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Barney's Farm: discover the origin of the Dutch bank


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PEV Grow takes you back to Amsterdam, and makes you fly through a tour of Barney's Farm coffee shops. Believe it or not, Barney's Farm seed bank is one of the largest in the world. With certain ups and downs of popularity throughout its history, perhaps because of the excessively hippie nature of Derry, its founder, Barney's Farm has been a reference in Holland in the research and development of genetics of Asian origin, managing to gather an extensive collection of genetics from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.   

Marketing cannabis seeds since 1991, and since the 80's Derry began to build its base collecting phenotypes of marijuana from Central and Southeast Asia, which allowed the creation of genetics unmatched, and very difficult to find in the cannabis environment of the Netherlands of the 90's. After his settlement in the Himalayas (in his hippie search for Buddha and his obsession with conquering Nirvana), Derry experimented for years with native varieties, seeking increases in THC, and new amalgams of flavors and aromas .... we believe that in many cases he achieved and the favorable opinions of cannabis growers did not wait.

Despite having such a clear evolution, its intermittence is due, we believe, to a rapid evolution of the sector, which surpassed even that of the seed bank itself, evolution that brought regulatory changes also in Holland, and that forced, at the beginning of the new millennium, to move the large production of cannabis seeds to the new paradise, Spain. His Coffee Shop in Amsterdam served as support in the promotion of their varieties, being the visible face of the seed bank until the late 90's.  
Barney's Farm had its peak with the launch of genetics such as Barney's Farm Sweet Tooth and Barney's Farm Morning Glory, varieties that had to re-edit and relaunch in recent years to compete in "marketing" with the new monsters, represented by the large Spanish seed banks. This had to happen to leave behind legendary seed banks, but which have become somewhat obsolete as Nirvana, and KC Brains, and which were very in line with the good of Derry ... and is that no plant should lack water to bloom!


Discover Barney's Farm catalogue:

Now Barney's Farm is once again a fundamental pillar in the cannabis world of Dutch origin, presenting in its catalogue old and reissued varieties, such as those mentioned above, as well as new genetics that adapt to the modern requirements of industrialization of the cannabis sector. In this section you will find the catalogue of feminized seeds that have launched Derry to top positions such as Pineapple Chunk, Critical Kush, Blue Cheese, LSD, Vanilla Kush and one of our favorite Tangerine Dream (more commonly known as "Tangie" among breeders).
However, I see that we leave a lot in the inkwell, so let's take a little detour to some of their specialties:


- Dr. Grinspoon:

A pure sativa from the old school. What it lacks in production it more than makes up for thanks to its tremendously "trippy" and energetic effects. In this plant, the resin-laden trichomes cover even the stems. It tastes like zumanque, lemon and tropical fruits.

- Liberty Haze:

A very successful hybrid resulting from the crossing G13 strain x Chewdog 91, with phenotypic characteristics both Indicas and Sativas, has short flowering times (8 to 9 weeks) with excellent behavior in indoor crops, giving the best of itself in production and resin. It provides a lasting brain effect, which gives unlimited creativity to your passions.

- Utopia Haze:

A sativa winner of the first sativa prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2008. It's a selection from a Brazilian phenotype, which is high in outdoor crops, with tropical flavors and potent, cerebral and long-lasting effects. If you're looking for a good sativa, Barneys is your seed bank!

- Honey B:

Another Sativon! This time it comes from Vietnam. How curious!... in the countries where there are more legal restrictions have the most exotic marijuana genetics and higher quality. This is an excellent plant, which takes a little longer to be ready, but is worth a lot.

- 8 Ball Kush:

In this case we have between the fingers (stuck, everything has to be said) a purely indica Kush, a mixture of varieties from Afghanistan and Pakistan, unmistakable for its musky earthy flavor. Ideal for lovers of indoor cultivation in modality S.O.G or S.C.R.O.G.

- Acapulco Gold:

This is one of its best reissues. A very resinous Indica/Sativa hybrid with dense, compact buds. Its predominance sativa gives it a marked fruity touch, with powerful but relaxing effects.

- Ayahuasca Purple:

If you are looking to grow something beautiful this plant will fill your indoor splendor. It is a purple strains of weed with dyes very "red" but with relaxing effects, production and flowering times typical of his father Master Kush. Don't forget to try it indoors.


For us, Barney's Farm is a sure bet on the cannabis diversity you are looking for, above all for all those who pursue innovation and the exotic... with flavours and colours that will surprise you.

