Cannabis and its therapeutic use

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While some uses of marijuana to treat certain ailments and diseases have been more tested, there are other uses that are not yet recognized, but the people who have tried it say that work. Organizations working for the use of cannabis as medicine, fighting for the benefits of this plant was recognized.

The use of marijuana as a medicinal plant, is not new and yet despite that have more than proven the benefits that address some ailments and diseases, general medicine does not yet allow its use if it is true there are many doctors who recognize that it is effective.

That is why the various associations that exist in Spain and the rest of the world and who are in favor of the use of marijuana as medicine to treat some ailments and diseases, struggle every day to get this done be recognized and can be applied , across the board, in traditional public or private medicine.

Therapeutic Uses of Marijuana

So far, and as can be inferred from the International Association for the Use of Cannabis as Medicine, pathologies in which it has succeeded in proving scientific and physical benefits of marijuana in people as a therapeutic treatment are the following: nausea and vomiting, anorexia, spasticity, asthma, epilepsy, glaucoma, itching, pain, Tourette syndrome and movement disorders, withdrawal symptoms, psychiatric symptoms, hyperactivity, Alzheimer’s, miscelania or autoimmune diseases.

Then explain some of the most common uses of marijuana or the best known:

Nausea and vomiting: the pathology on which there are more studies. Up to a total of 40 research shows that marijuana helps stop nausea and vomiting, especially in patients with cancer who are supplied with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and even to stop vomiting in some people cause operations.


Anorexia: marijuana increases appetite. Studies have shown that, with the single intake of 5 milligrams administered fractionally. Something that has also helped AIDS patients who lose a lot of weight and appetite, as well as in people with Alzheimer who refused to eat.


Spasticity: caused by multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury. It has also been observed that administration of marijuana is beneficial in improving pain and tremors experienced by people suffering from these diseases and in folk medicine, there are also references improvement of bowel control.


Asthma: As explained from the aforementioned Association, “The effects of a cannabis cigarette (2% THC) or oral THC (15 mg), respectively, correspond approximately to the benefit obtained with the therapeutic dose of a usual bronchodilator (salbutamol, isoprenaline). ”

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Alzheimer: in addition to opening appetite, something that these patients lost easily, it also helps them to be more controlled and have fewer behavioral disturbances. To be less agitated.


Pain: Marijuana has natural analgesic properties, so its administration, of course, controlled, will help reduce or eliminate pain, especially muscle or nerve.


Different ways to administer marijuana

Of course, the best known is smoking a marijuana cigarette, but this way of giving marijuana is not always the best and also not everyone want to smoke it, so it is also often applied in the following ways , depending on what it is you want to give:

Inhaling marijuana: some patients do so in cases of epilepsy or muscular and neuralgic pains, because in this way the effects are faster, but experts explain that one must be careful with this practice, since it is not known exactly amount inhaled.


Vaporizers: getting the effects are felt within five minutes. It is especially used to alleviate pain experienced by cancer patients.


Ointment: to relieve rheumatic pains, finishing with acne, improve the condition of varicose veins and as an analgesic, among other benefits that are associated with marijuana applied in this way.

By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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