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All the products related to growing cannabis both indoors and outdoors that you may need, and with the best quality/price ratio.Read more

Growing kits
Indoor marijuana grow kits at the best price If you are here it is because you are interested in buying an indoor cannabis cultivation kit, but as you have seen, there are many types, of...
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Grow tents
What is a marijuana growing tent? A marijuana growing tent is a space for indoor cannabis growing. The first core units of these components emerged in the United States, as a result of...
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Pests and fungi
Types of pests and diseases Almost everyone who cultivates this plant has ever gone through the moment of detecting a plague. Normally, they are transported by a living organism that...
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Measuring Instruments
Below, if you don't know them, we will provide you with additional information so that you can know everything about these tools. What are measuring instruments? When you grow a marijuana...
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Climate Control
At PEV Grow , you have all the necessary equipment available for climate control to be suitable for your plantation. What is climate control? Climate control is nothing more than a system...
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Air extractors and ventilation
We will tell you how these devices work , and why you need the perfect extractor for you. What is an odor extractor? Many variables must be taken into account for growing marijuana indoors....
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Odor treatment
If you wish to know how to remove marijuana smells, we will tell you what the different methods at your disposal are. Air Fresheners There are different air fresheners formats available....
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Pots-Trays-Tables growing cannabis
In this section you will see which pots, trays and growing tables you can buy before you start growing. Don't miss it! Indoor and outdoor cultivation: which pots should be used? When we...
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Water treatment and irrigation
Water is essential for a marijuana crop, as it is especially important for the nutrition and nutrient supply of the plant. In addition, proper hydration is essential for your crops to grow...
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Marijuana Growing Soil
What land/substrate to buy for growing marijuana? Growing cannabis plants using this method is the most widely used method worldwide. However, you have to choose the right land to grow...
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What is propagation? Propagation is the process by which a cannabis or marijuana grower works with both the mother plant and the attached cuttings of the plant for reproduction. The purpose...
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Hydroponic and Aeroponic Systems
Hydroponics vs. aeroponics Let us tell you about the differences between these cultivation systems, although both are good options for growing cannabis: Hydroponics: in this case, you will...
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Tools and Accessories
You can find for example, the Tutor Medusa Protect , a cultivation tool very easy to use to perform transplants with maximum guarantees , leaving behind the thread strangler stems. This tutor...
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Microscopes and magnifiers
Microscopes and magnifiers are essential to take good care of your plants and to monitor the best time to harvest . In addition to that, pest detection is much easier with these accessories, so...
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Vegetable Garden Seeds
If you are looking for top quality seeds to grow in your garden , you have come to the right place, because in this category you have a wide variety of aromatic seeds and vegetables of all kinds...
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Dear Cannalovers! Welcome to our Grow Sutff section!

Find here all the products and accessories needed to grow marijuana.

In our store you will find everything you need to grow cannabis either in indoor and outdoor crops, covering all your plants need, from the germination of your favourite marijuana seeds to the harvest of their Delicious Buds.

Which are the top seller products?

We may highlight a wide range of Growing tents and Greenhouses, as well as different hydroponic and aeroponic marijuana crop systems such as Dutch Pot Hydro or Dutch Pot Aero, a real technological marvel to get the most out of your plants, not forgetting the small ones but versatile hydroponic equipment for rooting cuttings (Aerocloners) and propagators.

In our shop you can also find the latest news in Lighting kits section, category perfectly completed with low-energy lamps, LED lamps and all the accessories needed to have the sun in you indoor crop.

Is also very important our complete assortment of Fertilizers, Biostimulants and Substrates, a section in which you can purchase all kind of fertilizers and stimulators for marijuana, all organic, as well as mineral and mixed, making use of only the best international brands in the market such as Canna, Biobizz, Hesi, Plagron, Top Crop, Advanced Nutrients, Organik, Atami ... which is completed with a other long list of quality brands.

Many brands we expose offer products for control and pests prevention of high quality and safety, as well as products based on biological control ...

Technology can also be Bio! ... in PEV Grow our seal is all Organic and Natural!

All the substrates and soils we offer, whether based on complex mixtures of peat or coconut, need a base support where the plants develop, so we accompany these sutrates of pots and all kind of trays.

For climate control we are sure that we expose the best and most varied, with all kind of extraction technology, humidifiers, filters, fans, climate control units, ozone generators, CO2 generators to boost the yield of your Buds

Oh, and we lack the water element!

In the Water Treatment section you will find everything you need to measure and correct the pH and EC of irrigation water, and also to control the chemical and physical parameters in fertilizers blended for irrigation and substrates; We have at your disposal pH and EC measuring instruments with the most precision and accuracy, with their accessories in the form of cleaning and calibration solutions for proper operation and maintenance.

Last but not least, you may find the proper tools and accessories when it comes time to process your harvest.

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