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PEV Grow UK is our urgent and discreet home delivery service for all the necessary equipment to grow, process and consume cannabis throughout the United Kingdom. We have been one of the leading online grow shops throughout Europe for more than 10 years, and we have more than 20 years of experience in indoor and outdoor cultivation of marijuana plants, and we can advise all types of clients when choosing the products they need at all times.

What are the most demanded grow shop products in the UK?

Due to the harsh climate of the UK in general, with many cloudy days, short summers, constant rain, and low temperatures for a large part of the year, much more is grown indoors than outdoors in this country, and they are widely sold all the necessary products for indoor cultivation, especially LED luminaires, HPS and LEC equipment, hydroponic and aeroponic systems, climate control units, and complete grow cabinets.

In relation to the most demanded marijuana seeds in the United Kingdom, as in other European countries, the varieties with the greatest hype in the USA are the top sellers, with Wedding Cake, Runtz, Zkittlez and Gelato strain as the greatest exponents. For outdoor cultivation in the UK the best cannabis seeds are those that can be harvested before the onset of night frosts, such as Critical Plus, Green Poison F1 Fast Version or Sugar Black Rose Early Version. Another good option are autoflowering seeds, and in this case you can grow the variety you prefer because they are all worth it.

Green Poison F1 Fast Version® Critical Plus Sugar Black Rose Early Version Zkittlez strain
Green Poison F1 Fast Version® Critical Plus Sugar Black Rose Early Version Zkittlez
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The best grow shop brands in the UK

At PEV Grow Shop UK you will find the best brands in the sector, seed banks such as Sensi Seeds, DNA Genetics, Dutch Passion, Barney's Farm, Mr. Nice or Archive Seeds among many others. The best quality lighting, with manufacturers such as Gavita, Phillips or Lumatek, Ecotechnics, Prima-Klima or Cli-Mate climate control devices, Can Filter, Mountain Air or Koalair anti-odour systems. We also have the best brands of fertilizers, Canna, Advanced Nutrients, Grotek, Biobizz, Plagron, etc.

For cannabis consumption you can see in our paraphernalia section all kinds of rolling papers from many different brands, RAW, OCB, Lion Rolling Circus, etc. but if you prefer to vaporize, don't worry, because you will still find more options in portable or desktop vaporizers, with brands such as Volcano, PAX, Da Vinci or DynaVap among others.

Advantages of buying in our grow shop from the UK

  • Convenience: Do not waste more time or resources in going to the store, if you ask us what you want we will take it to you, and you will not have to carry anything home.
  • Discretion: Because no one has to know or see what you buy, where, or what you buy it for, right? Our packages do not carry marks or signs that can reveal what they contain.
  • Speed: Our shipments reach the UK in less than 2 days from the moment they leave the warehouse, as we know full well that when you need something for your plants you can't wait.
  • Guarantee: We are not aware of any other grow shop that grants up to 100 days of satisfaction guarantee, apart from the germination guarantee that we give for the seeds of all banks.
  • Confidence: We give you the possibility of paying cash on delivery without limit of amount, but if you want to know us a little better I invite you to read the reviews and evaluations of our clients.

Buy at PEV Grow Shop UK and take advantage of all these advantages

You have already seen all the advantages of buying in our grow shop from the United Kingdom, and I also invite you to follow us on our social networks and to participate in the private groups of Telegram and Discord, where we are thousands of people sharing and exchanging all kinds of cannabis information.