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You already have available the best autoflowering bulk seeds of the market, the most famous automatic marijuana strains with the best quality/price ratio.

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Auto bulk seeds are the best solution for growers who want to get a quick marijuana harvest without spending a lot of money on seeds. There are many types of autoflowering seeds in bulk, as they can be feminized, CBD-rich, and there are even XXL bulk autos.

What are autoflowering bulk seeds?

They are weed seeds that don't depend on hours of light and darkness to grow or flower, and they differ from the rest because they are usually sold in bulk, without packaging, and without advertising costs, so they are cheap autoflowering seeds.

There are many autoflowering pot seeds in bulk, fast replicas of the currently fashionable genetics, classic varieties in auto version, and others that have earned a place in the market for its ease of cultivation, high production, speed, or resistance.

Why buy autoflowering marijuana seeds in bulk?

The most important reason is because of all the money you can save if you need to buy enough auto seeds in bulk. In case you need only 5, 10, or 15 seeds, ideally you should buy from seed banks that give you a guarantee of germination and can respond to possible problems.

But if you need more than 20 seeds, you will probably want to check the savings you can get if you order autoflowering seeds in bulk. Sometimes the price difference between bulk autoflowering seeds and commercial seeds from well-known banks is immense, and with the money you save you can buy substrate, fertilizers, insecticides, additives, and other products for growing cannabis.

Cannabis associations and consumer clubs that carry out collective crops to supply the consumption of their members, choose auto cannabis seeds in bulk because they need to buy a lot of seeds that can be harvested in a short time. This way they optimize their results as much as possible, so they save a lot of costs overall.

The highest quality auto bulk seeds

In PEV Grow we have been selling autofem bulk seeds for more than 10 years, and during this time we have been selecting the best genetics from the most reputable breeders. We collaborate with several seed banks to always have the most complete stock, with the intention of covering the needs of all growers, and each season we include in our catalogue the automatic and auto XXL seeds that give us the best results in the tests of adaptability and stress.

We work our own genetics applying the techniques and methods of breeding with autoflowering that we have learned working in some of the best seed banks. We save the seeds of the best specimens of each generation, pointing out the best qualities of each individual, and only the most outstanding populations intervene in the reproduction of the next generation.

In this way each progeny is superior to the previous one, and this serves us to improve the genetics at the same time that we fix the most interesting traits. Another way to improve the quality of our bulk auto seeds is by backcrossing with the elite clone from which they descend, but you can't abuse this technique too much because inbreeding degeneration appears very fast.

The world's fastest auto bulk seeds

Autoflowering strains are faster in general than photodependent strains, but within the auto category there are a few strains that are faster than the rest, and here below you can see the most important ones:

  • Critical Plus Auto: Its full life cycle often does not even reach 70 days, but in that short time it is able to bloom massively, with buds that bend the branches by their size and weight.
  • Auto Purple: It starts flowering after about 20 days of life, although it continues to grow while it begins to form buds, which allows it to finish with a good yield in record time, and with purple buds.
  • Blueberry Auto: These autoflowering bulk seeds also stand out for their speed and beautiful colours, a marijuana classic that everyone has to try at least once in their lives.
  • Auto Somango: Not only is it one of the fastest autos on the planet, it is also one of the most aromatic, with an impressive tropical fruit flavour. It usually doesn't even need 10 weeks from germination to harvest.
  • Auto Diesel: For lovers of oil flavors, this automatic bulk seed produces very dense buds, with less proportion of leaves than other autos, and its effect has nothing to envy to the normal Diesel.

There are other autoflowering varieties of commercial brands that are also very fast, in this article you have a lot of information about it, I hope you like it.

Auto XXL bulk seeds What are the most productive autoflowering bulk seeds?

In this section we want to put special emphasis on those auto seeds in bulk that are capable of producing large harvests even in the hands of inexperienced growers, genetics that guarantee good results every time. Some of them do not carry the term "XXL" in their name, but that does not mean that they are not the most productive, as an example you have the Magnum, Deimos, or Maxi Gom.

