Cannabis Cup

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Cannabis cups
are competitions that are held annually, where competitors present their best flowers, concentrates and other cannabis products . A jury made up of independent tasting experts is in charge of deciding which are the best samples in each category, a site reserved only for a select few in each edition.

A few years ago, people who wanted to attend a good cannabis cup had to travel to Amsterdam, since it was the only redoubt of freedom in the world that allowed cannabis events to be held. But that changed, and today there are more than 100 marijuana competitions that are held in many countries around the world, and every year there are some champion varieties that gain popularity and fame, and that is what this section is about, about the cannabis seed of yerba of the most important cannabis cups.

High Times Cannabis Cup, the original

The cannabis cup organized by the oldest and most prestigious magazine in the sector, High Times, is also the oldest, and at the moment the most prestigious as well. Historically it is celebrated in Amsterdam, although it has been organized in other places, and it has always been very oriented to the American market. The idea of organizing this cup came to Steve Hager , founder of said magazine, inspired by the harvest festivals that were held in California during the 70s.

The first edition of the High Times Cannabis Cup took place in 1988, with participants such as Sam The Skunkman, Neville Shoenmakers and Ben Dronkers . That year there were only 3 judges, Steve Hager, an expert crop writer for High Times magazine, and a photographer from it. It is clear that this organization has nothing to do with that of the current editions, where dozens of competitors appear, in various categories, and with many judges, since the judge's pass can be purchased for about € 250.


Best Strains in the History of the High Times Cannabis Cup

  1. Skunk : She was the absolute winner of the first edition, she won again in 1991, and until the middle of this decade several Skunk hybrids dominated the competition.
  2. Super Silver Haze : Winner of 3 consecutive editions at the end of the 90s, and the only variety that has achieved such a milestone to date.
  3. Northern Lights : Absolute winner in the 1990 cup, and its hybrids were among the winners of several of the first editions.
  4. Haze : Although the original Haze as such failed to win a High Times Cannabis Cup, its hybrids won several times.
  5. White Widow : This variety caused quite a stir by sweeping the HTCC in 1995, and the following 2 years they gained two hybrids descended from this family.
  6. Cheese : It was second in the indica category in 2008, but its Blue Cheese and Big Buddha Cheese hybrids stood out in 2006 in 2 categories.
  7. Kosher Kush : From 2010 to 2014 it was always in one way or another among the top 3 positions in different categories of this prestigious cup.
  8. Tangie : This variety swept in 2013, ranking third in the absolute category, first in sativas, and third in Neder Hash.
  9. Arjan Ultra Haze : Absolute winner of the 2006 edition, the second version of this hybrid was second in 2005, and third in the Hash category the same year.
  10. OG Kush : During the last decade it is surely the variety that has been on the winners' podium the most times, with different OG clones and hybrids.


Highlife Hemp Fair Cannabis Cup

It is the second longest-lived cannabis cup, and also the second most important, although it must be recognized that those held in the USA are gaining strength, and it is a matter of time before they surpass this one, and even the HTCC in importance.

This cannabis cup is historically held together with the fair that became the most massive in the sector in the world, the Highlife Hemp Fair in Utrecht, which housed Jaarbeurs, the largest convention center in the Netherlands and which would be the germ of the great cannabis fairs that are organized around the world today.

Although the fair had already been held for years, the first edition of the Highlife Cup was held on February 5, 2002, and it really was a festival with exhibitions, films, concerts, and all kinds of events related to the culture of the city. marijuana. Since that first drink, 18 years have passed, he is already of legal age, and during this time there have been some varieties of cannabis that have stood out on one or more occasions .


