Bulk marijuana seeds

Here you have at your disposal the best collection of bulk seeds of the most famous cannabis varieties, so you can grow them at the best market price.Read more


Bulk weed seeds are becoming the favorites of many growers for many reasons, if you want to discover them I invite you to read more...

They are cheap marijuana seeds, which are usually sold in large quantities to reduce their price, but can also be purchased in small packages.

Bulk cannabis seeds do not have to be worse than those of commercial banks, they are often replicas of famous varieties, and in some cases can surpass in quality the original genetics. The most demanded strains are feminized and autoflowering, but you also have available regular seeds in bulk, and even rich in CBD.

Feminized Seeds in Bulk

As it happens with commercial varieties, feminized seeds are the favorites within this category. The Critical bulk seeds are preferred by Spanish growers; in France, Holland and other places in Europe the most sold are the Amnesia seeds in bulk; and in the USA are succeeding the Gelato seeds in bulk.

As we can see, the market trend is similar to that of the seeds from commercial banks, and what's in vogue in ones influences the others, like a lot of things do, right? 

Best Bulk Seeds 

If you are looking for quality seeds ideally you should look at several factors. The first thing is to consult which are the most cultivated, because if they are planted a lot it will be for a reason, don't you think?

Another factor to take into account to check the level of bulk marijuana varieties are the ratings of other customers. On our website you can find comments from many users who have grown Pevgrow bulk seeds, both from PEV Seeds Bank and others, some with more than 30 different customer ratings. It's the best way to get a global idea of what can be the best seed in bulk of the market, I invite you to come in and read the ones that appeal to you the most, it will be a time well spent, listen to me and you will not regret it...

Better outdoor bulk marijuana genetics

To find the varieties of cannabis in bulk most suitable for your outdoor cultivation is important to know the climate, it is not the same if you live in an area with Mediterranean or continental climate, so before choosing the variety you must know the weather conditions.

To facilitate this work we have created an informative guide of the best seeds of marijuana according to destinies, I recommend you to take a look at it before deciding the seeds of marijuana in bulk for outdoor cultivation.

Indoor Bulk Marijuana Seeds

When we cultivate indoors we usually put 9, 12 or 16 plants per square meter (3x3ft), giving from 3 to 5 weeks of growth to cover all the space of culture with that number of specimens.

Bulk cannabis seeds can be a solution when we want to save time, thanks to its low price, we can buy more seeds with the same money, and reduce the cycle at 18 hours, as we can put 25 plants per square meter (3x3ft) directly at 12/12, in other words, without growth period.

This would be the closest thing to making a Sea Of Green from seed, so I recommend you to be a monoculture, all plants of the same variety, if possible genetically indica or hybrid with compact structure.

Bulk Sativa Seeds

There are really few bulk cannabis varieties of sativa genotype, Jamaican Lamsbread is an exception as well as being pure sativa. This variety grows quite a lot, so perhaps it is more recommended for outdoors.

Sativa hybrids are easier to find, and in this category we recommend Somango Haze or Jack Herer, 2 strains with sativa soul in Indica body, with moderate flowering times, and moderately simple cultivation, not to mention their effects... A pump even for the most experienced.

Bulk Indica Seeds

Among indica varieties in bulk there is more to choose from, and the truth is that they are all worth it for one reason or another. But if we have to recommend some, we'll take the powerful Hash Plant or the tasty Feminized Fucking Incredible. If you prefer a blend of great effect and production and spectacular taste, Bubble Gum from PEV Seeds will meet your expectations.

Bulk American Seeds

Cannabis seeds with genetics selected in USA are in vogue around the world, names like Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, Bruce BannerGorilla Glue or Zkittlez are already known throughout the cannabis culture, and for this reason they could not be missing in our stock with the best seeds on the market.

PEV Seeds has produced replicas in feminized format of these varieties, to offer the most demanded marijuana of the moment at an unbeatable price, since we think that our customers have to be on the cutting edge.

Bulk seeds with CBD

Since the Cannabidiol fever started, the demand for medicinal seeds in bulk began to grow. Unfortunately there are few sites where you can buy online, but luckily PEV grow is one of them.

Cookies Cream CBD and Excalibur CBD are seeds that purchased in bulk have a very affordable price, besides provoking a therapeutic effect, they produce high quantities of flowers and resin, and they have a salivating taste.

Bulk Seeds Sale

If you want to buy seeds in bulk with all the guarantees you are in the right place, in our Grow shop you have the best offer of cheap seeds, whether you want a few or if you are looking for bulk seeds wholesale.

In addition you have available a search engine that filters the genetics according to your interests, to facilitate the choice, and if you still can't decide, we are at your entire disposal for whatever you need.

Price of marijuana seeds in bulk

The value of this kind of seed depends on the variety and quantity. Big savings can be made by buying a lot, but in general bulk seeds are cheap marijuana seeds.

You can get Critical in bulk for just 3,25 € buying 10 units, and if you buy 100 units, to share them with friends for example, you get each seed for more than 1€.

So you no longer have excuses for not having the best at the most competitive price, do not wait for them to tell you and get them.

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