they are exactly the same, so their effects have the best of both worlds, providing a perfect balance, with an active and energetic mental activity, with a body relaxation very comforting and highly recommended to relieve stress and pain.

Its organoleptic properties are marked by a spectacular lime/lime flavour, which will make your mouth water just by thinking about it, all followed by a spectacular citrus aroma, which will be trapped in your memory forever!


CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze

CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze, is a weed with a clear Sativa predominance, and characterized by incredibly fast growth and a truly rewarding therapeutic effect.

Indoors, its cultivation is simple and does not require much experience, but I will give you a little advice, if you use 5.5 litre pots, you can place up to 16 specimens per m2, which will give you a good handful of impressive buds.

In outdoor crops, your reward will be high if you use mother earth as a substrate, and if you grow it before the fall season arrives. Their resistance to pests is good, but I am of the opinion that prevention is better than cure, so I recommend that you use a good organic insecticide, Canna Cure from Canna.


If you're a true lover of medical marijuana, I'm sure they'll be part of your private dispensary. Enjoy the impressive quality of Seed Stockers, at the best price in your trusted online Growshop!

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