What about if instead of smoking marijuana, you eat it? Discover another way to use

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Smoked or vaping addition, marijuana also be consumed in other ways, especially as it relates to power. Moreover, with hemp leaf also cosmetics are made, all natural and feel great.

Surely not surprised you the title, because although you do not consume by this way, marijuana has been included in the diet, especially in pastry. But not everyone dares to prepare food from the leaves of hemp or know where to get them.


At Piensa en Verde we have very present passion of our customers by marijuana, not only in their culture and self consumption is concerned, but also to try others cannabis derivatives. So in our online shop we have a section dedicated to food and cosmetics made ​​with hemp leaves, which are completely natural and have great health benefits and skin, besides wellness you can provide at a personal level.

From all this we would like to talk about in this post where we will discuss not only the products but also how to use them and what are its benefits.

Differences between marijuana smoking and eating

Besides the obvious, that is, the mode of use is totally different, there are differences in terms of side effects of marijuana, which is of the form is. And of course, as with all drugs of the same features, some people will feel better than others and some will raise them faster than other effect.


But leaving aside these differences, what does that match the data is in the following aspects:

  • The effect between smoking or eating marijuana is noticed before in the first case. And that is when marijuana is smoked the effects are noticeable after ten minutes or so, and in the case of eating marijuana, the effects begin to be felt after the half hour or so.
  • As far as the duration of effect is concerned, in this case, lasts longer when you eat it when smoked. In the first case the effect can extend up to six hours after eating it and in case of smoking, the effect will last up to three hours, as noted above, may vary depending on the organism and characteristics of each person.
  • On therapeutic effects in this case also, when eating is when harder. In fact, it can last up to twelve hours. So are many recipes that are made ​​aimed at people with some form of cancer and using marijuana to alleviate the effects of this terrible disease.
  • Intoxication. When marijuana is smoked is quite difficult to suffer poisoning. However, when eaten if it is much easier, especially if we consider appropriate at the time of preparing the recipe that we will take measurements. Therefore, you must calculate whether you are just consume you or with other people, as well as the amount of cannabis to be used depending on the recipe and the quantities of other products including wearing your recipe.


Quantities in recipes with marijuana

This is usually always the big question. And no exact figures, but ratherimages 58 approximate and whoever says otherwise you, you’re lying. Also in our opinion, it is always better to throw down, that high, at least if you want to take care of your health and that of the people who will consume the recipe with you. And although a recipe made ​​with marijuana can feel you phenomenal, another person may not so much, so very careful with the quantities.

As mentioned, there are no standard sizes, but approximate and, above all, aspects that must consider before you get to cook and they are as follows:

  • All cannabis is not the same, not only because they come from different plants, but because a same strain in different cultures, whether or not the same farmer, can have very different effects. And if the previous time you had some effects, you may not have them next or increased. Therefore, we recommend that before you eat it, smoke it, to see if the effect is the same or not.
  • A more people, more marijuana. This can be of but-grullo, but you have to consider the stature of the people (the smaller, the more it affects, in theory) and so are or are not accustomed to using marijuana. The less accustomed are, the less you should take. Therefore, careful with the “typical grace” (that’s a joke can be a nightmare and that more than real, it sounds like urban legend, because few people claim to have tried) to give cake to your parents or grandparents when no have never smoked marijuana because the joke can cost you much.

Other aspects that must be considered are the following:

  • Without eating: if you have an empty stomach, the effect will be faster and better, so it is always recommended that before consuming recipe containing marijuana, eat other food that will settle a little stomach.
  • Alcohol: If you or the people who accompany you have ingested alcohol, be careful too, because the effect will be even greater. And indeed, it can produce a very uncomfortable paranoid effect. Therefore, if you have consumed alcohol, marijuana better not, in any way and even less on food.


Hemp benefits to health

Although not officially recognized, more and more scientific studies of private medical companies investigate the matter. Not surprisingly, hemp seeds have been used throughout history to treat various health problems, especially those having to do with the intestinal transit or to whet the appetite of people, when they lacked the same for some kind of disease.

That is the best known effect, but the hemp leaf also has other benefits:

  • Provides fiber, vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining good health in general and intestinal transit in particular which, if not careful, can lead to other ailments.
  • Antioxidant: like tea or other products used in natural medicine, hemp leaf or seed it contains a high dose of antioxidants, which will help you lose weight if you need and rejuvenate the skin, among other favorable aspects for yourself. It also regenerates the body cells, so many studies attempting to prove the benefits that its consumption can have for people with Alzheimer’s are underway.
  • Prevents heart disease: as antioxidant and fat profile of hemp. In imagesfact, in this regard have also published several reports in which it is explained that the consumption of this type of plant, moderately, help prevent heart attacks and prevent blood clotting.
  • Anti cancer: a study of the American Chemical Society concluded that “high levels that the hemp plant has a-linolenic acid may have favorable consequences nutritional and physiological effects in preventing heart disease and against cancer.”
  • Improves skin condition: several studies have concluded that it is especially good for atopic dermatitis, so difficult to treat and causes suffering to both children and adults.

What about infusion?

So far we have talked about using marijuana as a prescription but you can also take infusion. Simply take two to three cups a day of infusion of hemp and notice the effects on health and your skin that we mentioned above.


In Piensa en Verde we have the first infusion containing hemp leaves and flowers. Cultivation of organic farming, this tea has a high in CBD and other medicinally active cannabinoids.5420_flores-de-canamo-con-stevia-equinacea-

With these leaves and flowers can also make other delicious drinks flavored marijuana, such as milk, smoothies, juices, rum, etc.

But this is not the only tea you’ll find on Piensa en Verde. We also have other packages such as hemp flowers Stevia , which is already sweetened or echinacea flowers hemp and stevia, for further infusion.

See these and other products for food and as coméstico, in our specific section of food and cosmetics.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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