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We are very proud to introduce you to ARAE. It is a brand of new creation, specialized in the development of different products with CBD.

ARAE is a Spanish company, located in Valencia, where it carries out all its operations and manufactures all its products. ARAE honours its slogan "Green Purity" as all its products are made in an ecological way and with the highest quality standards.

The market is currently innovating, in addition to the different therapeutic products with CBD, with the extraction and subsequent marketing of terpenes. I will summarize its range of products, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

E-liquids with Terpenes + CBD

This is the first creation of our ARAE friends. They had the great idea of creating marijuana flavor e liquids with terpenes to vape. These liquids with CBD are full spectrum, this means that they have been formed maintaining their maximum purification. On the other hand, the combination of CBD and terpenes will guarantee you a "entourage effect" difficult to forget.

You can find them in different concentrations of CBD, ranging from 30mg for those who want to enjoy some mild effects, to 600mg, for those seeking deeper experiences. Don't forget, of course, its use for medicinal purposes, where higher concentrations become more important. You also have the option of acquiring them without any CBD, to simply enjoy their terpenes.

It has 5 different flavors, all of them recreating the flavor and effect of the marijuana, between which I emphasize you the Hash and the Somango Haze. The e liquids with CBD of ARAE are compatible with any electronic cigarette.


ARAE Pure Terpenes

ARAE scientists have invested a lot of time in the study and extraction of pure terpenes from different plants. Once they have obtained these pure extractions of terpenes, it is when they apply them to the liquids of ARAE.

On the other hand, ARAE has gone further, as it has proposed to market pure terpenes. They are aware that it is a more complex product to manipulate so they have designed detailed instructions on how to manage the doses.

These pure terpenes you can include them yourself in your electronic cigarette or vaporizer always with your base of e liquid, besides drinks or meals. You can acquire them only terpenes or with a 10% of CBD, to the taste of the consumer. Some of the most popular terpenes are Humuleno, Alfa Pineno or Eucalyptol. From PEV Grow we encourage you to experiment with them.

ARAE Terpenes Profiles

These are the genuine creations of ARAE, the strain specific terpenes. This is no more and no less than the extraction of terpenes directly from our favorite marijuana strains. There's no better way to recreate the flavor of your favorite herb than by extracting its exact combination of terpenes, which are the ones that make sure that when you smoke it, you'll be impressed with its flavor.

With these terpene profiles (strains), you have an alternative to continue tasting the most popular genetics such as: Gorilla Zkittlez, Jamaican Lambsbread, New York City Diesel, among many others. Take your electric cigarette and your e liquid base and add a few drops of these ARAE terpene profiles. I guarantee you'll taste the genetics as if you had the joint in your hand.

CBD serum and oil

ARAE is currently designing different CBD cosmetics for our most demanding customers. Among them we emphasize the oil of CBD or serum, to apply it in your skin. You can obtain it in different concentrations of CBD: 2'5%, 5% and 10%, according to your needs.


PEV Grow always supports innovative, enterprising and ambitious people, that is why we are very happy to work with ARAE. Promoting the local product is always a challenge that we accept with great enthusiasm.

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