Marijuana helps to slow the effects of cancer and epilepsy

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This has been shown by several scientific studies, so are many voices calling for its legalization in the country so that it can be used as an alternative medicine treatments that exist today.

We have talked at length about the positive and healing effects of marijuana against certain diseases. Cancer and epilepsy are one of them and, in the case of cancer, there are numerous associations and groups across the state are fightingPHOf242bd10-a014-11e2-8daa-36d1da3429db-805x453 for their consumption is regularized as a medicine for sufferers of such diseases as has been demonstrated by various national and international studies, that its effects are really positive.

Therefore, the decriminalization of self-cultivation has served on various national debates in recent times, as each time the number of people who sought and, because besides studies have shown the benefits of this plant is more to curb effects of the mentioned diseases in countries that have decriminalized self-cultivation, already begun manufacturing derived from this plant, used for cancer patients and people with epilepsy.

Cancer and marijuana


As we mentioned at the top lines, there are different currents who favor the use of marijuana to slow the cancer, but there’s more, since it has 490081_G-300x218also been shown to naturally and effectively, slows the adverse effects of chemotherapy, which has many side effects in people who undergo this treatment. Side effects such as headaches or muscle, that marijuana reduces; nausea and vomiting.

But these are not the only effects that marijuana can alleviate. And is that chemotherapy also leaves negative effects on the psychological level, reducing the mood or appetite and marijuana helps to better our mood and returns theimages-89 desire to eat people who have lost. Both are very positive and important aspects, because when a person is faced with this disease so hard, the most appropriate to get ahead and keep fighting is maintaining a good mood and not lose appetite, as far as possible.

Marijuana contains certain natural cannabinoids that could cure or mitigate the effects of cancer, especially those in which there is already testimonies and some documentation, mainly from the United States, where such treatments are obtained more naturally than in Europe and, specifically, in Spain.


However, it is in our country where it is carrying out one of the latest studies on marijuana and cancer. A study led by Dr. Guzman who is accompanied by a team of professionals and has shown that injecting a solution with THC, one of the compounds of cannabis, reduce the size of tumors, noting the result in a scanner.
Some of the cancer in those who have shown such effects, not only in the aforementioned study, but other made ​​internationally are: brain cancer (as in the case study of Spain), cancer of the breast, blood cancer (as may be leukemias, myelomas and lymphomas, etc.), lung cancer, colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer or skin cancer.

Marijuana and epilepsy


Not only studies related to cancer, as the positive effects of marijuana is concerned, but there are also studies that you show that ingesting marijuana in people with certain types of severe epilepsy and thanks to the CBD cbdcomponent that plant could have positive effects on the patient, reducing episodes of tremor and other reactions associated with that disease.

In these cases, marijuana is administered via inhalation or ingestion of the same, but inserted in food, so that the body contact is not as straightforward as if taken alone, ie directly.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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