Limonene, all you need to know

Reading Time 3 minutes   Who hasn’t ever tried a cannabis variety with a citrus aroma and taste? I guess we’ve all tried it and that’s because those strains contain a compound called Limonene that causes that fragrance. But the use of this natural … Leer más

Jiffy in cannabis crops, all the information

Reading Time 4 minutes   One of the most popular products in Grow shops is jiffy, due to its low price, versatility and ease of use. But not everybody knows about the existence of these small objects, or many people do not know how … Leer más

Rick Simpson oil, all the information

Reading Time 5 minutes     Rick Simpson achieved international fame a few years ago thanks to his story of struggle that he recorded in the documentary “Run from the cure“. Among other things, he popularized the RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) recipe and since … Leer más

Moonrocks, the world’s most potent cannabis

Reading Time 4 minutes   There is a term that has become very popular in recent years in the cannabis industry, the Moonrocks. Most people who try them claim that they have never known a more potent type of cannabis, a hard drug, but … Leer más

What are weed leaves and what are they for?

Reading Time 6 minutes     The weed leaf has become a symbol representing a whole cultural movement since the 1960s. Few things have created more controversy since then, on the one hand the supporters of prohibition, defenders of the interests of the pharmaceutical … Leer más

Blunt, what is it and how to roll it?

Reading Time 4 minutes   Blunt is a type of cigarette paper and a word used to describe large joints. A Blunt paper is a natural tobacco leaf layer, which can be aromatized to bring flavors to our weed. It was the rappers and … Leer más

What is CBN and how can it help you?

Reading Time 3 minutes   Many new applications of cannabis cannabinoids have emerged in recent years. Until relatively recently the vast majority of varieties contained very high levels of THC and low levels of the other components. Everything changed with the arrival of CBD-rich … Leer más

Haze hybrids, a trend that will never die

Reading Time 8 minutes   Best Haze hybrids nowadays share well-known traits: great psychoactive power, impressive hybrid vigour and a citrus and incense flavor with strong wood or spice nuances. What many people don’t know is that these cannabis strains also share an ancient … Leer más

CBDV, What is it and what is it for?

Reading Time 3 minutes   Lately people are often talking about cannabis plant compounds. Legalization in different countries has opened the door to mass research on these components, and more and more applications are being found. In this post we talk about CBDV, one … Leer más

What is CBC and what is it for?

Reading Time 3 minutes   Lately, new applications are emerging for some components of the cannabis plant. Until a few years ago THC was the most studied compound, but over the last decade CBD has made a lot of headway. Research on new medical … Leer más

Cannabis strains for sleep, varieties and products

Reading Time 4 minutes   Many people consume weed to sleep better every day, just as many people drink coffee to wake up. They are part of our habits and once you get used to them it is difficult to do without them. But … Leer más

THCA, the acid form of THC

Reading Time 5 minutes   Cannabis plants contain a number of compounds that have pharmacological and/or psychoactive properties, cannabinoids. Today we are going to meet a very special one, since it can be both medicinal and psychotropic, it is THCA and lately it is … Leer más


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