Indoor Marijuana Seeds

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Marijuana seeds can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in outdoor greenhouses. In principle, most of the commercial varieties can be successfully harvested indoors, although as always happens, there are a series of marijuana seeds that are better for indoor cultivation, and in this category you can see them all, both feminized seeds, such as autoflowering, regular and even the most medicinal. 

Best marijuana seeds for indoor cultivation

Which maria seeds are best for indoors? Undoubtedly, the most recommended for indoors are those that do not get too tall, those with a compact morphology, those with a short flowering period, and those with great hybrid vigor that allow them to adapt perfectly to any environment or growing system. Let's see it carefully:

  • Controlled height: Indoor grow tents usually have an average height of 2 meters, and although it may seem like enough space, you have to understand that a good part of that distance is lost between the height of the pot, which is left between the bulb and plants, and what is needed to hang the luminaire from the ceiling. Indica cannabis seeds and mostly indica hybrids are better for growing indoors because they don't get as tall.
  • Compact structure: Some varieties stretch their structure too much during the flowering phase and although the upper tips can receive a lot of light, the lower parts are so separated from the upper parts that barely enough lumens reach to form compact buds. The best marijuana seeds to grow successfully indoors are the ones that do not stretch more than twice the height they were when switching from photoperiod to flowering.
  • Short flowering: Indoor cultivation costs are much higher than outdoors, especially due to electricity consumption, and in this sense, the best indoor marijuana seeds are those with a short flowering period. Autoflowering seeds, indicas, and hybrids with less than 10 weeks of flowering are the best in this case.
  • Great hybrid vigor: Hybrid vigor is a phenomenon that increases the resistance of plants, their ability to adapt to the environment, the final production, and the speed of development. Marijuana seeds with great hybrid vigor are ideal for indoor cultivation because they are more resistant to stress, adapt to all types of light, substrate and fertilizers, offer great yields and usually have a shorter flowering period.

Indoor feminized marijuana seeds

Although the plants that come from the feminized seeds do not have to be better than the regular ones, they have a very important advantage that can help us save a lot of money. When you grow regular seeds, you have to know that about half of the specimens will be males, and unless you want to produce other regular seeds, the males will have to be discarded.

This means a loss of money in seeds, substrate, fertilizers, water, phytosanitary products, etc. On the other hand, by growing feminized seeds indoors, you can be sure that all the specimens will be female, therefore all the resources used will be used. Feminized seeds are better for growing indoors because you can germinate only what you need.

3 months marijuana seeds for indoor growing

In many cases it may be the best way to start with seeds when growing indoors, because autoflowering seeds are the easiest to grow. This is because its cultivation lasts only 3 months at most, although in most cases its life cycle is even shorter, but there is another even more interesting point. Autoflowering seeds are perfect for beginners to grow indoors because there is no need to change the photoperiod from growing to flowering, as they are automatic flowering plants.

On the other hand, automatic or autoflowering marijuana plants are more resistant to stress as a general rule, and they do not get stressed even if you turn on the light during the night phase, something that can happen in cases of timer failure, human error or those cases where the power supply fails. They can also better withstand nutritional imbalances, cold, and other types of stress, so 3-month-old marijuana seeds are ideal for indoors, especially when they are going to be grown by inexperienced hands.

Indoor marijuana seeds with USA genetics

American cannabis varieties are currently the most cultivated indoors, and the truth is that it can be understood because they offer a potency and quality that can surpass most seeds from around the world. By planting American marijuana seeds indoors, you can obtain a harvest of very tight buds, with a very interesting leaf to calyx ratio, overflowing with resin, and with aromas, flavors, and effects that have been totally revolutionary.

Not all American genetics are perfect for indoors, but if you look closely you will see that the vast majority of these are currently polyhybrid descendants of Chemdog, Afghan and Skunk, so they are quite fast, compact, with very dense and resinous buds, very aromatic and tasty, and with an overwhelming power. Within the space marijuana seeds for indoor use with USA genetics, you have available regular, feminized, autoflowering and even rich CBD and other cannabinoids.

Marijuana seeds for indoor cultivation for sale

You have already seen that to sow marijuana seeds indoors under artificial lights, the best option are the varieties with fast flowering, controlled height, compact structure, and those with greater hybrid vigour. Feminized seeds are also very interesting because they allow you to calculate the exact plants that are going to flower and you can save a lot of money on resources. In this category you will find the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors, look at all the ones you have available and choose the ones that have the most outstanding qualities for you.

Frequent questions

How to germinate indoor marijuana seeds?

To germinate marijuana seeds, they must be subjected to conditions of darkness, heat and humidity to activate the germ they contain in a latent state. There are different methods of germination, and if you are interested in this topic, it is best that you enter this article on our blog where we explain how to germinate marijuana seeds easily.

How to grow marijuana indoors from seed?

It is not very complicated, it is enough to try to imitate the environmental parameters that occur in nature but in a closed space and with artificial light. If you want to go deeper in this regard, by clicking on this link you will see how to plant marijuana seeds indoors step by step thanks to our cultivation guide.

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