Top 10 strains with the highest amount of THC on the market

Reading Time 5 minutes   Many times we are asked, which marijuana strain has the highest amount of THC? And it’s a question that changes answer very quickly, because new Genetics are released every year that usually break the previous record. In order not … Leer más

Top 10 varieties of cultivated marijuana easier

Reading Time 5 minutes   Every year there are thousands of people around the world who start growing marijuana plants for the self-sufficiency of their own medicine. These people need varieties that are resistant to stress, pests and fungi, that do not give feeding … Leer más

Elite Marijuana Clones

Reading Time 11 minutes   Since it began to spread In the indoor cultivation of marijuana,mother plants of the best phenotypes of the varieties that were cultivated. Until then it was impossible to maintain genetics for more than one season, but thanks to the … Leer más

Cannabis buds are fruits and not flowers

Reading Time 4 minutes   All your life thinking that the buds of plants of cannabis were flower clusters, and now we are proven wrong. But this is only part of the study published recently by independent researcher Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli, so if you want … Leer más

New line of 100% organic fertilizers Advanced Nutrients OIM

Reading Time 4 minutes   Advanced Nutrients is the company marijuana fertilizer world’s most innovative. It has the catalog of specific products for the nutrition of cannabis plants most extensive, but that hasn’t stopped it from recently expanding it with a range of 100% … Leer más

Properties of hemp seeds

Reading Time 3 minutes   Hemp seeds are considered a superfood, because they possess amino acids that we do not produce naturally, they are located in places that as the quinoa would guarantee the food security of humanity in places as inhospitable as some … Leer más

Bongs Guide

Reading Time 5 minutes   Do you want to buy a bong but don’t know how to do it? Then you’ve come to the right place! When you get tired of joints or you don’t like your old bubbler, you probably want to start … Leer más

The best weed grinders in 2021

Reading Time 4 minutes     The growshop sector and all the paraphernalia for smokers that goes along with does not stop growing and innovating, and this can be seen in weed grinders among other articles. 15 years ago you could barely find 3 … Leer más

Guide and best marijuana vaporizers 2021

Reading Time 11 minutes       Estimated Cannalover! Back here again? I’m so glad! Are you thinking of buying a portable Vaporizer to smoke marijuana? Do not know where to choose and which of them is best for you? Well, you’re lucky! Because … Leer más

Guide of the best electronic cigarettes 2021

Reading Time 6 minutes     Welcome to the PEV Grow blog! There are more and more smokers who want to stop smoking tobacco and turn to electronic cigarettes as a transition to quit that bad habit. That’s why I’ve set to work and … Leer más

Advantages of eating raw cannabis

Reading Time 4 minutes   Do you know what happens if you eat raw marijuana? This is perhaps a little-known topic because not many people get to know more about its nutritional perspective. The body’s endocannabinoid system can take advantage of its properties when … Leer más


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