  • Northern Light Auto: Besides being productive and beautiful it is also very easy to grow, so anyone can get gigantic harvests with these automatic flowering bulk seeds.
  • Auto Super Bud: Its name says it all, and is that this auto generates some buds indoors and outdoors that seem from another planet, giant, dense, and quite hard. Its effect is very relaxing, one of those that leave Ko.
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  • Chocolope XXL Auto: A machine to produce flowers and resin, as it adapts well to all cropping systems, and is very resistant outdoors. The taste is very similar to the normal version, but its effect is a bit more relaxing.
  • .
  • Black Mamba Auto: An all-round genetic that always performs well, capable of producing large buds even in the worst environmental conditions. These auto bulk seeds are especially for inexperienced growers.
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  • Haze XXL Auto: If you like the effect of sativas and want to ensure a great harvest with the minimum investment, Haze XXL Auto is the autoflowering bulk strain you have to try.

There are many other high yielding autoflowering strains, but in some cases they are not sold in bulk. If you want to see which are the most productive autos in general I recommend you read this article.


Most potent bulk autoflowering strains

Many users choose the seeds they are going to grow based on their potency, and although a few years ago it was difficult to find automatic flowering plants that were worth their effect, nowadays there are quite a few that even exceed 20% THC. Below you can see the most potent auto bulk seeds on the market today:

  • Ghost Train Auto: The automatic replica of Ghost Train Haze causes a psychoactivity that has nothing to envy to that of normal varieties, and its effect is very cheerful and energizing.
  • Amnesia Lemon Autoflowering: In addition to being one of the best-selling bulk autoflowering seeds in history, it is also one of the most potent, reaching 23% THC.
  • Auto AK: The autoflowering version of the legendary AK-47 has a great hybrid vigor, which allows it to produce well even if the growing conditions are not optimal. Sweet taste and powerful and complete effect are other of its qualities.
  • Bruce Banner Auto: Its THC levels are at 22%, and its effect is immediate, like a shiver that goes up your back until it reaches your brain, very stimulating and motivating.
  • OG Kush Auto: Another of the few autoflowering marijuana seeds in bulk that can exceed 20% THC. Tight buds and completely covered with large trichomes, with a very intense and marked flavor.
  • .

In our blog we have a very interesting entry on this subject, so if you are interested, I recommend you read our article of autoflowering plants with higher concentrations of THC.

Cheap bulk auto seeds

Although all bulk auto seeds are cheaper than those of banks or commercial brands, there are some varieties that have an unbeatable quality/price ratio, because they cost little more than 1 euro and give magnificent results. Of all these, for us these are the 5 best automatic seeds in bulk cheap:

  1. Auto Northern Lights
  2. Auto Northern Lights
  3. .
  4. Ghost Train Auto
  5. Auto AK
  6. Ghost Train Auto
  7. Auto Somango
  8. Auto Super Bud
  9. Auto Super Bud

Frequently asked questions about selling autoflowering seeds in bulk


What to consider before buying auto seeds in bulk


The most important thing is not the price, because often cheap is expensive, as we can see in some occasions. The best thing to do is check reviews and ratings from customers who have already tried the bulk autos you are interested in.

Right now there are many shops offering bulk autoflowering with very different prices, but be careful because some sell seeds that have been discarded by the banks, immature, small, open, malformed, etc. and many are not even what they say they are.

How do you sell automatic bulk seeds?

Although they can also be sold in packs of a few, these bulk auto seeds are usually sold in larger quantities than the commercial bank packs. The best-selling formats are those of 100, 250, and 500 seeds, but more and more growers are buying 25 and 50 seeds, especially when they want to make selections for mother plants among many specimens without spending too much.

What are the best automatic seeds in bulk?


If we take into account the power, production, speed, aroma, flavor, type of effect, resistance, vigor, and other issues, from our point of view this is the top 10 of the best auto bulk seeds today:

  1. Critical Plus Autoflowering
  2. Critical Plus Autoflowering
  3. Amnesia Lemon Autoflowering
  4. Critical Plus Autoflowering
  5. Northern Lights Auto
  6. Black Mamba Auto
  7. Blueberry Auto
  8. Blueberry Auto
  9. Haze XXL Auto
  10. Haze XXL Auto
  11. Bruce Banner Auto
  12. Bruce Banner Auto
  13. OG Kush Auto
  14. OG Kush Auto
  15. Auto AK Auto
  16. Moby Dick Auto
  17. Auto AK Auto

Where to buy cheap bulk auto seeds online


You're in luck friend, because you've come to the auto bulk seeds store that offers the best quality / price ratio of the entire market online. Here you have at your disposal all kinds of cheap bulk autoflowering seeds, with indica effect, sativa, fruity flavors, citrus, sweet, earthy, the fastest, the most productive auto XXL, the most powerful ... All you are looking for you find them in Pevgrow, and as always with the lowest possible price and the best service.

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