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You have reached our category of Fast Version marijuana seeds, the place where you will find all the fast-flowering photoperiod-dependent varieties. Fast Version is a type of genetics created from the crossing of a normal strain with its autoflowering version, and by creating this fusion, plants very similar to the normal variety are produced, but with a much shorter flowering time, so they are more interesting in general.

The fact of containing a part of ruderalis in its genetics also increases the hybrid vigor of the resulting seeds, and this is very interesting because it greatly facilitates their cultivation, being more resistant to stress, more productive, and ready for any grower to achieve the best results, regardless of the experience you have in this regard.

Fast Version seeds from all banks

This type of seed is known as Fast Version, but there are other similar concepts that refer to the same type of variety, such as Early Version, Fast Flowering, Quick, Early Harvest, F1 Fast Version, or just plain Fast. There are commercial photoperiod strains that are also very fast without being Fast Version, because this concept or the rest of the ones we have seen here only refer to the seeds produced by combining a plant with its autoflowering replica.

The Sweet Seeds seed bank was the forerunner of this type of variety, and it usually calls them F1 Fast Version, but shortly after the Early Version from Delicious Seeds and the Quick from Dinafem appeared on the market. World Of Seeds call them Early Harvest, Advanced Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Seed Stockers and 00 Seeds usually call them “Fast” without further ado, and PEV Seeds refer to them as Fast Flowering.

Advantages of Fast Version seeds

  • Less risk of pests or diseases
  • Greater hybrid vigor and resistance in general
  • Outdoor harvest before the arrival of autumn
  • Very similar to the normal version but with shorter flowering
  • Ideal for novice growers due to their ease

Fast Version varieties faster

Although all the seeds in this category stand out for their high flowering speed, there are some that are especially fast and are also the most suitable for growing outdoors in regions with rainy weather in autumn, since they are harvested in summer and therefore do not there is a risk that the buds will get wet. In indoor cultivation they are also very interesting because their cycle can be shortened to more than 2 weeks, with the saving of electricity and resources that this entails, but also cultivation in general is facilitated because the extra hybrid vigor that these plants contain allows them to withstand some of the mistakes we can make, such as a slight overfertilization, light stress, water stress, and some other problems. Below you can see the fastest Fast Version varieties on the market:

  • Green Poison F1 Fast Version: The fastest in general, so much so that it can be harvested in early August in outdoor crops in the northern hemisphere. It is still as tasty and productive as the normal version, but with a much faster flowering period.
  • Durban Poison Fast Flowering: The fastest pure sativa on the planet, the only one that can be harvested before autumn outdoors and in just 7 weeks of flowering indoors. The performance has nothing to envy to the original Durban, and the organoleptic properties and the effect are identical.
  • Sugar Black Rose Early Version: Fast, productive, powerful, delicious…These seeds have everything you can look for in a cannabis plant, but the best of all is undoubtedly their precocity. The THC content can reach 25%, and it is very vigorous, compact and manageable.

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If you need to harvest in the shortest possible time and you are looking for the fastest flowering photoperiod-dependent seeds, I am sure that in this category you will find the variety you need. If you have questions or need advice when choosing the seeds that best suit your personal needs, you can ask us without obligation, we are an expert grow shop in cannabis genetics and we will be happy to assist you.

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