Blue weed

In this category you can find blue cannabis genetics seeds, plants that during flowering acquire beautiful exotic tones in leaves and/or flowers.


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Blue weed are a gift from nature, not only for the hypnotic beauty of their coloring, also because the organoleptic qualities of these varieties are usually very special.

From the first time you see images or photos of blue marijuana, they attract your attention and you wonder what will be its aroma, taste, effect, and above all ... Why do these plants acquire these beautiful colours? You'll find out soon enough.

There are many plants that naturally express themselves in different ways, depending on the environment or the conditions of their cultivation. Blue marijuana plants are not a creation of man, nor a mutation caused by the human hand, as is the case with the feminized seeds and other genetically modified plants.

Blue cannabis has existed for centuries, or rather, the varieties of colorful marijuana are on earth long before we notice them, whether blue, purple, red or violet.


Landraces or pure blue varieties

The proof of the existence of this type of plants since time immemorial are the pure species with blue or purple tones, as some of them are still preserved in their original form, such as Pakistan Chitral Kush. In the Himalayan region are concentrated many landraces with bright colors, the Uzbeka and some Afghanis finish the flowering almost black, the Lebanese Bekaa valley is practically red, and in some mountain areas of northern India are varieties with blue and pink colors.

But this is not only in Indicas genetics, there are pure sativas that have nothing to envy in terms of the colour of their flowers. In Colombia there are small microclimates that cause slight genotypic variations, and some have to do with pigmentation. The Colombian Black gets dark at the end of flowering, and the Red Dot has that name for the red color of its hairs, there they call it the "Moño rojo". In Thailand there are also several colorful sativas, and in Panama is the famous "Pink Hair".


Breeding with blue marijuana


If there's a cannabis breeder in the world who's worked more than anyone with blue strains that's DJ. Short. Since mid-1970s, this endearing breeder has specialized in stabilizing new hybrids with blue tones, both Indicas and Sativas.

The genetic contribution left by Dj. Short is impressive, and his most outstanding works will remain forever in the cannabis history, being his maximum standards the Flo as hybrid sativa blue, the Blue Moonshine as colorful indica, and especially the Blueberry as the plant that made trendy blue cannabis.


What's with the blue colour of marijuana?


Blue colouring in cannabis plants is due to anthocyanin, a water-soluble flavonoid that shows one or the other colours depending on the PH level, but this chemical compound is always expressed as violet or blue.

Lycopene is responsible for the red colors, antoxanthin produces cream or white colors, gives the appearance of albino plants, chlorophyll is the most common, so most varieties are green, and there are even flavonoids that produce orange and yellow colors, carotenoids.

In these cases the plants show the colours for which they have been genetically preconceived, but there are other external factors that can vary the pigmentation of the cannabis.

As we saw earlier, chlorophyll is responsible for the green colour of most strains of marijuana. The lack of this component causes discolorations, as happens  with many other plants, which when autumn arrives yellow the leaves and fall.

Some varieties generate a higher proportion of anthocyanins when the temperature drops, which added to the discoloration caused by the lack of chlorophyll, acquire a very striking blue colour. This is why many smokers thought that marijuana turns blue because of the cold.

Another situation in which we can see purple strains of weed is with certain shortcomings. When the plant of marijuana has deficit of Phosphorus, the petioles of the leaves and some parts of the stems turn blue, something that is corrected when we give them the nutrient they need.


Best Blue Strains of weed


Among the best always have to be those of the DJ. Short, the father of the blue family. But among the hybrids descendants of this family there are some that have highlighted in cannabis history for their quality. Do you want to know which they are? Let's go over some of them:

  • Blue Dream: The best crossing of Blueberry from USA, perfect fusion between the genes Haze and Blue, a plant that has everything, so the years go by and is still at the top.
  • Blue Cheese: In my opinion it is without a doubt the best hybrid descendant of the Blue family, which in this case is mixed with the best Skunk genes, creating an incredible synergy that enhances the best of both parts.
  • Blue Widow: Dinafem uses very much a Blueberry mother plant in its crosses, which gives the offspring its best qualities. Among all these crosses highlights the Blue Widow, which like it happens with Blue Dream and the Blue Cheese, the hybrid vigor achieved with this variety of blue cannabis is impressive, the result of mixing 2 of the best families of marijuana, White and Blue.
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Blue marijuana varieties for sale 


In Pevgrow you have it very easy to get cannabis seeds with blue colours, thanks to our variety finder you can filter the seeds, to select only those of this characteristic.

You have available many hybrids of blue marijuana, in both photodependent and autoflowering seeds, even in bulk, and if you have any doubt at the time of buying or cultivating your preferred genetics do not doubt it, consult us, we are here to help you!

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