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Welcome to your trusted grow shop specializing in the sale of Fast Version seeds. In this category, you will find the best options for growing your own cannabis plants quickly and efficiently, with the same quality as regular flowering marijuana seeds, but with a much shorter flowering period.

Fast Version Seed Sale

At Pevgrow, we offer a wide selection of Fast Version seeds, ideal for growers looking for quick and quality results. These seeds are known for their ability to flower in a reduced time, making them an excellent choice for those who want faster harvests without sacrificing the quality of the final product. Not all marijuana seed banks offer these types of plants, but in this category, you can find a fairly extensive and varied catalog.

Do you like the effects of sativas? Well, you have Fast Version seeds with sativa genetics but with the advantage of a shorter flowering time. Do you prefer the effects of indicas? Then you're in luck because most of these varieties have a total or mixed relaxing effect. Do you prefer autoflowering seeds? Then you'll have to go to their corresponding section because there are no fast version autos since Fast Version seeds are made by crossing photoperiod plants with autos.

Fast Version Seeds for Outdoor Growing

Fast Version seeds are perfect for outdoor cultivation, as their fast flowering cycle allows you to avoid problems associated with inclement weather. In addition, their resistance to mold and pests makes them a safe and reliable option for any type of climate. If you live in a region where it usually rains in early autumn, with fast version outdoor seeds, you can avoid some disappointments because, as a general rule, they finish flowering earlier.

You can germinate your fast version seeds in early, mid, or even late spring, but you have to keep in mind that this type of seed starts flowering earlier than regular photoperiod ones, so they may not grow as big. Other than that, they are grown exactly the same as regular flowering plants, they can be pruned perfectly, and any type of performance optimization method can be applied.

Most Productive Fast Version Seeds

One of the main advantages of Fast Version seeds is their high productivity. These seeds have been carefully selected and developed to maximize the production of quality buds in the shortest possible time. With Fast Version seeds, you can obtain abundant and excellent quality harvests without having to wait too long. Below is a list of the most productive fast version seeds available today:

Bulk Fast Version Seeds

At Pevgrow, we also offer the option to purchase Fast Version seeds in bulk with some of the varieties we offer in our catalog. This allows you to obtain a larger quantity of seeds at a more affordable price, ideal for growers who want to carry out large crops or experiment with different varieties without spending too much. If you are interested in buying bulk Fast Version seeds, contact us through email and we will provide you with a personalized quote without obligation.

Advantages of F1 Fast Version Seeds

F1 Fast Version seeds are the result of crossing high-quality cannabis strains with autoflowering genes. This means that they inherit the best of both varieties, offering a unique combination of speed, productivity, and quality. With F1 Fast Version seeds, you can enjoy abundant and excellent quality harvests in record time. Fast Version seeds offer several advantages, including:

  • Quick flowering cycle.
  • Higher productivity compared to other varieties.
  • Resistance to mold and pests.
  • Possibility of outdoor cultivation with greater security.
  • Savings on electricity, water, fertilizers, and phytosanitary products.

Fast Version Seed Reviews

The reviews from our customers about Fast Version seeds are always positive. Many highlight their fast flowering, high productivity, and the quality of the buds obtained. If you are looking for seeds that provide quick and quality results, do not hesitate to try Fast Version seeds from Pevgrow. Among the most repeated opinions, it is worth mentioning the customers who appreciate the ease of cultivation of these seeds, their development speed, their great resistance and hybrid vigor, and of course, their fast flowering.

Price of Fast Version Seeds

At Pevgrow, we strive to offer our customers the best prices on the market. Our Fast Version seeds are available at competitive prices, guaranteeing an excellent quality-price ratio. In addition, with our offers and promotions, you can save even more when buying your Fast Version seeds. In our store, you can buy Fast Version seeds for just over 2 euros, you can see for yourself what that represents compared to everything these seeds can give you.

Buy Fast Version Seeds at the Best Price Online at Pevgrow

Don't waste any more time and buy your Fast Version seeds at the best price online at Pevgrow. Our purchasing process is fast and secure, and we have a customer service team ready to assist you at all times. Enjoy fast and quality harvests with Fast Version seeds from Pevgrow.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast Version Seeds

What are Fast Version seeds?

Fast Version seeds are cannabis varieties that have been developed to have a shorter flowering cycle than regular varieties. This allows for faster harvests without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Where can I buy Fast Version seeds?

You can buy Fast Version seeds at the best price online at Pevgrow. Our store offers a wide selection of Fast Version seeds from different varieties and brands, guaranteeing maximum quality and the best results in your crops.

What is the flowering time of Fast Version seeds?

The flowering time of Fast Version seeds can vary depending on the variety and growing conditions, but generally ranges from 6 to 8 weeks. This allows for fast and quality harvests in a reduced time. As a general rule, these seeds shorten the flowering time of the regular version by around 25%.

Are Fast Version seeds suitable for beginners?

Yes, Fast Version seeds are suitable for beginner growers. Their fast flowering and resistance to pests make them an ideal choice for those who are starting out in cannabis cultivation.


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