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*What happened in the mid/late 90's in Holland has no parallel anywhere else in the world ever, a weed that began to sell the coffee-shop Green House began to displace the Americans who arrived in the 80's to this European country. Until then, Skunk#1, Afghani#1, Original Haze, Hashplant, Northern Lights, G13, Big Bud, or Bubble Gum, were the most demanded in these establishments by far, and nothing seemed to be able to dethrone them, until the White family arrived.


The impressive amount of resin that White Widow produces gives it a totally white appearance, something unprecedented in those years, and marked a before and after in the standard of quality of the weed of the old continent.

Nowadays there are all kinds of formats of marijuana seeds with White genes, so if you were thinking of growing a plant with these characteristics, you should know that you can find those that best suit your needs, because you have in regular, feminized, autoflowering and with high levels of CBD, and to make your choice easier I will indicate what we think are the best in each category.

White regular seeds

The breeder responsible for the creation of this cannabis strain is Scott Blake, aka "Shantibaba", who fused the genes of a South Indian plant with a pure Brazilian. The 2 landraces involved in the crossing are sativas, but he managed to stabilize a phenotype very well adapted to indoor growing, with compact structure, high production, and moderate flowering time, thus was born the great White Widow.

Black Widow: Shantibaba sold the White Widow yerba White Widow through Green House, but given the massive demand for this variety, Arjan, the head of this famous Coffee-shop, decided to set up a bank that offered seeds of this strain, and that is the origin of seed bank Green House Seeds, one of the highest grossing around the world today.

At that time there was some controversy in the Dutch cannabis movement, because there was another well-known breeder who claimed the creation of this F1 hybrid, Ingemar of the De Sjamaan bank. With the passage of time it has become quite clear that the father of the Widow is Shantibaba, because he is also responsible for the process of creating its first descendants.

First hybrids of the White family. *004 * It was 1995, and Amsterdam was in full swing, so the growth of the Widow was exponential, and in a short time their seeds began to be sold all over the planet. The fame of this plant, of the coffee that sold it, and of the seed bank that marketed it multiplied in an extraordinary way, and quickly began to arrive the first hybrids descendants of the white widow.


The idea of Scott Blake was to make variations of White Widow,taking it to the most indica part through the crossing with Afghani, making a more sativa version by crossing with Haze, and a more commercial variation from the crossing with Super Skunk.

White Rhino: At the time it was one of the most medicinal commercial varieties that could be found. Before the arrival of CBD-rich genetics, White Rhino was one of the most outstanding in this regard, as it produced about 1.5% of this cannabinoid, a very high value in those years. The Rhino is the most indica version of the white family of marijuana, and perfectly blends the traits of Afghani#1 with Widow.

Great White Shark: The Great White Shark can be considered the evolution of the Widow, since after this one it is the most sold representative of the White family, and from the point of view of many users it surpasses it in quality. The incorporation of Super Skunk to this great cannabis saga was a great success, as it improved the taste and performance, without altering the intense effect of the White Widow that gave so much to talk about at the time.

El Niño: The most sativa version of the White family caused a lot of excitement when it came on the scene, but later did not reach the worldwide fame of its predecessors. The idea was to incorporate the most demanded sativa genetics in history in this lineage, and for this a Haze x White Widow was crossed, something that in theory sounds very good, but the result was not as stable as had been thought. Nevertheless it is a special plant, with a unique effect, good level of resin, and acceptable production if you have experience with sativas.

At the end of the 90's, Shantibaba and Neville left Green House Seeds because of disagreements with Arjan, and decided to move to Switzerland to form a new seedbank with Howard Marks, Mr. Nice Seedbank, which is still one of the best in the world today. Obviously these breeders took their tools of work, which in this case were the mother and father plants that had formed the best varieties of the white family, along with the Haze and many others.

