Landrace Marijuana Strains

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Image of a hand holding a Landrace marijuana leaf and in the background a city with the sky representing a world map.
Image of a hand holding a Landrace marijuana leaf and in the background a city with the sky representing a world map.


How many times have we heard the word “landrace” and wondered what it refers to? Surely many, and to resolve this question we thought it would be a good idea to write an article explaining what this term means, and incidentally we are going to see a lot more information about it. If you like cannabis and you are a curious person, I am sure you will enjoy this read, and the best thing is that when you finish it you will know much more about landrace marijuana varieties.



⚠️ What is a landrace variety



The definition of landrace variety refers to the pure and original varieties of marijuana, those that are autochthonous to a certain geographical region and have not been crossed with any other variety. These plants have adapted to the climate, terrain, orography, and special conditions of a specific area, and over time the landrace marijuana varieties have set certain morphological or other traits that differentiate them from the rest. strains.

It is assumed that cannabis spread from Asia to the rest of the world with the help of the wind, animals and people, and thanks to natural selection the best specimens managed to adapt to new conditions, practically conquering the entire planet. This made it easier for us to currently have native cannabis plants on all continents, adapted to all climates, altitudes and latitudes. The most interesting thing is that the acclimatization of the plants itself caused certain chemical changes such as the production of new cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other compounds that today we use for our recreational and therapeutic interests. Old School landrace varieties have different aromas, flavors and effects, and the combination of them has facilitated the large number of different genetics that we have at the moment.


*Picture of a bud of Chocolate Thai, a landrace variety from Thailand*

Chocolate Thai

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🔥 List of landrace varieties


We will separate all landrace varieties between sativa and indica to not end up with an immense list, and then we will delve into the best landrace varieties of each type to see some of their qualities and the reasons why they have gone down in history.


List of landrace sativa varieties


  • Chocolate Thai
  • Jamaican Lambsbread
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Panamá Red
  • Manga Rosa
  • Colombian Black
  • Durban Poison
  • Kerala
  • Zacatecas
  • Corinto
  • Nepal
  • Hokkaido
  • Zamal
  • Maui Wowie
  • Malana
  • Highland Oaxaca Gold
  • Punto Rojo
  • Vietnam Black
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Swazi Gold
  • Verde Limón
  • Parvati
  • Zambia
  • Nueva Caledonia
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain
  • Thai Ko Chang
  • Camboya
  • Etiopía
  • Lesotho
  • Red Congolese
  • Malawi
  • Laos
  • Burmese
  • Tikal
  • Nigerian
  • Senegal
  • Indonesian Aceh
  • Meao Thai


List of indica landrace varieties


  • Afghani
  • Hindu Kush
  • Pakistán Chitral
  • North Indian Parvati
  • Mag Iraní
  • Taskenti
  • Mazar
  • Coreana
  • Beldia
  • Turkish
  • Lebanon
  • China Yunnan



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👾 The best African landraces


In Africa there are both indica and sativa landrace varieties, although there are many more of the latter. Cannabis spread from northeast Africa to colonize the entire continent, from the mountains of northern Morocco to Cape Town in South Africa, even on Madagascar and other islands.

Image of a world map where you can see the locations of many African landrace strains**
Image of a world map where you can see the locations of many African landrace strains**


Landrace Congolese

Pure equatorial sativa with a low hermaphroditism ratio and good tolerance to fertilizers, although it performs very well with limited nutrition. Plants tall and branched, with fine, light green leaves. Its aroma is reminiscent of leather, incense and spices, and although the flavor is not very intense, it usually leaves a very pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. The effect is very euphoric and energetic, but has an anxiolytic and relaxing point that prevents the tachycardia that some sativas cause.


South African Landrace

South African landraces are very special pure sativas, because due to their low latitude they have a much shorter flowering period and don’t tend to get as big as tropical or equatorial sativas. The most famous South African landrace is without a doubt Durban Poison, which Ed Rosenthal brought to the USA and Amsterdam through Mel Frank for breeder Sam The Skunkman to work on with the intention of producing new hybrids.

