Cheese variety History of the United States to England

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Cheese genetic

Cheese genetic

Its name honors the aroma and taste that follows it. This seed is the result of crossing the variety Afghan and Kush and is characterized by perfect physical and mental effect.

The story of one of the most honored and appreciated by lovers of marijuana seeds begins with a journey that leads from the US to England. It was from the other side of the ocean, where the variety Cheese arrived to join the list of one of the most consumed seeds in Europe, with its arrival in the late 80s, as mentioned, to England.

Seeds that originally belong to the seed bank Green House, even though today, almost three decades later, there are many varieties which are derived from the same and are part of the seed banks of other company Cannabis sector.

Cheese variety has Skunk phenotype. However, to achieve a more stable seed, it crossed with an Afghan variety, resulting in a much stronger plant with an also more powerful effect and the characteristic smell of cheese which certainly distinguishes it from other seeds marijuana and was revolutionary at the time.

Something which is not surprising considering the seed bank from which, Green Seeds, which has won numerous awards in different parts of the world.

Variety Cheese features

Cheese: Variety of legend arose in the UK

Cheese: Variety of legend arose in the UK

The cheese, the original seeds are feminized, Sativa phenotype and easy to grow. For this reason and for its characteristic odor and properties will mention below, this seed is in the list of the most sold.

In addition, it is also a very easy crop seed, which is chosen both by the veterans such as novices. The results, moreover, are collected in eight weeks, so that this speed is also very important when picking a type of seed or another.

Furthermore, grown indoors, it becomes a super producer. Can you ask for more? Well you can still give much more of this seed. And its effect is euphoric and durable. In fact, it is highly recommended by many experts.

As far as the medical use is concerned, the cheese is used to relieve pain, stimulate appetite and combat insomnia. Addition to having an unique flavor, as is the cheese, which gives its name to this variety, as mentioned above.

Seeds derived from Cheese

How could it be otherwise, and we explained earlier, there are many varieties that have been made from the Cheese authentic, of the house Green House. Some of them include the following:

Blue Cheese : by seeds bank Barney’s Farm. Feminized type of like its predecessor, is the result of the combination between Skunk # 1, Cheese phenotype and Blueberry . With the original Cheese, share its easy culture, taste and aroma of cheese. It may result in a short plant, with wide lateral branches and buds full of resin. Its effect is powerful, relaxing and very narcotic, so it is also ideal to rest if insomnia.

Blue Cheese - Barney's Farm

Blue Cheese – Barney’s Farm

Sweet Cheese Auto: seed bank Sweet seeds, feminized type and 100% autoflowering, in just eight weeks completes the process of germination. It results in a plant with a very compact and resinous central bud. A very productive plant and of excellent quality. Unlike the two varieties mentioned above, it also have a taste of stale cheese, also has a hint of lemon makes it a very nice product.

Sweet Cheese Auto - Sweet seeds

Sweet Cheese Auto – Sweet seeds

Supercheese : seed bank Positronics Seeds, it is a seed that results in a plant of medium height and thick size. Very resinous (in fact, the plant is almost white), its flowers are large and compact, with a small amount of small leaves and a faint green. Its flavor combines sweet and Sour touches, reminding the old cheese, once the tasting. As for its effect, this is remarkably relaxing and ideal for sensory use.

Supercheese - Positronics Seeds

Supercheese – Positronics Seeds

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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