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Bulk autoflowering cannabis seeds 

Discover the best autoflowering bulk seeds at Piensa en Verde online Grow shop.

As you surely know, autoflowering seeds are those which produce non photoperiod dependent marijuana plants, that means, regardless of the season of year the plants are growing, they need less than 3 months since germination time to get a complete harvest.

In 2010 we had an idea, offering autoflowering marijuana seeds from the best genetics at the most reasonable price possible. To achieve this challenge, the first thing to do was to contact the most experienced breeders in cannabis seeds production, many of them participated in the most important seeds banks in Spain.

In our catalog you will find autoflowering seeds produced on industrial high scale, seeds for every tastes, giving you infinite possibilities about the way of cropping, effects and terpenes profile.

In order to reach our goals out, all our batches produced undergo a strict quality control before their shipment. We verify their correct germination that has to be superior to 95% in the third day after be put into a germination plate.

In our inner quality assessment, we control the chemovars used to produce seeds analyzing the cannabinoids and terpenes levels of those plants with a chromatograph, in this way we can dilucidate the homogeneity for each produced seeds batch and also to survey other crossing lines, for example, introducing new CBD rich species.

In PEV Bank Seeds, our own seeds bank, we make a selection using only the strongest clones with the best characteristics to reproduce on high scale.

What are the advantages of buying them in bulk?

We can summarize it in three main pillars, their advantages are the following:

  • Price, a very affordable cost for your pocket.
  • Quality, although their price is reduced, quality is guaranteed, try them out! They will not let you down.
  • Without any limit of units per pack, because of being produced on high scale batches, price can be lower, and then, you can get more units with less cost.

Why are autoflowering bulk marijuana seeds priced so cheap?

This is due to a new approach, we reduced to the minimum expression the superfluous costs. We do not print catalogs or posters, nor do not go to events related to marijuana saving considerably in logistics and marketing costs. We do not put advertisements in websites of our scope except in ours, Piensa en Verde web site.
We also got our own breeders, not having to buy the seeds to other dealers or big seeds banks, avoiding intermediaries, for that reason you get the price directly from the producer.
We manually select all seeds, discarding the smallest, white or hollow, then we keep them in optimum conditions.

If you have some germination problem which is unlikely applying the correct method , you only have to send the seeds you cannot germinate in order to be replaced into new fresh seeds.

To concrete a correct germination I recommend you to see the article of our blog related with how to germinate cannabis seeds correctly, and save the original germination plate.

Although you have almost 40 different types of bulk autoflowering seeds, I will make a valuous suggestion about the top seller autoflowering seeds in PEV Bank catalog.

5 autoflowering phenotypes that you should not miss:

  • Piensa en White Widow Autoflowering, Mythical variety bred as autoflowering version, it stands out for its delicate citrus flavor and aroma with floral touches, and characterized by powerful and relaxed effect on the body, compatible with medicinal cannabis users.
  • Piensa en Northern Light Auto: Possibly the most productive autoflowering in our catalog, up to 150 grams per plant in outdoor crops and about 500 grams / m2 in indoor crops.
  • Piensa en Cheese Auto: Awarded in different marijuana events, has a pleasant old cheese taste and aroma, its fast growth, dense buds and easy grow make it one of the most loved by UK growers.
  • Piensa en Skunk Auto: Aroma and flavor from the old school. You will enjoy it in little more than 2 months from the germination. You will get dense and very resinous flowers.
  • Piensa Blueberry Auto: This marijuana strain gives rise to a beautiful plant, which grows vigorous and owes its name to the purple flowers that appear at early flowering phase. Its flavor is sweet and fruity and has a very relaxing effect. A perfect weed to forget the stress after a long day of work.

If you desire the cheapest bulk autoflowering seeds of the best quality I recommend you to take a look at our catalog!