Durban Poison Fast Flowering

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Nigerian Landrace

In a way they are sativa plants similar to Congolese landraces, with fast growth and high bud production. It is a special variety for growing outdoors due to its size, but it could be harvested indoors if grown 12/12 from germination. The effect is very stimulating, to the point that it can create tachycardia and paranoia in inexperienced users. The flavor is woody, spicy and spicy, and it does not need high doses of fertilizers to perform well.


Moroccan Landrace

Moroccan landraces are very special for 2 reasons, firstly because of their northern latitude, and secondly because they are usually grown at high altitudes, so the plants have to have a short flowering period to be able to finish their cycle before the arrival of the sun. The most famous Moroccan landrace today is Beldia, a plant that descends from sativas but behaves like indicas and its effect is much more similar to the latter. Most of the crops in Morocco are concentrated in the Riff and are used to make sifted hashish.



🎯 Best Asian Landrace Varieties


In Asia there are all kinds of landraces, from pure high mountain indicas to pure tropical and equatorial sativas, and from our point of view some of the best on the planet are found on this continent, also because it is the most extensive and it is where the cannabis plants in general.

Image of a world map showing the locations of many Asian landrace varieties**
Image of a world map showing the locations of many Asian landrace varieties**


Indian landrace varieties

India can be considered a subcontinent rather than a country thanks to its enormous size and the heterogeneity of its terrain. For this reason, in this country there are both sativa and indica landraces, some as famous as the pure Kerala sativa that is part of the White Widow and Original Haze genetics, or the pure Malana or Parvati indicas with which some of the best charas in the world At present, Indian landraces are still being discovered in different parts of the country, and it is because it has many places that are difficult to access where it is thought that there may be interesting wild varieties.


White Widow

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Thai landrace varieties

The sativa landraces from Southeast Asia are considered among the best on the planet, and among them the Thai ones stand out for the quality of their effect. There are several noteworthy Thai landraces, such as Ko Chang or Meao Thai, but if there is one that will go down in history for its extraordinary quality, it is the great Chocolate Thai, a very tasty and powerful herb that was massively exported to the USA in the form of Thai Sticks. Chocolate Thai is part of the Blueberry genetics among others, but the best thing is that you can still get pure seeds of this landrace.


Afghan landrace varieties

According to Robert Connell Clarke and other cannabis scholars, Afghan strains could be considered a new subspecies just like indicas, sativas and ruderalis, the Afghan subspecies. This is due to its morphological features, different from all the others due to its compact structure and giant leaves with very wide and dark leaflets. In Afghanistan there are many indica landraces, Mazar being the most famous and cultivated in the north of the country, in the Mazar-i Sharif region. Most of the production goes to the production of sifted hashish that is exported to several countries.


Buy Mazar


Iranian landrace variety

Mag is the most famous Iranian landrace variety and the best in general, in fact it is the pure variety with the highest percentage of THC along with the African Malawi. It appears to be very similar to modern polyhybrids, with very tight buds loaded with large resin and a great calyx to leaf ratio. The taste is fruity and fizzy, and its effect is very powerful and long-lasting, pain-relieving, relaxing, uplifting, and more psychoactive than most pure indicas.



⭐ Landrace varieties of North America


In North America, landrace varieties began to be crossed during the 1960s, when marijuana seeds began to arrive from all corners of the world hidden among the imported marijuana that some sailors brought with them. However, in North America some legendary landraces also emerged and others that you have to know.


Mexican landrace varieties

They are undoubtedly the best landrace varieties in North America, with a very special happy effect, good bud production, and great adaptability to cultivation in other environments. The best known to the general public is Acapulco Gold, but the one that has had the greatest impact in history is Highland Oaxaca Gold, since it was used to develop varieties such as Skunk#1 and Original Haze among others. Other good Mexican landraces are Jarilla de Sinaloa, Verde Limón or Zacateca.


Skunk strain


USA landrace varieties

In the United States of America there are no landrace varieties as such, but it can be considered the nerve center for the creation of new strains, which is why many of the world’s pure genetics have passed or are still in this country. Mexican landraces are historically the most cultivated due to their proximity, and over time they have adapted perfectly to this climate. Others that also became acclimatized over the years included Chocolate Thai, Durban Poison, Hindu Kush, and Afghans until the development of Afghani#1 in California.


