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Bulk marijuana seeds 

Bulk marijuana seeds at the best price. Discover the best varieties, discounts and special offers.

From Piensa en Verde we welcome you to our online store where you can find the largest assortment of marijuana seeds as bulk format. Our profesional breeders reproduce the most famous legendary genetics, for further throughout a rigorous process of mothers selection, to isolate the phenotypes with the most appreciated features by growers all over the world.

What are bulk seeds orproduced as large batches?

Bulk seeds have the characteristic of being seeds that are produced in large batches for wholesalers or other seeds banks, i.e, a large space is used to pot in order to get the highest seeds production for only a single genetic, thus, allowing us to optimize the resources used to do it and therefore the quantity of seeds produced.

Going the costs of production down we can influence directly to the final retail price.

All this is reflected in the retail price, which is lower than the varieties produced in smaller batches and packaged in smaller quantities.
Plants grown to produce marijuana seeds in bulk have the advantage of not suffering cross-contamination from pollen, generating males of other varieties, obtaining in the final product an extensive population of homogenous and stable marijuana seeds, without showing different phenotypes in their offspring.

Normally, the best seeds banks in the world work using special rooms reserved for the growth of "mother plants", obtaining and selecting clones, using exclusively one space of pot per variety. In case of bulk seeds production, these considerations are not necessary, since, starting up from seed, a part of crop is destined to the generation of pollen-producing males, thus harvesting a larger number of seeds per meter square of crop, taking into account that pollination is done quantitatively in a controlled manner, using fertile pollen and females that keep their pistils and buds perfectly prepared to be pollinated.

We can afirm that bulk marijuana seeds in a normal way of production, can be counted by millions in each batch or crop, instead of a few thousands, and all this without losing the most appreciated quality parameters as germination vigor and phenotype.

Screening of bulk seeds for sale, either to the final customer or to other seeds banks, is made, firstly with a suitable seeds accounting using high yield counter machines, for later to discard the seeds that does not accomplish our quality standards such as color, size, and individual weight, i.e, those features which do not accomplish the mínimum criteria of viability.

Germination tests that PEV bank performs for each strain, are batch by batch, doing random sampling, choosing 10 seeds per 100 produced, attempting to prove that germination is completely fresh for the whole collection, making germination rate times to be between one and three days.
PEV bank seeds germination can be performed directly on their sterile germinating plates, so that, the bottom cotton is soaked in water with a Little drop of hydrogen peroxide, and then, the plate is capped, leaving a small slit let aire come into the germination plate.

Germination conditions are very important. It is suitable not to put in the plate too much water in order to avoid an excess of moisture for the seeds and the temperature must be properly adjusted between 18 and 22 ° C, always avoiding direct sunlight or exposing them directly to the light of the focus in “indoor” crops.

What bulk marijuana seeds offers PEVBank?

PEVbank has an extensive catalog with the most famous varieties in the international market.

These strains stand out due to their versatility and excellent quality-price rate, so you can see at our website legendary genetics as Jack Herer, a hybrid of sativa predominance but with devastating effects derived from its powerful medicinal Afghani landrace.

Other top seller genetics in PEV bank are orange pistil Skunk #1, very awarded for its versatility in the way of cropping either in indoor and outdoor, and White generation varieties such as White Widow, Northern Lights and Critical, which are Indica predominant hybrids, with high medicinal value because of their high CBD content.

In the selector filter at our website, you can make a selection of your favourite genetics, also making distinction by effects, aromas and flavors.

PEV bank invites you to immerse yourself in a sea of cannabis genetics, with the best varieties in bulk format, the largest and most varied stock in the market at excellent prices.

Don’t miss the chance to get the best quality at the best price!