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Kleaner, the toxin cleaner that can help you in drug tests

Reading Time 5 minutes   Did you know that you can test positive for drugs even if you have not smoked cannabis today? It may seem odd and shocking, but it’s true, the devices used by government security agents to check whether you are … Leer más

Best 20 indica cannabis plants ranking

Reading Time 8 minutes   Indica cannabis varieties are the favorite of users who prefer relaxing, sedative or narcotic effects. Originally there are less pure indica than sativa landraces, because the second ones extended by all the world, but indica strains are concentrated in … Leer más

Kratom and alcohol, the trendy cocktail

Reading Time 5 minutes   Alcohol has always been combined with other drugs to enhance their effects, from ancient times to nowadays. The Egyptians mixed wine with Blue Lotus to induce altered states of consciousness and enhance sexuality. The Mayans used Balché, ancient Europeans … Leer más

Entheogens, fungi, cactus and other psychoactive beings

Reading Time 6 minutes   Entheogens are part of human culture, a necessary tool to know ourselves better, to find out where we come from or to understand our mission in life. There are many ways to call this kind of drug: psychotropic, hallucinogenic, … Leer más

Ranking of the best psychedelics for beginners

Reading Time 6 minutes   There are many people who after discovering the world of psychedelic substances decide that they want to try them. This is normal, we are all struck by the unknown, especially if they tell you about the capacity of some … Leer más

Blue Lotus: effects, preparation, dose and every form of usage

Reading Time 5 minutes   There are plants that by their appearance, colors, aroma or form, suggest that they hide something inside. Some seem to come from another planet, with alien forms even, others contain thorns or spikes that can be harmful, there are … Leer más

Ayahuasca, the mother of all entheogens

Reading Time 7 minutes   The usage of Ayahuasca has spread considerably over the last 50 years thanks to numerous publications, but even today there are many questions related to this substance that remain a mystery. When did they begin to use this brew? … Leer más

San Pedro, all the information about the sacred cactus

Reading Time 5 minutes   San Pedro is the common name by which we know a species of cactus that contains mescaline. Its real name is Echinopsis Pachanoi, although until a few years ago it was known as Trichocereus Pachanoi, but it is known … Leer más

The best American Seed Banks

Reading Time 16 minutes   The United States is the country in the world where most marijuana is consumed, although if we talk about banks there are notable differences with European seed producers. In most of the states, citizens can’t buy marijuana seeds for … Leer más


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Thus, we will analyze cannabis strains. We also make comparisons of marijuana genetics and experiments with plants so that you know the real characteristics of each marijuana properly, we also deepen and verify all the materials necessary to grow marijuana seeds both indoors and outdoors, so you will know accurately the products to choose to grow your own herb depending on your needs.