Hawaiian landrace varieties

They are the only ones that could truly be considered American landraces, although they originally come from Hawaii. Maui Wowie is the greatest exponent, but there are others like Moloka’i that have also had a great impact. The effect of Hawaiian weed is powerful, but some strains are more sativa-oriented and others are more indica. Regarding organoleptic properties, the fruity tones of all the Hawaiian landraces stand out.

Image of a world map showing the locations of many South American landrace varieties**
Image of a world map showing the locations of many American landrace varieties**



⛳ South American landrace varieties


In South America there are many more landraces than in North America, especially in the countries that make up the Amazon jungle. All South American landraces are sativas, and some of them have been used to develop hybrids that will always be remembered for their extraordinary quality.


Jamaican landrace varieties

Everyone knows that cannabis is consumed a lot in Jamaica, but what many people don’t know is that this Caribbean island is home to some of the best pure sativas. Jamaican Lambsbread is the most popular, but there are others like the mythical Creepy or the lesser-known Jamaica Blue Mountains that the Cannabiogen bank was working on. The effect of this weed is electric, very stimulating, energetic, happy, motivating, and long-lasting, hence its great fame.


Colombian landrace varieties

Colombia has high mountain areas where strains such as Santa Marta Gold arose, high-altitude valleys such as Cauca where they have another powerful landrace called Corinto, and jungle areas at sea level where other pure varieties such as sabaneras are cultivated. The best-known landrace in Colombia is surely Colombian Gold, which was used to breed both Skunk#1 and Original Haze, but there are other very powerful ones such as Punto Rojo, Punta Roja, or Moño Rojo.


Brazilian landrace varieties

Although they are not as well known as the Colombian ones, the Brazilian landraces are so good that they have changed the cannabis market twice. The first was in the mid 90’s when the great White Widow came on the scene and became the most sought after weed in Europe. This variety is a cross between Kerala India and a premium Brazilian landrace, Manga Rosa. The second time that Brazilian landraces changed the future of the cannabis market was with a variety called Santa María, which was crossed with Lowryder#1 to create Lowryder#2, the most widely used autoflowering strain to develop new autoflowering strains.



🚀 Seeds of landrace varieties for sale


Although modern hybrids and polyhybrids gradually displaced landraces, landrace cannabis seeds of many types are still available today. Below you can see a list of commercial cannabis seeds from some of the best landraces of all time:


Congo Hindu Kush Chocolate Thai Pakistan Chitral Kush Jamaican Lambsbread Maui Wowie Sheberghan Hashplant
Congo Hindu Kush Chocolate Thai Pakistan Chitral Kush Jamaican Lambsbread Maui Wowie Sheberghan Hashplant
Ace Seeds Spain Bulk Seeds PEV Seeds Ace Seeds PEV Seeds Spain Bulk Seeds Khalifa Genetics
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Kilimanjaro Colombian Gold Durban Acapulco Gold Lebanese Nueva Caledonia Regular Moroccan Beldia
Kilimanjaro Colombian Gold Durban Acapulco Gold Lebanese Nueva Caledonia Regular Moroccan Beldia
World of Seeds World of Seeds Sensi Seeds Barneys Farm Ace Seeds Ace Seeds Khalifa Genetics
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📲 Conclusion


Landrace varieties managed to adapt and acclimatize to different terrains and environments around the world, and throughout this process they slowly forged the qualities that set them apart from the rest, until they achieved aromas, flavors and effects of all kinds. In this article we have seen what landraces are and which are the best on the entire planet, and if you liked it, I would ask you to please share it on your social networks.



✅ Frequent questions


What does landrace variety mean?

In the cannabis field we refer to landrace variety as an autochthonous strain of a certain place. For it to be an authentic landrace variety it is important that it has never crossed with any other genetics, since this type of plant is also known as pure varieties. They are very homogeneous varieties, which have certain traits that differentiate them from the others, precisely those that have been stabilizing over time to adapt to the special conditions of each place.


How many landrace varieties are there?

That is something you cannot know, not least because there are many that have not yet been discovered by humans, and there are others that have disappeared or changed because they have mixed with others. In this article you can see about 50 landraces between different sativa and indica, but there are more.

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