Most notable genetics of the Highlife Cup

  1. Amnesia Hy-Pro : He swept the first edition, winning the main supercup, second in Bio and third in Hydro. Since then she has been the protagonist on multiple occasions, being the absolute queen of this important competition.
  2. Jack Herer : The super polyhybrid from Sensi Seeds got 4 awards in the second edition, with the first place in the absolute category included. In later years he continued to win cups, although with less prominence.
  3. White Widow : From 2004 to 2007 she was the main protagonist of this cannabis cup, and she has won trophies both before and after that era. It's a lifelong classic of Dutch cannabis competitions.
  4. Santa María: Although it is difficult to find commercial marijuana seeds of this variety, it must be said that during the first 7 editions of the Highlife cannabis cup it was present in one way or another.
  5. AK 47 : Another classic of European competitions, which has won several cups in this famous cannabis cup. It has not stopped being on the podium even with the arrival of the new modern genetics, proof of this is the edition.
  6. Neville's Haze : The sativa sister of all commercial Haze hybrids has won several categories in this competition in different years, including recently in 2018.
  7. New York Diesel : This variety does not go out of style, it began to win trophies at the Highlife Cannabis Cup in the middle of the last decade, and it has been among the best until the last few years.
  8. Chocolope : Winner on several occasions in different years, this sativa caused a sensation in the glass that Highlife celebrates every year. She was the protagonist in 2008 and 2013, and later she has managed to win other awards.
  9. AMG Haze : Another one that is always among the favorites by the competition judges. It has won more than 7 cups in the last 10 years, and that says a lot about the potential of this variety.
  10. Blue Cheese : If there is any plant that can improve the flavor of Cheese, it is Blue Cheese, which makes you salivate. She has never been the star of this cup, but she has won awards on several occasions.


Emerald Cup, the most important cannabis cup of the moment

Although it does not take as long as the 2 previous cups, for the Emerald Cup to become the most important in the world, it is only a matter of time, and less and less is missing. No other marijuana competition has so many categories or so many samples are presented as in this one, which has been held for more than 15 years, but it has been during the last five years when it has achieved the most fame.

The main organizer is Tim Blake , who is also the owner of the land that is hosting the event, in the heart of California's Emerald Triangle, between Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity . This cannabis competition is almost exclusively for North American growers, although there are more and more contestants from other parts of the world.


Best Emerald Cup genetics

    1. Girl Scout Cookies : She was fifth in 2012, sixth in 2013 and third in 2014, and her hybrids have been present since then in all subsequent editions. Quality Californian genes.
    2. Zkittlez strain : This tasty genetic has been climbing places in the prizes obtained in the Emerald Cup since 2014, which won the 5th and 6th place in flowers, then it was first in flowers in 2016, 2nd in flowers and rosin in 2017, 2nd in 2018 and 1st in .
    3. Runtz : The protagonist of the year , since she managed to rise with the first and third places in the category of flowers grown outdoors. We are sure that this strain will continue to gain fame and cups because it is impressive.
    4. Lemon Skunk : Crowned as the best flower of 2013 in this cannabis cup from the Emerald Triangle, this DNA herb has stood out on more than one occasion, and will undoubtedly continue to do so.
    5. Wedding Cake Strain : During the last editions of this great cup, the prominence of the wedding cake has grown, being among the best valued samples in both flowers and concentrates.
    6. OG Kush : The great American champion could not be absent in this competition, which has won with different versions and variations, Larry OG being the clone that has been on the podium the most times.
    7. Cannatonic : In the first editions this genetics and its initial hybrids achieved the best positions in the CBD categories. Now there are many other CBD-rich strains dominating the scene.
    8. Chemdawg : Like Cannatonic, Chem and its hybrids swept several categories in the early years. Today his grandchildren and great-grandchildren dominate the American scene.
    9. Papaya : First place in solvent-free extractions and third in rosin in 2018. This tasty fruity plant was revived thanks to Oni Seed and is now among the most presented samples in different competitions.
    10. Blue Dream Strain : Although it has never been the absolute protagonist of the Emerald Cup, Blue Dream has participated in many of the editions, obtaining prizes in different categories.


Hempcon Cup, a USA-style cup

There will come a day when Hempcon will be more important than Comic Con, because every year it welcomes more people and its fame does not stop growing. This event has been held in San Francisco and San José in California, but the most massive edition was held in 2015 in Las Vegas (Nevada ), an event in the purest American style, in a big way , with hundreds of participants and thousands of attendees from all over the world.