Feminized seeds of the White family


Although never taken into account, White Widow, together with Black Domina, are the 2 most used plants in Europe for the production of new feminized seeds. Dinafem has a lot to thank to this plant, as it is the central pillar of this great Spanish seed bank, but not only them, a large percentage of feminized brands as well. Nowadays there are many 100% feminized strains descending from the White family, and for us these are the most remarkable ones:

White Widow: By self-pollinating an elite clone of this genetics selected in Spain, we managed to stabilize a number of features that were more heterogeneous in regular seeds, such as the production of buds or the bittersweet flavor that attracted so many fans. These seeds are ideal for growers with little or no experience, because its resistance allows it to perform well even when the parameters are not correct.

Moby Dick: The White Whale can be considered the fifth member of the White family, and for many it is the most powerful, productive and tasty hybrid of the whole family tree. A cross between Jack Herer and White Widow, possibly the 2 most famous marijuana plants ever created in the Netherlands.

Critical Widow: Critical Mass and White Widow are creations of Scott Blake, and although he is most proud of his Mango Haze, the general public values both Critical and Widow more highly. Critical Widow is one of the best selling feminized strains as a bulk seed, and more and more banks are offering it in their catalogue.

The best autoflowering seeds with White genetics.

When the fashion for autoflowering cannabis strains arrived, one of the first plants to be made into an auto version was White Widow, and it didn't take long for other members of this great marijuana family to come out. For those who are looking for a quick harvest out of season outdoors, or for beginners in indoor growing may be the most interesting option, and for this reason I will offer a selection of the best strains of automatic flowering descendants of the White family:

White Widow Auto: It is more than an automatic version of White Widow, since it is almost identical. It can be considered an XXL auto, as its production is well above average, and contains the same aroma and sweet and sour taste as the elite clone from which it originates.

Auto White Prussian: Automatic flowering replica created from the legendary White Russian, a plant that combines high performance with a power rarely found in an autoflowering genetics. Its resistance and adaptability to the environment is outstanding, especially for winter crops.

Moby Dick Auto: Undoubtedly one of the best autoflowering of today in general, and from our point of view, the one that best represents the white cannabis family in auto format. Great speed of development, buds like bodybuilder arms, and an overflowing amount of resin.

White strains with high CBD values.

Few people know that the breeder responsible for the White family of cannabis, is also responsible for most of the first genetics rich in CBD, but it is so. Shantibaba, along with Jaime de Resin Seeds, and the Canna Foundation, started a project a decade ago that has managed to stabilize phenotypes of famous varieties with high concentration of cannabidiol. For this reason some of the first strains with these characteristics were from their white family, and among these we must highlight the following varieties:

CBD Therapy: Although it does not come directly from the White genetic line, CBD Therapy is surely the best medicinal work of the father of the white cannabis family, and as such it had to be included among the best.

Shark Widow CBD: Polyhybrid that fuses 2 of the oldest White components, seasoned with a good amount of extra cannabidiol, to achieve the most remarkable therapeutic effect, while still enjoying the aroma and flavor that gave so much fame to these varieties.

Great White Shark CBD: Greenhouse Seeds is the seed bank that began selling seeds with White genes, and when the fashion for CBD was clear, adding cannabidiol to the plant that already had the most medicinal effect of the bank would be a success, and it has been.

Curiosities of the White family of weed

When Shantibaba and Neville left the Green House Seeds seed bank, for which they had been working for about 5 years, they decided to take with them the mother and father plants that had formed their most famous hybrids.

This caused 2 problems, the first is that the original breeder of these plants had to change the names of the genetics that had acquired so much fame during these years, going from being called in his new bank, Mr. Nice Seedbank, from White Widow to Black Widow, the White Rhino was renamed Medicine Man, Great White Shark changed to Shark Shock, and El Niño changed sex and became La Niña.

The second problem is that Green House Seeds ran out of the original parents of these plants, and that meant that Arjan and his team had to select new parents to recreate the seeds that had brought so much success to their brand, and they were no longer the same strains as before.

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