2021Calendar for outdoor marijuana growing in Europe

Reading Time 17 minutes       ⭐ CALENDAR 2021 FOR OUTDOOR/NORTHERN EUROPEAN CROPS     Tired of this climate so cold and desiring to grow marijuana in your garden? Old Europe is multicultural, tolerant and open-minded, but its climate is cold and even … Leer más

How to improve your cannabis crop using associated plants

Reading Time 4 minutes   Have you considered growing associated plants with your cannabis crop? This could considerably improve the quality of the soil and become a new source of nutrients for cannabis. With this technique you get different benefits such as pest control … Leer más

How to use Biobizz nutrient chart

Reading Time 12 minutes     What is the dosage of Bio Grow or Fish Mix? How to use Root Juice in autoflowering plants? Many customers want to know how to apply Biobizz’s watering schedule on their crops. Even though they look again and … Leer más

Breeding and improving cannabis varieties

Reading Time 9 minutes     Many times we hear or read terms related to cannabis varieties that we do not understand very well. F1, Landraces, Bx3 or IBL are concepts that sometimes are associated with the name of a certain strain, but do … Leer más

Hermaphroditism in Cannabis plants. So, what now?

Reading Time 6 minutes   Among cannabis plants we can find dioecious and monoecious specimens, that is, individuals that only show a defined sex and others that contain flowers of both sexes in the same plant. Originally they were all monoecious, as is the … Leer más

Hydroponics, the formula 1 of weed growing

Reading Time 4 minutes   I’m sure you’ve heard the concept of “hydro weed” and said, “What is that? Relax, it has happened to everyone, since no one was born knowing everything. That is why we decided to create this post explaining what it … Leer más

Cannabigerol, the therapeutic precursor Cannabinoid

Reading Time 4 minutes   Cannabis plants contain certain components that can be beneficial to health. In other posts we have discussed THC or CBD, which are the most important, but not the only ones. Today I want to talk to you about CBG, … Leer más

Cannabis Harvest, all the information

Reading Time 6 minutes   When cannabis harvest time comes, it’s a great joy for everyone. If everything has gone well cannabis harvesting day is a party, but you also have to know how to choose the best moment and perform the harvesting process … Leer más

2020 Lunar calendar to grow marijuana

Reading Time 8 minutes     How does the moon affect plants? The cultivation of plants, taking into account the moon is one of the basic principles of biodynamic agriculture, and in this post I’m going to give you all the keys so you … Leer más

How are feminized seeds made?

Reading Time 5 minutes     Feminized seeds were a revolution when they came on the market more than 15 years ago. Nowadays they represent more than 75% of the worldwide sales of marijuana seeds, and this is no coincidence, as during this time … Leer más

10 tips for autoflowering cultivation

Reading Time 9 minutes     Autoflowering varieties are the solution for many growers. These fast and discreet plants have earned a place in the garden of many houses, but we have found that some users grow them in the same way as normal … Leer más

Weed decarboxylation, all you need to know

Reading Time 6 minutes       We hear more and more about decarboxylation of weed, especially since medical marijuana began to expand, and we wonder why is decarboxylation of cannabis so important? Let’s go step by step, first you have to know this … Leer más


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