    Top cannabis strains from the Hempcon Cup

        • WIfi OG : Also known as White Fire OG, this variety has established itself as one of the most demanded in the last 10 years. Created by Raskal and catapulted to fame by the Jungle Boys with their Wifi clone # 43.
        • Girl Scout Cookies : Best hybrid of the first San Francisco Hempcon, best indicated in the first Las Vegas, and present in different forms in practically all the Hempcon contested to date. A herb that never ceases to amaze.
        • Gorilla Glue 4 : It won the best hybrid category in the 2015 Las Vegas edition, and it really caused a sensation in the cannabis cups of that year and the previous one, where it won in Michigan and Los Angeles, rising to world stardom.
        • Sunset Sherbert : The runner-up in the hybrid category in the 2016 edition, Sherbinski's muse, is one of the strains that has been hitting the most in recent years in this and other prestigious glasses in the sector.
        • Punch Strain : Winner of the category for the best shatter in 2016, and we are sure that it will continue to reap awards in cannabis competitions, because it is one of the best clones of today.
        • AC / DC: It swept the category of best CBD products in 2016, winning first and second places, in addition to first in 2015. Possibly after Cannatonic it is the most awarded CBD-rich strain in marijuana glasses.
        • Fruity Pebbles OG: Best concentrate of the year 2015, first place in the category of solvent-free extracts in the edition of the same year. Variety with a unique fruity flavor, great presence, and an overwhelming effect.
        • Ambrosia: First place in the category of best hybrids in 2016 and a special Connoisseur Flower award at the same event. It is a tasty little commercial variety, a cross between Burmese and God Bud.
        • Purple Tangie: Second best sativa and third best wax in the great edition held in 2016. This plant has it all, beauty, resin production, powerful effect, and the most intense citrus flavor that can be achieved.
        • Chem Scout: Best hybrid and best overall flower in the first edition of this giant cup held in Las Vegas. A cross between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies, with a strength only suitable for expert consumers.

    Karma Cup, the competition that has grown the most in recent years

    Canadian cannabis competition that was created by Sarah Sunday in 2014, and since that moment its fame has risen like foam, placing it as one of the favorite drinks by the public around the world. It has been one of the few cups in the sector that has been celebrated in 2020 due to the coronavirus, and they are already preparing the 2021 edition.


      Best cannabis samples from the Karma Cup

          1. Mimosa : Second place in the sativa category in and 2020, and third in hybrids in the last edition. This tasty variety from Symbiotic Genetics is already a classic in this prestigious competition.
          2. MAC : Capulator's Miracle Alien Cookies has been one of the stars in this cup for the last few years. Second position as sativa in 2020, third in hybrids of , and it will surely be a fixture on the podium of the future.
          3. Ghost Train Haze: Third in the category for solventless extracts in 2020, first in sativas in 2018, first in solventless extractions in 2017, this hybrid of The Rare Dankness is more fashionable than ever.
          4. Blueberry Strain : Third place in Live Resin in the 2020 cup, it has been present in most editions through crosses such as Blue Gelato, Blue Magoo, or Blue Cheese, it could not be missing in this cannabis cup from Canada.
          5. Lindsay OG: Best hybrid of the first edition, second position in the indica category in 2015 which was later achieved again in , and first in this category in 2016. An OG Kush with intense flavor and impressive effect.
          6. Banana Punch: In recent years it has been gaining a lot of prominence, taking the awards for best sativa of and 2020. We are sure that its record in the Karma Cup will continue to grow in the years to come.
          7. Peanut Butter: First prize in the indica section of , and first place in the edibles category of 2020, where a variation of this hybrid also achieved second position.
          8. Rockstar: Protagonist of the first editions of the Karma Cup, getting second place in the indica category in 2014 and first prize in this same section in 2015. Then it was third in Budder / Live in 2017.
          9. Loktite: Second place in sativas of the year 2020, third in Solvent / Hybrid in 2018, and second place in the hybrid section of 2017. This Gorilla Glue cross is making a name for itself on the international scene.
          10. Platinum: The hybrids of this strain have won several awards in this competition. Platinum Blueberry Lemonade, Platinum Strawberry Guava, and Platinum GG4 were protagonists in the edition.

      Summary of the winning varieties of the Cannabis Cup

      The modern Cannabis Cups have their origin in the ancient harvest festivals that were held on the west coast of the USA during the 70's. In those first events, Landraces or pure varieties competed, the most exotic ones, from Laos, being highly valued. Cambodia, Congo or Brazil among other places.

      The first High Times Cannabis Cup in 1988 opened the door to new cannabis cups , featuring modern hybrids and polyhybrids. In these first competitions held in the Netherlands, Skunk and Haze clearly dominated.

      During the last decade, numerous events of this type have emerged, especially in America, where the legalization of cannabis in Canada and many US states has caused an avalanche in this regard. But not only in these countries, also in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Jamaica, Argentina, etc.

      This is good news for the sector, where consumption, clubs, drinks, fairs, festivals, and many other conventions that are held every year around this magical plant are becoming more and more normalized.

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