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Barney´s Farm: All its best auto seeds available for you

The autoflowering varieties of Barney´s Farm, are based on their greatest achievements and strains that have managed to mark a before and after within the cannabis market. Keeping their best conditions intact, they are perfect for those who wish to wait less time and greater ease in cultivation.

Barney´s Farm has been creating the best varieties on the market for over 30 years. Its founder began collecting varieties from Himalaya itself, and several parts of the world to be impregnated by their flavors, to later adapt them and create their own, differentiating from the outset, with varieties of exquisite quality.


Discover the catalogue of auto varieties from Barney´s Farm:

Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express from Barney´s Farm is a strain whose main advantage is that it can be grown several times a year. If you grow it indoors, you will need a 20/4 photoperiod, and if you use 11 pots of 9 liters you will be able to harvest up to 400 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, is characterized by a wide central bud and resinous, and if it receives a good dose of sun you can harvest up to 50 grams per plant. Without a doubt, its fruity and sweet taste is an experience that leaves no one indifferent.

Critical Kush Auto

For the most impatient lovers of Indica-dominated varieties, Barney's Farm has created the Critical Kush Auto. Its impressive genetics, gives good faith of the results it can provide, and is that deriving from Critical Kush is a guarantee of assured success. In indoor crops, is cultivated very easy, virtually any grower can make good use of it. Ah! very important, you must use an odor filter and a good extraction system because from very early on its aroma is really strong. Outdoors, I always use a definitive pot of 18 liters, with a substrate of coconut, so that its root growth is optimal and can reach its best version, being able to collect up to 150 gr per plant.

NYC Diesel Auto

If you want to have a good laugh in the company of your friends, your best option is the NYC Diesel Auto from Barney's Farm. With a growing cycle of just 9-10 weeks, it's a really productive autoflowering variety. In indoor cultivation, you can harvest up to 500 gr per m2 of high quality grass. Outdoors, productivity drops a little, but you can get up to 80 grams per plant, if you give a little affection.

Auto Blue Cheese

With a genetics derived from Blueberry Auto and Cheese Auto, was born the Auto Blue Cheese of Barney's Farm. Its organoleptic properties are incredible, its strong aroma of cheese combined with its fruity flavor, give it a unique personality. Indoors, in just 10 weeks it will be ready for you to harvest. In outdoor crops, prepare a good substrate, for example, with murcielago guano, and if your girls get a good dose of light you can get up to 150 grams per plant, incredible but true.

Sin Trabajo

One of the most authentic varieties in Barney´s Farm's catalogue of autoflowering varieties is the Sin Trabajo (Unemployed). As its name suggests, it is designed to be grown with as little effort as possible, perfect for novice growers who have just entered the world or for expert growers who don't want to warm their heads at certain times and get easy harvests. In indoor crops, its production is scandalous, reaching 500 gr per m2. If you want to follow one of my tricks, I put them in 11 9-litre pots, and it works wonders for me. Outdoors, it needs hot climates and will give you up to 50 gr per plant.


Discover the extensive catalogue of autoflowering varieties from Barney´s Farm, characterised by brutal productivity and premium quality. Enjoy the good work of one of the world's leading seed banks, with the guarantee of buying in your trusted online Growshop, enjoy Barney´s Farm in Pevgrow!

Barney´s Farm: all its catalogue with the best regular varieties

The regular seeds of Barney´s Farm, are characterized by their productivity and quality. It is a return to the past, to traditional marijuana, where the best specimens were selected for their aroma and flavor, and their resistance to not having been genetically modified is much higher, as well as their productivity. Of course if you are a lover of the marijuana, you can continue enjoying the regular varieties that maintain Barney´s Farm in his catalogue.

Barney´s Farm needs no introduction anywhere in the world, because his work speaks for itself. For more than 30 years Derry, breeder and owner of the bank, began to work in the Himalayas, to know and bring the native varieties. Later he began to create his own varieties, and today they continue to do so and are considered one of the best seed banks in the world.

The success of Barney´s Farm lies in its strategy of constant renewal and improvement of its products, introducing, for example, all its seeds in practical plastic wrappers, which provide a unique protection and conservation, to keep their properties intact. Barney´s Farm is considered to be one of the highest quality seed banks in the world.

