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Bulk feminized cannabis seeds 

Discover the bulk feminised seeds in your Grow Shop online Piensa en Verde.

After the economic crisis in Spain, we thought that we could offer our customers a quality catalog at cheaper prices than in the past time.

In the next lines we are gonna tell you what actions we took to get the most important catalog of feminised wholesale marijuana seeds from internet.

We contacted the best breeders in the country, seeds producers who work for the biggest seeds banks and asked them to make us seeds with the best quality. We had to contact many breeders to get more than 80 different genetics in order to accomplish all quality controls.

All our bulk feminised seeds pass germination tests (+ 95% effectiveness), we also stress the plants to select the strongest, and recently, we have incorporated a chromatograph to our lab in order to reproduce only those varieties with the higher levels of cannabinoids and with the most complete terpene profiles.

What are the advantages of this type of seeds?

Especially their price and quality, in this section you will find the cheapest feminised seeds in our whole catalog.

But... why are these feminised seeds so cheap? -Maybe, you wonder

As I told you, we have not spared in quality so that you can enjoy the best weed, the most important cost savings we have achieved in relation to marketing. Yet, we do not print catalogs or fliers, and we do not attend cannabis fairs nor partipate in cannabis cups, and of course, we do not spend money on merchandising.

Our customers love that we offer feminised seeds in large quantities, this helps us to make our breeders produce more quantity, therefore, the prices are cheaper.

All that savings provokes that we can make direct influences on the retail price, this is the reason of making marijuana growers in Europe more and more satisfied.

In this catalog you will find varieties for either indoor and outdoor crops, such as indica, hybrid or sativa phenotypes.

Could I make you a suggestion?

I propose you 5 feminised estrains in bulk format you should not miss:

  • Piensa en Amnesia, the flowers yield by this plant have been offered for decades in most coffe shops in the Netherlands. As a good sativa its effect is clearly cerebral, very psychoactive. Its aroma and taste of citrus with spicy touch requires you to taste it al least once in your life.
  • Piensa en , a marijuana plant that is mostly sativa with a short flowering period and a very reasonable yield, perfect for indoor crops.
  • Piensa en Skunk, a mythical “Old School” plant, is a very interesting strain to crop in outdoor or greenhouse. From this hybrid are born the most of varieties that we can currently grow.
  • Piensa en Moby Dick, if you are thinking of growing marijuana to harvest a premium production, do not keep your sight away from this monster with which you can get to harvest up to 1500 grams of resinous buds per plant.
  • Piensa en Bruce Banner, The most powerful strain in our catalog. A tipical weed made for the most experienced growers and cannasseurs. The THC levels you can get are up to 27.5%.

In Piensa en Verde we have our own bulk feminised marijuana seeds bank , PEV Bank Seeds.

We package and select manually all the seeds, then we keep them in optimum conditions just prepared for shipment, so we are not afraid to launch our own brand ,and of course, giving the same guarantees as any seeds bank does.

If you have any problem with germination, do not worry, all the products that you will find on our website have guarantee of satisfaction and refund. It is unlikely having problems with germination if you apply the correct method for what we recommend you to take a glance our respective post regading seeds germination.
If in spite of acting correctly you got any problem, we will replace the packet immediately once we receive the failed seeds in their original packaging.

If you are looking for very cheap feminised marijuana seeds, you are in the right website! Please, come in!