Catalogue of regular seeds from Barney´s Farm:

Pineaple Haze

One of its most prominent regular varieties is Barney's Farm's Pineaple Haze. This variety is the result of the genetic fusion between Afghan, Skunk #1 and Old School Haze, and its pineapple aroma will captivate you from the first puff. Outdoors, it feels like a fish in the water, so if you work with a good substrate and nutrients you can harvest up to 600 grams of aromatic resinous flowers without much effort.


Honey B

If you like real productive varieties, Honey B from Barney´s Farm is your strain. With a predominance of Sativa, its effect will produce a powerful mind activating effect, which will allow you to travel to the most hidden places of your imagination. Indoors, I always use for this variety, 11 pots of 9 liters, to give it a little more root space and give me all its splendor, and also if you mix a little coconut substrate, its roots will have room to grow, being able to collect up to 550 gr per m2. Outdoors, you will need preventive to keep pests away, although if you take care of it as it deserves you will be able to obtain 600 grams/plant of top quality buds.

Afghan Hash Plant

For lovers of true 100% Indicas varieties, Barney´s Farm has created Afghan Hash Plant. It is characterized by its relaxing effect on both mind and body, perfect for laughing with friends. If you grow it indoors, I use 14 pots of 7 liters, with a 600W HPS lamp to grow strongly. If, on the other hand, you prefer an outdoor crop, you can collect up to 900 grams per plant if the plants on firm ground with a spongy substrate to develop a good root system.

Crimea Blue

They also have award-winning varieties, such as Crimea Blue, 2nd prize at the 2007 Cannabis Cup. Of course a variety, which derives from crossing with Blueberry is a guaranteed success and Crimea Blue is. If you grow it indoors, you can collect up to 400 gr per m2, to get it I made a SOG with 18 pots of 5.5 liters and a sodium bulb of 400w. If, on the other hand, you opt for an outdoor crop, prepare the soil well, the bat guano substrate is incredible, and you will be able to obtain a very high productivity harvest.


Discover all these regular varieties from Barney´s Farm and many more in our online shop catalogue. At PevGrow, we work every day to improve your experience, and that's why it's necessary to work with the best, and Barney´s Farm certainly is. Buy Now!

Barney´s Farm: the best therapeutic seeds on the market

The varieties rich in CBD of Barney´s Farm, are designed for those who love the medicinal powers of marijuana, and away from the psychoactive effects of the varieties rich in THC.

Nowadays, CBD is in fashion, mainly due to the studies carried out by medical laboratories and hospitals all over the world, intrigued by the medicinal properties of CBD that managed to give solution to problems or diseases where traditional medicine could not reach. The most studied case is the effect of the consumption of CBD on the reduction of epileptic seizures, as well as the reduction of the frequency of appearance. But Barney´s Farm has been creating varieties rich in CBD from practically its beginnings, since in the world of marijuana is known by all, that the benefits of CBD are multiple and have been used for thousands of years.

The best varieties of seeds with high CBD from Barney´s Farm:

CBD Critical Cure

The CBD Critical Cure of Barney´s Farm, is one of its most recent creations, and is characterized by a very good cultivation facility, and a high production. In outdoor crops, if you use 9 pots of 11 liters and also the guardians can reach the incredible figure of 500 gr per m2. If, on the other hand, you grow outdoors, you will be able to collect an incredible amount of resin rich in CBD. I plant it in spring in full soil and have come to harvest up to 800 grams per plant.

CBD Blue Shark

The CBD Blue Shark from Barney´s Farm, in addition to its high CBD content, has organoleptic properties marked by a taste of Beech wood and Molasses, with earthy touches, which make each puff the prelude to an experience that is far from the earthy. If you grow it indoors, it grows with an Indica structure and is covered by a white layer of resin that is perfect for extractions. I always use 11 litre pots to get the most out of it, and place it under a 315W LEC lighting system that produces less heat and also saves energy.

Outdoors, is a little delicate to cold and humidity, therefore, needs good hours of sunshine, and if you prepare a good substrate you can get up to 800 grams per plant, worth the effort!

CBD Lemon Potion Auto

For lovers of medical marijuana accompanied by an unmatched flavor, Barney´s Farm has the CBD Lemon Potion Auto. Its autoflowering character, gives it a brutal ease of cultivation. In interior, I used 14 flowerpots of 7 liters, with a HPS illumination of 600W and I obtained a harvest of 400 gr for m2. Outdoors, because it needs long hours of sun to grow strong and vigorous, and in just 10 weeks you can collect up to 40 grams per plant.

Buy now, these and other varieties rich in CBD from Barney´s Farm as CBD Strains, in your trusted online Growshop, PevGrow.

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